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Measure Impact, Not Activity - Voices 2015

  1. Measure  Impact,         Not  Activity   Karen  Catlin   Advocate  for  Women  in  Tech   @kecatlin     ©  2015  by  Karen  Catlin.  All  rights  reserved.  
  2. Impact?    
  3. Holy  Grail      
  4. How  many?    
  5. Vision  &  Impact       What  will  be  different  when  we’re   successful?  
  6. Brainstorm!   “What  do  we  want  to  be  different   about  our  company/community?”  
  7.  Gender  Diversity?  
  8.  Business  Challenges?  
  9.  Social  Responsibility?  
  10.  Career  Growth?  
  11. Create  a  plan  
  12. Double  %  women  in  tech   roles  by  2017     1)  Measure  baseline   2)  Evaluate  the  recruiting  pipeline   3)  Insist  on  2  female  candidates  for  every  role   4)  Remove  unnecessary  requirements  from  job   descriptions   5)  Review  careers  page  for  images  of  women   6)  …  
  13. Triple  female  patent   holders  over  next  3  years     1)  Measure  baseline   2)  Ask  female  technologists  for  root  causes   3)  Run  a  workshop  on  the  patent  process   4)  Organize  a  panel  of  female  patent  holders   5)  …    
  14. Increase  WIT  volunteer   hours  by  20%     1)  Measure  baseline   2)  Build  relationship  with  a  girls  coding   camp   3)  Provide  tutors  and  mentors    
  15. Career  Growth  for   Women     1)  ?  
  16. Career  growth  for  women:       1)  Gaining  access  to  powerful  people,     2)  Making  achievements  known       Report:  “THE  MYTH  OF  THE  IDEAL  WORKER:  DOES  DOING  ALL  THE  RIGHT  THINGS  REALLY  GET  WOMEN  AHEAD?”    
  17. Example  1:  The  CLUB      
  18. Example  2:  Bay  Area  GGD      
  19. Example  3:  Wilpower      
  20. What  will  be  different     when  we’re  successful?     Measure  impact,  not  activity.     1   2  
  21. Thank  you!     Karen  Catlin   @kecatlin         ©  2015  by  Karen  Catlin.  All  rights  reserved.  
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