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Communications Platform Provides "Your School at your Fingertips" for Busy Parents - Voices 2015


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Communications Platform Provides "Your School at your Fingertips" for Busy Parents
Nirupama Mallavarupu, MobileArq

Voices 2015

Mon March 9 13:00 PST
Mon March 9 16:00 EST
Mon March 9 20:00 UTC
Tue March 10 1:30 IST
Tue March 10 7:00 Sydney
Session Length: 1 Hour

MobileArq is a mobile school directory for parents created by a Mother with expertise in Information Technology and a first-hand knowledge of the needs of busy parents with school age children. The mobile directory is the cloud version of the standard print directory, which contains the contact information of all parents and families in the school. The MobileArq app has a logical, easy to use interface through which parents can access school directory information on their mobile devices as well as desktop computers, whenever and wherever they need it. Unlike printed directories, new data can be added and corrections made in real-time so information is always up-to-date, and families can chose to opt out or edit personal contact information easily throughout the school year. MobileArq provides the user the added convenience of calling/emailing/texting and message groups directly from the App.

MobileArq's provides PTAs all-in-one portal to manage their communication, fundraising and memberships. MobileArq is the first to also provide APIs for third parties to write applications for parents, teachers and students.

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Communications Platform Provides "Your School at your Fingertips" for Busy Parents - Voices 2015

  1. 1. Building better-connected school communities with MobileArq School Directory+ Nirupama Mallavarupu Founder & CEO, MobileArq March 9, 2015
  2. 2. Outline • My journey to entrepreneurship • Why MobileArq? • Lessons Learned
  3. 3. Beginnings Fascination with Computers B.E, Computer Science, IISc, Bangalore, India
  4. 4. • Parallel Computing • Falcon - Threads Monitoring System Coming to America
  5. 5. First Job • Distributed Transaction Processing • Pioneer Transaction Monitor Transarc Pittsburgh, PA
  6. 6. From Snow to Sunshine Redwood Shores, CA Oracle Kernel Group
  7. 7. The Internet Wave Recovery algorithms Unix/C Oracle Stack J2EE Java NetDynamics – Pioneer Application Server CORBA
  8. 8. Motherhood
  9. 9. Diving into Open Source • Ground Zero Startup • Web Intelligence and Customer Care Portal • Open Source based Self-service web portals
  10. 10. Jumping into Entrepreneurship • Freedom to go beyond engineering • Corporate Environment stifled creativity • Passionate about giving the world something better
  11. 11. HowdyHood Building neighborhood communities
  12. 12. School Collaboration Portal
  13. 13. PTA Directory Parents Parent Teacher Association
  14. 14. Why MobileArq? When does chess club meet ? When is Spring Break? Contact a teacher ? Arrange a Play date ? Class List for Birthday ?
  15. 15. Building The Directory Is A Huge Challenge… Time / Labor / Money
  16. 16. Solution: MobileArq School Directory+
  17. 17. Collaborating With PTA’s Streamlining processes Serving Parent communities
  18. 18. • Accessible anywhere anytime • Call/email/text parents & teachers • Private, secure & not Googleable For Parents: Your school community at your fingertips
  19. 19. PTA Platform
  20. 20. PTA Benefits Increase Revenue • Mobile Advertisement Platform creates a new source of revenue. Save Time • Parents can enter their own information, saving hours of data entry. Raise Membership Integrated online payment option of PTA dues
  21. 21. 50 Schools 40,000 Users 10 States Launched 2013
  22. 22. Entrepreneurship Lessons Learned • Never a good time to start a company! • Need a ‘Financial Backup Plan’ until it takes off!! • Find a good mentor who can guide you. • Selective and quality Networking is a must. • Give before you ask for help.
  23. 23. Building Better-Connected School Communities Niru Mallavarupu 908-246-7117 MobileArq Signup for a demo of MobileArq at