How Can We Make Interacting With Technology and Science Exciting and Fun Experiences?


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How Can We Make Interacting With Technology and Science Exciting and Fun Experiences?

Marjan BoorBoor, Master of Technological Socio-Economical Planning (Major in Intelligent Renewable Energy System Planning)

Voices 2015 -
Thu March 12 7:00 PST
Thu March 12 10:00 EST
Thu March 12 14:00 UTC
Thu March 12 19:30 IST
Fri March 13 1:00 Sydney
Session Length: 30 minutes + 30 minutes networking time

How my curiosity took me to science and engineering. How finding my own way of learning made me fall in love with science and technology and how sharing this with others has given them a memorable experience making them curious and innovative in the field. My mission to reach as many people as possible.

About Marjan:

I have loved math since I was in elementary school, I did a lot of self-educating in math where I find joy and excitement in math. In middle school because of my math grades I was invited to participate in a preparation math course for International Math and computer Olympiad.

I have a master degree in Technological Socio Economical planning, majoring in renewable energy system planning and development. My background education is in Mathematic, Physics, Computer science, Artificial intelligence and Robotics, Marketing, Leadership, Project management and innovation and monitoring, Innovative Psychology of learning.

I made several intelligent Robots and participated in several artificial intelligent Robocup competitions and participated in Iran, Germany, Netherland and Atlanta international Robocup competition and won several awards.

I am the developer of which is an intelligence tool for tracing changes in an energy system due to gradual energy transition from fossil fuel to renewable energies that is going to be used by energy planner in Denmark.

I have innovative way of learning for science and technology that help you not only become good at it but also enjoy it. I have teach math for years, and my experience have been that factors such as gender, age, and race, background are not determining factors for being good at math and enjoy learning that.

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How Can We Make Interacting With Technology and Science Exciting and Fun Experiences?

  1. 1. Commitment  to  contribute  to   transforming    the  way   mathema4c  has  been  presented     Brief  story  of  me  and  math  and  generally  technology   By:  Marjan  BoorBoor    
  2. 2. My  speech  contents   Add  value  to  your   life  and  show  you   tools  that  can   improve  your  life     Share  my  mission   and  commitment   with  you     Invita4on  for   coopera4on  and   partnership   My  talk  today   Your  ques4on   and  networking   ques4ons  
  3. 3. My  talk  today  
  4. 4. A  liCle  bit  on  my  background   •  Electronic  engineering,  BSc  physics,  MSc  technological  Socio  Economical   planning  majoring  in  energy  planning   •  Top  student  in  math  and  physics  and  computer   •  Mathema4c  and  computer  Olympiad   •  Ar4ficial  intelligence   •  Robo4c     •   Winner  of  several  award  in  Robocup  which  is  one  of  the  most  pres4gious   compe44on  in  the  field  of  ar4ficial  intelligence  (hCp://  )   in  Iran,  Germany,  Netherland,  Atlanta   •  Developer  (an  intelligent  soRware  for  tracing  changes   due  to  energy  transi4on,  change  of  fuel  from  fossil  to  renewable,   improving  system  energy  efficiency,  heat  recycling,  energy  saving  )   •  Working  on  several  100%  renewable  energy  system  design  projects    in   different  municipality  in  Denmark  
  5. 5. Content  of  the  presenta4on     •  The  main  reason  for  this  talk  is    to  share  with  you  one  of  my  persistent   complaint  about  the  way  mathema4cs  is  presented    and  what  have  been   my  believes  in  this  regard  that  made  me  to  complain.     •  The  possibility  that  I  can  create  to  resolve  my  complaints  and  my  recent   commitment  in  this  regard   •  How  I  love  and  enjoy  learning,  applying  math  and  how  each  of  my  success   in  math  gave  me  momentum  to  follow  science  and  engineering  and   adventure  new  technologies     •  What  method  did  I  used  for  learning  math   •  My  experience  of  sharing  my  learning  methods  with  my  students  and   what  these  methods  are   •  How  applying  these  methods  can  contribute  to  transforma4on  of   mathema4c  educa4on  and  make  it  possible  for  more  students  to  enjoy   learning  math  and  apply  that  in  their  life  and  their  jobs     •  My  curiosity  and  imagina4on  were  my  giRs   •  Unique  way  of  learning  for  each  individual      
  6. 6. My  book  ”How  become  a  genius”   •  I  believe  every  one  can  be  a  genius  in  a  field  that  they  are   passionate  for   •  In  this  book  I  explain  some  of  the  features  of  people  so   called  genius  and  model  what  they  do  and  explain  how  we   can  recreate  those  feature  for  ourselves.     •  The  primary  feature  of  geniuses  is  their  obsessive  focus  on   what  they  are  passionate  for.  I  offering  some  methods  to   reach  this  focus  and  one  of  them  is  for  becoming  free  from   our  persis4ng  complaint.   •  I    believe  that  any  complain  that  we  have  in  our  life  is  about   something  we  care  about,  and  we  think  that  thing  should   be  done  beCer  and  most  oRen  we  know  how  it  should  be   done  beCer.  
  7. 7. Persistent  complaints  mostly  are  sign   for  ac4on   •  If  we  are  authen4c  with  ourselves  most  oRen  have  the  ability  to   change  the  thing  that  we  complain  about     •  We  can  create  a  possibility  and  make  it  beCer,  and  most  oRen  we   have  passion  for  that  too   •   In  my  case  I  have  had  a  consis4ng  complain  about  the  way  that   Math  was  presented  in  schools,  and  then  universi4es  since  I  was  14   or  15     •  I  believed  that  math  is  full  of  life,  joy  and  full  of  beau4ful  images   and  can  be  related  to  our  every  day  life  and  the  way  we  experience   world   •  But  what  I  observed  was  that,  the  way  math  was  presented  in  my   schools  and  university,  oRen  experienced  by  my  classmate  and   friends  is  a  course  with  awful  amount  of  numbers  and  meaningless   and  irrelevant  calcula4ons  that  they  have  to  do    
  8. 8. My  hunger  for  mathema4c   •  In  elementary  school  I  loved  math,  that  was  the  most   sa4sfying  course  for  my  carious  mind   •  But  not  necessarily  the  way  that  it  was  taught  in  school   •  I  developed  my  own  way  studying  for  math   •  I  had  a  way  to  make  numbers  and  equa4on  visualized   and  make  them  full  of  feeling  and  emo4on     •  With  my  own  way  I  learned  so  much  faster   •  So  my  own  math  book  problems  became  boring  aRer  a   while  and  then  I  started  to  solve  problems  in  my   friends  math  books  in  higher  grades  
  9. 9. My  favorite  hobby     •  In  middle  school    we  had  white  board  in  our  class   •  My  first  interac4on  with  white  board  was   absolute  pleasure   •   White  board  was  my  free  space  to  create     •  A  way  to  communica4ng  inner  self  to  give     physical  forms  to  my  thought  without  any   limita4on   •  See  my  though  and  play  with  it  and  draw  what  I   see  in  things    
  10. 10. My  first  break  through     •  I  stay  late  in  the  class  and  work  on  the   mathema4c  problem  that  I  found  interes4ng   •  I  had    a  lot  of  fun     •  ARer  a  while  I  was  recognized  by  my  school   and  they  sent  me  to  mathema4c  Olympiad     prepara4on  courses     •  Then  Physics  and  Computer  Olymaid  
  11. 11. Math  and  computer  prepara4on   course   •  In  this  classes  basically  is  not  much  teaching,  there  are   a  lot  of  introduc4on  to  different  equa4on  and  mostly   you  need  to  do  lots  of  self  learning  and  problem   solving   •  So  I  s4ll  con4nued  my  way  of  learning  math   •  I  was  a  top  student  in  one  the  class  that  many  of  my   fellow  student  find  it  unbelievably  hard  but  the  reason   was  that  I  was  not  relay  on  what  was  said  in  the  class   •  The  class  was  much  higher  level  than  what  we  learned   in  school   •  I  got  all  this  self-­‐confidence  
  12. 12. My  observa4on  of  people  that  have   problem  with  math  and  sta4s4cs   •  My  observa4on  was  that  most  oRen  when  students  around  me,  aRer  having  many  courses  in  math     graduate    they  do  not  remember  most  of  it    and  even  if  they  remember  ,oRen  they  do  not  willing   to  or  do  not  know  how  to  u4lize  their  skills  in  their  jobs     •  Many  people  decide  to  not  go  to  college  or  higher  educa4on  or  drop  out  from  their  college  or   university  because  of  mathema4c   •  Unfortunately  it  was  not  the  case  just  in  my  observa4on   •  Recently  I  was  presented  to  Jo  Boaler,  she  is  a    mathema4c  professor    in  Stanford  university  by   friend  of  mine  Bonita  Banducci  who  teach  in  Santa  Clara  University    which  is  also  one  of  the   speaker  for  today.       •  Some  of  Jo  Boaler  works  are  available  in  YouTube,  ,she  gave  alarming  sta4s4c  and  figures  for  math   result    in  US  and    how  many  student  drop  college  and  university  just  because  they    fail  to  succeed   in  math.  She  has  developed  innova4ve  ways  for  teaching  math.   •  She  also  mansions  How  in  coming  future  there  is  a  need  more  math  skill  in  many  of  jobs   •  All  this  tell  us  how  many  of  our  resource  investment  in  mathema4c  educa4on  that  is  founda4on  for   educa4on  in  science  and  produc4on  of    technology  had  a  poor  return  and  prac4cally  have  been   wasted    
  13. 13. My  teaching  experience   •  The  thing  is  the  reason  for  my  complain  have  been  that  I  have  8   years  of    experience  of  teaching  math  to  mostly  so  called   problema4c  student  who  labeled  to  have  learning  disabili4es  or   sever  stress  or  anxiety  toward  mathema4c.     •  My  experience  with  these  students  was  that  any  student  who  is   approved  to  be  in  school  not  only  could  learn  math  but  also  can  be   great  in  math  and  enjoy  that   •  My  observa4on  was  even  though  that  factors  such  as  gender,  age,   and  race,  background  can  effect  the  way  we  learn  but  are  not   determining  factors  for  being  good  at  math  and  enjoy  learning  that   and  generally  the  end  result.   •  Through  all  these  years  I  never  failed  with  any  of  them  and  see   miracles  in  each  of  these  students.  My  students  first  got  great   grades  in  math  and  then  other  courses  too  and  for  many  of  them   changed  the  course  of  their  life  significantly.  
  14. 14. My  success  in  teaching  math   •  At  that  4me  many  of  my  parents  friends  and  neighbors  asked  me  to  help  their   children  with  math.  I  could  help  many  students  successfully  to  get  good  grades  in   math  courses  and  then  in  other  courses  too.   •  One  of  the  most  impressive  experiences  was  one  our  neighbor’son  that  was  in  first   year  of  high  school.  He  was  about  to  drop  school  and  he  was  labeled  that  he  has   learning  disability.  In  first  session  he  told  me  that  he  has  no  interest  in  math  and   generally  to  studying  and  he  rather  become  a  garbage  man  than  stay  in  school,  but   his  mother  do  not  leave  him  alone.   •  I  just  say  that  is  fine,  we  just  talked  a  liCle  bit  and  if  you  did  not  like  it,  you  can  just   go.  I  asked  him  about  his  hobbies  and  interests  and  sports  that  he  likes.  He  told  me   that  he  liked  soccer.  So  I  began  the  first  session  and  start  talking  about  numbers   and  equa4ons  and  explain  all  the  image  that  see  in  each  of  these  equa4ons  and   then  came  up  with  examples  and  math  problems  related  to  soccer  and  he  started   to  solve  them  and  aRer  10  session  he  went  to  math  final  exam  and  got  (B+).  He   had  not  got  this  grade  in  any  of  his  courses  un4l  then.  Their  parents  were  shocked.   He  stayed  my  student  and  finished  high  school.     •  My  experience  with  my  mother  
  15. 15. Example  of  what  I  see  in  an  equa4on  diagram   that  explain  Chaos     Alexander  Gonchenko∗,  Sergey  Gonchenko†  and  Alexey  Kazakov‡  ,Simple  Scenarios  of  Onset  of  Chaos  in  Three-­‐Dimensional  Maps,  (2014)  
  16. 16. Our  plan  for  future,  what  possibility  can  I  create  from   to  resolve  my  complaints   •  Trough  help  of  my  dear  friend  Bonita  Banducci  (gender   engineering)  I  would  like  to  design  workshops  for   interac4on  with  technology  and  Mathema4cs   •  Where  people  have  chance  to  experience  and  find  a   fun  way  to  learn  and  work  with  technology  and  enjoy   that     •  We  will  create  the  plaiorm  to  share  our  vision  and   innova4ve  ways,  that  technology  can  be  experienced   by  them     •  Also  empowering  them  to  be  pioneer  to  create   technology  and  way  of  learning  for  people  with   different  perspec4ves      
  17. 17. Invita4on  for  coopera4on  and  partnership     •  I  believe    that  if  we  want  more  people  in  science  and  technology,     we  need  to  transform  the  way  science  specially  math  is  presented   to  people         •  rela4onship  with  technology  from  learning  to  applica4on  and   innova4on  and  produc4on  of  technology  and  science.    First  one  is   in  a  prac4cal  level  and  second  one  is  in  the  research  level.   •  First:  prac4cal  level,  if  you  are  interested  in  this  subject  and  trying   to  reach  the  same  demographic,  we  can  collaborate  and  brain   storm    to  create  workshop  and  developing  curriculum  for   educa4onal  program  for  different  age  group    to  engage  them  in   science  and  technology  that  can  give  them  access  to  beCer   opportuni4es  and  career.  I  have  some  idea  for  make  it  possible  in   this  workshops  to  interact  with  science  in  a  fun  way,  that  can  help   them  to  discover  their  unique  way  of  connec4on  with  science  and   realizing  their  poten4als  in  different  field  of  science.    
  18. 18. Invita4on  for  coopera4on  and   partnership     •  Second:  For  the  research  level  I  believe  that  there  is  a  need  for  tools  and   methods  that  can  be  provided  to  people  that  is  scien4fically  designed   based  on  brain  science,  psychology    to  make  it  easier  and  fun  for  people  to   be  engaged  to  science  and  technology.     From  my  personal  experience  with  science  and  technology  and  also  working   with  a  lot  of  people,  I  truly  believe  that  there  many  special  and  unique   poten4al  in  many  people  that  make  them  able    to  do  extra  ordinary  abili4es   to  feel  and  understand  science  in  a  very  deep  level  and  if  through  customized   way  of  teaching  these  poten4al    can  be  realized   I  would  like  to  develop  a  research  in  intelligent  tools  for  learning  and   teaching(using  computer  science  and  brain  science)  that  can  be  customized   to  characteris4c  of  each  individual    and  write  a  PhD  in  this  area.  I  am  seeking   for  a  university  preferably  in  US  that  this  research  can  be  fits  to  their   programs  and  a  professor  who  has  interest  in  this  subject.  
  19. 19. The  keys  to  my  success   •  Insa4able  curiosity(My  curiosity  did  not  give  me  much  room  and  4me  for  believing  the  exis4ng   constrain  as  a  reality)   •  Dare  to  try  explore  and  make  mistake(Find  my  way  to  learned  that  anyway)       •  Strong  imagina4on   •  Discovering  my  unique  way  of  learning   •  Set  a  place  for  expressing  my  feeling  and  thoughts   •  Mastery  in  math   •  See  math  my  everyday  life   •  Have  a  great  role  models   •  Do  not  believe  in  constrains  
  20. 20. My  life  is  my  game  and  I  am  the  one   who  must  set  the  game  rules   •  First  every  day  spend  minimum  5  minutes  of  your  4me  be  a  kid  again.  In  this  4me,   watch  your  life  as  you  saw  that  back  then,    be  carious  about  everything  and  you   have  a  lots  of    great  imagina4on  about  you  like  to  do,  see  everything  as  possibility   and  try,  laugh  and  be  playful  .  Even  if  you  had  to  do  some  portending  at  the   beginning,  your  natural  talent    will  come      you  and  aRer  a  while  you  feel  confident   to  start  whatever  that  seems  to  be  just  a  dream  for  you  now   •  Get  yourself    a  white  or  black  board  or  similar  your  window  or  a  large  piece  of   paper.  It  physically  gives  you  a  blank  space,  first  expressing  and  wri4ng  whatever  it   hurts  and  then  ask  ques4on  in  a  way  that  you  can  come  up  with  solu4on.  That  is  a   way  of  communica4on  with  your  inner  intelligence.     •  In  the  begging  you  set  alarm  set  alarm  from  10  to  15  minutes  for  both  experience   and  just  keep  wri4ng,  even  if  you  write  First  sentence  as  I  do  not  know  what  to   write   •  When  you  write  your  distrac4ons  and  what  hurts  you  will  have  a  free  space  to   create     •  If  you  have  difficulty  with  math  or  any  thing  similar  write  the  problem  and  do  not   afraid  of  imagina4on.  
  21. 21. My  contact  informa4on   •  Contact  me  by  follow     email  :   Skype:  marjan.boorboor     •  Personal  website:   •  Website  which  contains,  an  intelligent  tool  for  renewable   energy  system  planning  that  I  developed  in  Roskilde   university.     That  is  free  to  use  for  now          
  22. 22. Happy  women’s  day   •  We  have  been  focusing  so  much  on  what  women   are  have  difficulty  to  do  but  there  are  many   characteris4cs  in  the  women  nature  that  can  do   extra  ordinary  things  with  science.    Women   experience  life  and  death  and  growth  in  their   bodies  all  the  4me.  All  science  is  made  up  from   nature  that  women  has  a  deep  connec4on  to  it,   technology  is  just  applica4on  of  the  science,  and   if  they  can  discover    that,  it  will  give  them   leverage  to  learn  faster  and  be  more  innova4ve   and  create  science.    
  23. 23. BeCer  world  for  all  men  and  women   We  are  complaining  about  many  problems  in   the  world  and  yet  most  of  these  problems  have   persisted  so  far  ,  because  most  of  us  have  not   dare  to  offer  our  solu4ons  for  them  and  have   not  start  to  take  ac4on  yet,  maybe  now  it  is  the   4me!     Thank  you  for  your  aCen4on