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Career Boosting Tips for Millennials - Voices 2015


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Career Boosting Tips for Millennials
Jessica Johnson,

Voices 2015 -

Session Length: 1 Hour

Millennials now officially outnumber baby boomers. As millennials, we have become the most discussed generation when it comes to recruiting and managing, but what about managing our careers from our perspective? From the bottom looking up, how do we gain respect and make leaps into the next phases of our careers?

When I graduated in the midst of the Great Recession, I knew I would have to pave my own path if I was going to build a flourishing career. From changing diapers as my boss’s nanny to advising Fortune 100 companies as her second-in-command at her technology consulting firm, I received a lot of valuable advice and learned many game-changing lessons.

This presentation provides many career-boosting tips that are practical and timely, including how to attain effective mentors and sponsors. We’ll explore how the perception that others have of you can impact your career arc as well as actions you can take to drive your success in the business world.

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Career Boosting Tips for Millennials - Voices 2015

  1. 1. Career Boosting Tips for Millennials Jessica Johnson Senior Program Manager, Incident Communications In/johnson12
  2. 2. My Story m y s t o r y
  3. 3. Mentors & Sponsors Getting Ahead Practical Tips
  4. 4. Mentors and Sponsors A mentor is someone, typically further along in their career, who can give you candid advice about a situation, obstacle, opportunity, or issue you are dealing with. They will often have good advice about how to handle a situation although it may not always be suitable. It is beneficial to have many mentors.
  5. 5. Mentors and Sponsors - Identify people who you think may have good advice to offer - Reach out to them and ask for time or attention - Be conscientious of their time and don’t take it personal if they are busy - Provide them with the problem you are dealing with or question you want to ask – the more specific, the better
  6. 6. Mentors and Sponsors - Follow-up on what happened - Continue to ask them for guidance on issues Mentorships develop like friendships
  7. 7. Mentors and SponsorsMentors and Sponsors A sponsor is someone who is influential in their organization, typically aware of opportunities before their colleagues, and can help champion you for those opportunities.
  8. 8. Mentors and SponsorsMentors and Sponsors Sponsors must be able to vouch for your work and work ethic, so it is important they are familiar with the work you’ve done. When speaking with a potential sponsor: - Highlight your work contributions - Overview the challenges you’ve faced - Be upfront with lessons learned
  9. 9. Mentors and Sponsors Mentors can often be great sponsors The key to developing a great relationship with either is continued contact – don’t be afraid to ask for their time, but use it wisely! Start small – ask for a quick coffee break in the morning, walk with them to the next meeting, take each opportunity you get Be specific with your asks, the more specific you are, the more they can help you
  10. 10. Getting Ahead The reward for good work… is always more work
  11. 11.  Be part of the solution  Learn how to take (and give) criticism  Take the work no one wants  Be patient, be a teacher Getting Ahead
  12. 12. o Age is only an issue if you make it one o Leave your mobile phone out of sight o Always carry a notebook o How you dress matters Practical Tips
  13. 13. BOOKS • How to Win Friends & Influence People • Emotional Intelligence WEBSITES • GET INVOLVED • Technovation Challenge • Girls who code
  14. 14. Questions
  15. 15. More-Than/dp/055338371 Jessica Johnson LinkedIn: In/johnson12