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Think Marketing to Accelerate Shared Services or BPO Growth


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Think Marketing to Accelerate Shared Services or BPO Growth

  1. 1. Think Marketing to Accelerate Shared Services or BPO Growth Deborah Kops Deloitte Annual Shared Services and BPO Conference Barcelona 28-29 September 2011
  2. 2. Accelerating growth is imperative Mandatory to evolve the business model Critical to achieve maximum benefit for stakeholders Gets more executive attention Creates momentum Exploits synergies Delivers ROI
  3. 3. Why is growth difficult to attain… No executive hammer Typical “build it and they will come”/order taker approach No/few formal metrics requiring scale Organizational focus primarily on solutions, delivery and governance Lack of marketing strategy
  4. 4. …but not an uncommon challenge Goes against the grain: unwelcome structural change for business unit- or geography-led organizations Seen as empire building: perceived by stakeholders as political/power play Natural plateaus: ability to scale beyond a certain size difficult “Enough is enough” syndrome: Slower growth natural after 2-3 years No capability: marketing/sales skills driving growth not common
  5. 5. Solved by Marketing? Promotes a brand which makes it safe and smart to shift to a new business model Demonstrates visible, aggressive leadership Influences and enables stakeholders to buy Pushes consistency in business development Imposes process, discipline and metrics Delivers a return on sourcing investment
  6. 6. Marketing shared services and BPO – easier than you think Process – just like any other Measurable – readily track cause and effect Value proposition is obvious Captive market; “hunting license” Corporate knowledge—know how to play the game Reference-able—can harness internal champions/customers to sell
  7. 7. What’s getting in the way? Lack of capability: Historic focus on financial, sourcing/process acumen, not marketing/sales savvy Too soft and squishy: belief that marketing is the domain of lightweights; detracts from value “Build it and they will come” approach to scale “What about this don’t you get” attitude—the facts should speak for themselves Positioning: facilitator rather than driver of growth Charter: CoEs, not internal commercial service providers
  8. 8. Think marketing to scale Become a company within a company,: think internal provider Embed marketing skills within and across your organization Develop a marketing plan linking growth with delivery and governance Deploy eight vital marketing techniques
  9. 9. Create BrandConvey consistent messaging, service promiseand value propositionDifferentiate a shorthand for stakeholderengagement through logo and taglineLaunch (or relaunch) initiative to createmomentumPosition as the “one and only”Create customer pullPreoccupy the shared services organization
  10. 10. Engage before sales Follow the rule of seven Invest in education Structure simple, fact-based messaging Build relationships Match buyer and seller Fund industrial tourism Keep the catalog on the shelf
  11. 11. Develop tools and techniques Design and enforce use of one set of messages, interventions and response models Develop collateral pushed through multiple channels Train team in strategic marketing and selling techniques Incorporate marketing techniques throughout the engagement lifecycle
  12. 12. Leverage all Channels Climb on others’ bandwagons—link to other corporate initiatives Beat the drum—message at corporate meetings/events Harness the power of influencers Co-opt user groups/advisory boards as marketing ambassadors Go digital!
  13. 13. Aggressively confront fears Deal with the reality of change of control Be honest about risks Don’t oversell-- “better than before” Defuse the concept of ‘empire building’ Use case studies to debunk operating myths Share competitors’ experiences as examples Adapt solutions to eliminate minor risks
  14. 14. Take a consultative approach View stakeholders as partners, not as an enemy to be conquered Solve problems rather than shoehorn service Be agnostic to solution Tailor offerings by adjusting timing, phasing, process Actively “co-solution”
  15. 15. Retreat to advance Invest in relationships rather than score quick wins; defer low benefit opportunities Promote strategic rather than transactional value Sell up the food chain – “mid process” or higher Refuse stakeholder predilection to hive off “onesies and twosies”
  16. 16. Target, not blanket Focus sales on stakeholders with highest propensity to buy and scale Track implications of business cycles, personalities and internal events for growth Walk away from lost causes/one-offs/non accretive growth Implement a tiered marketing strategy for account management
  17. 17. Parting wordsScale alone moves the dial; without scale,shared services and BPO have little impactShared services operations are internalproviders; providers must market to growMarketing is not being a salesman; it’s workingwith the stakeholder to develop the rightsolution in a way he/she can and will buyBy implementing marketing techniques, it ispossible to change the game
  18. 18. Questions? Comments?