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RecSys NL - Meetup

XING is a social network for business. People use XING, for example, to find a job and recruiters use XING to find the right candidate for a job. At the moment, XING has more than 15 Million users and around 1 Million job postings on the
platform. Among other things, Xing’s data science team works on job recommendations. In this talk we will introduce the job recommendation problem as well as Xing’s ongoing work on selected components of our recommender system. Topics will include content based recommendations with latent spaces,
outlier filtering with ensemble methods. Furthermore, we
will describe the recommender systems challenge 2016 and how our team created a semi-synthetic dataset released to the public.

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RecSys NL - Meetup

  1. 1. Recommendation Challenges on XING Daniel Kohlsdorf
  2. 2. Job Recommendations @Xing 2 • Semi-Synthetic Dataset • Results of the Challange RecosRecos System Challange • System Architecture • MLT in Latent Spaces • Outlier Filtering
  3. 3. Recos 3
  4. 4. Job Recommendations @Xing 4 2 Scala Dev (m/w) Scala Engineer Scala Dev, Hamburg user job postings Job recommender companies
  5. 5. Recommendations on Start Page 5 Start Page Job recommendations
  6. 6. Recommendations in the Jobs Market 6 Reco Page Job recommendations
  7. 7. A sample job posting 7 Example Job recommendations Example: item (job posting) 5
  8. 8. Key sources for understanding user demands 8 Social Network explicit and implicit connections Profile Fabian Abel Data Scientist Haves: Interests: web science big data, hadoop skills & co. Interactions data web social media clicks, shares, ratings big data kununu Interactions of similar users similar usershadoop scala
  9. 9. Job Recommendation Architecture What John writes… And what he means… Recruiter-John International Sales Manager Call Center Agent (10 EUR per hour) Sales Manager Sales Manager for B2B customers (80K EUR per year) Data Scientist skilled in Hadoop, Scala, Elasticsearch, … with PhD in … Data Analyst (skilled in SAS or Excel) 9
  10. 10. 10 What Paul says he is… And what he means… Paul, the Candidate CEO Network Engineer (currently unemployed) BI Engineer (skilled in old-school ETL) Shopman (in a kiosk) Data Scientist with 100+ skills Sales Manager
  11. 11. System 11
  12. 12. Job Recommendation Architecture 12 Aggregatror CI plugin Interaction plugin MLT plugin Location filter Social filter Social filter Filter Job Reco Service
  13. 13. More Like This in Latent Spaces 13 Word2Vec: Finding Similar Jobs • Dataset combining wikipedia english and german with 100k job postings from Xing • Trained using continuous bag of words • Job postings modeled as the average of all word vectors • Reranking of elastic search query result
  14. 14. 14 Xing2Vec: Similar words with cosine similarity Kauffrau (Job) • Bürokauffrau • Hotelfachfrau • Bankkauffrau • Bürokaufmann Hamburg (Location) • Bremen • Berlin • Hannover • Kiel Volkswagen (Brand) • Opel • Audi • Volvo • Daimler
  15. 15. 15 Xing2Vec: Is Wikipedia enough? Xing (WIKI) • Feng • Shen • Wang • Yang Xing (WIKI + JOBS) • Facebook • Qype • Linkedin • Kununu
  16. 16. Xing2Vec: Document Queries 16 […] nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine/n IT Support Engineer (m/w) Datenbank- und Applikationsbetreuung. […] Ihr Profil Abgeschlossene Ausbildung im Bereich Informatik oder vergleichbare Berufserfahrung, idealerweise in einem medizinischen Umfeld Gute Datenbankkenntnisse, SQL-Abfragen, Prozeduren Know-How im Bereich CITRIX und MS-Server von Vorteil Erste Erfahrungen mit Performanceanalysen und Optimierungen im SQL-Server-Umfeld wünschenswert Eigeninitiative, Zuverlässigkeit und Teamgeist Rasche Auffassungsgabe und analytisches Denkvermögen Bereitschaft zur Teilnahme an einer Rufbereitschaft Gute Deutschkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift […] IT - Systemmanager (m/w)Ihr Aufgabenfeld: - Management von Daten und Systeme […] Administration von Microsoft SharePoint, SQL- Server Die Anforderungen: - ein erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Studium der (Wirtschafts-) Informatik oder eine vergleichbare Ausbildung und Berufserfahrung - Erfahrungen in der Entwicklung bzw. Anpassung von SharePoint Lösungen ab Version 2010 - erste Entwicklungserfahrungen im .NET Umfeld und JavaScript - Microsoft Zertifizierungen […]
  17. 17. Outlier Filtering 17 Outliers
  18. 18. 18 Machine Learning For Outlier Filtering Linear Regression XGBoost * =
  19. 19. Outlier Filtering: eXtreme Gradient Boosting 19
  20. 20. Outlier Filtering 20 Outliers
  21. 21. Challenge 21
  22. 22. RecSys Challenge 2016 22 ? Scala Dev, Hamburg job postings Scala Engineer 2 months of impressions & interactions click bookmark
  23. 23. Is the data anonymized? 23 Professor Ethiopian East Asia Language Social Media Fotography Social Media London Social Media London Fotography Blogger
  24. 24. Is the data anonymized? 24 Professor Ethiopian East Asia Language East Asia Language Ethiopian Language Social Media Fotography Social Media London Social Media London Fotography Blogger
  25. 25. RecSys Challenge 2017 25 Xing Releases Data Batches Continuously Participants predict clicks until a deadline Aggregatror Interaction plugin MLT plugin Location filter Social filter Social filter Filter Job Reco Service Community Reco
  26. 26. 26 Thanks