Phrasal Verbs for Daily routines


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This approach combines teaching phrasal verbs as a thematic set and teaching phrasal verbs using a text. In this case the text is an oral text given by the teacher. The subject, a morning routine, is very likely to contain many phrasal verbs (get up, put on clothes…).

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Phrasal Verbs for Daily routines

  1. 1. Daily Routines
  2. 2. Daily Routines1. get… up 11. arrive… at school at…2. get…dressed/ home 12. do… homework breakfast3. have… / lunch/ dinner 13. do… the shopping4. take…a shower / a bath 14. do… the dishes / sports5. brush… teeth/ my hair my … 15. takethe bus / taxi to…6. tidy… my bedroom 16. come back… home 7. go… school/ home / to bed / on foot to 17. surf… the internet 8. make… breakfast / lunch/ dinner 18. play… computer/ with… on 9. make… my bed 19. watch… TV/ my favorite program10. leave…the house at… 20. visit… friend/ my my grandparents
  3. 3. Daily Routines brush do have go get breakfast to bed up my teeth the shopping home homework lunch dressed my hair shopping the dishes dinner home to school the housework on foot tidy leave arrive for a walk my bedroom the house at… at school at… make play take come back my bed on computer a shower home breakfast with… a bath lunch computer games the bus / taxi to… dinner visit watch surf my friend TV the internet my grandparents my favorite program
  4. 4. Daily Routines-in the morning WHEN? First Afterwardsin the afternoon Nextin the evening Then After that at night Furthermore Additionally In additionLater Finally always/usually/sometimes/ never/ often/ every day
  5. 5. Rita’s Daily Routine up takeI get __________ at 7 o’clock, __________ a getshower to wake up, and ___________ dressed. makeThen I _______ my breakfast for me and my littlebrother – a tuna sandwich and toast. After that, Ibrush make ________ my teeth and I _______my bed and then leave for school, which starts at8:00. takeI usually ________ the train, because it’sfastergo the bus. Lessons finish at 2 o’clock and I than do_______ straight home. surfI ________ my homework and then_______the haveInternet.I __________ dinner at do19:30.Later I helpplay on_____ the dishes . my mom goAfter that, I ____ ___ computer a little bit and then I_______ to bed at 21.30.
  6. 6. Daily RoutineKate and Tom get up take ________ up at 7 o’clock. They ________ a dressed havebath and then get ________. They _________ breakfast at the househome. The twins leave ___________ at 8 o’clock and go go__________ to school on foot. Their parents _______to arrivework by train. They __________ at school at about 8:30.Their classes __________ at half past eight every morning. start eat always ____________ lunch in the Theyschool canteen. The twins are very good students. They finish classes at 2:30. withAfter classes Kate sometimes has dancing lessons and Tom doplays football outside _______ his friends. On Mondays theyhave music lessons. They usually ___________ their watchhomework in the afternoon. Before dinner they ___________ has play goTV. The family _________ dinner at 7.30. After dinner they_______ games and _________ to sleep at 9.30.
  7. 7. My Daily Routine- Homework What do you do in the morning?What do you in the evening? First AfterwardsWhat do you do in the afternoon? Next Then After that Later Finally always/usually/sometimes/ never/ often/ every day
  8. 8. Daily RoutineMy alarm clock rings at 7:30.I take a bath and put my clothes on. Then my mother calls me forbreakfast. I usually have bread with chocolate and a cup of tea.After breakfast I brush my teeth and kiss my parents goodbye. Myschool is not far from my house, so I go on foot.I have lessons from 8:00 to 13:30. After school I walk back homeand watch TV or listen to music.I usually do my homework from 3 to 5 o’clock. I always do thedishes after lunch.I go to bed at 10 o’clock.Before that I usually read a magazine and chat with my friendsonline.