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Nielsen Pdf

  1. 1. The Nielsen Traffic Report is located in West Valley City, Utah. My name is David Nielsen. We are a SEM (search engine marketing) Company. We utilize different techniques on the Internet to expose more people to your Website and Company. You can contact me at 801-541-9692. Our Job is to Increase Your Company Exposure to More People Resulting in a Larger Customer Base! Our goals are simple, we drive traffic (people) to your Website from many different sources. You not only receive visitors from all kinds of places on the Internet you end up listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and more search engines. When people search for you or your type of Company, there you are listed on the first and second pages of the search results. Here is a screen shot of the first page on Google of my Company results, I'm all over the place. Seven out of ten spots on the first page! Bet I get the “click”! I have many pages like this and so can you.
  2. 2. Long-Term Goal Over the course of a year we work diligently to build back links to your Website. Think of a back link as a vote. When other Websites and people vote for us we build AUTHORITY with the search engines. We utilize many different Websites who have already achieved a high authority or page rank. The search engines love them. You can check a couple of the out here. These are Squidoo and HubPages. There are many others we use. The point is these are high page ranked and authority sites. Their authority spills over to our site and we not only get traffic from the authority sites we are listed on the first page of Google. So you know my picture won't be on your page. Well use something of your choice. We open as many as two hundred accounts on different types of Web properties across ed the Internet. Here is a look at some of the steps we take to obtain our goals. 1. I need to get to know your Company goals, products, services, and your “target market”. Who is your customer and how can your Company solve their problem or help them get what they need. 2. We open the accounts: 3. We build you a blog on as many as 50 blog sites such and Blogger, Blog Spot, Word Press, we post new content to these once a week. Traffic from both the search engines and the Blog sites. 4. We open twenty five or so accounts with Web. 2.0 properties such as Squidoo, Hub Pages, and Zimbo. We build the Websites and add new content once a week. See some relationship building starting to form here. 5. We join from one hundred to six hundred Article Directories such as E zine Articles and Go Articles. We send an article out to them once a week. Talk about back links and exposure. 6. Video is next. We get with you and put together a Video once a month and send it to 25 or so Video sites. I've seen my videos hit the first page of Google in ten minutes. Most people would rather watch a video. 7. Podcast, we strip the “voice” off the video and turn it into a podcast and submit it to 15 or so Pod Cast directories. This is so powerful it blows my mind. The Pod Cast directories in turn blast the content out to 3 million or so hand held devices such as your phone or I pod. People on the move get our message.
  3. 3. 8. OK, here's more: we open 25 or so accounts on Social Bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit, Yahoo Buzz and Google bookmarks. These sites are where people share their favorite bookmarks and stories. Google love these sites and they are perfect for traffic, back links and building relationships. We bookmark every piece of content we submit for you. 9. We then “ping” every Blog post and piece of content we can. Pinging alerts hundreds of search engines there is new content for them to look at. Without pinging, how is anyone going to find your Website. 10. Every time we create a post for you on one of your Blogs a RSS feed is created. We take these RSS feeds and submit them to around fifteen different Feed sites. These sites take the feed and it not only creates back links, it produces subscribers to your Blog. This one is very powerful. Did you know your Facebook fan page has a RSS feed? Want more Fans? 11. On-Page-Optimization: We analyze your current Website to determine if it's Google friendly or not. Works like this. When we Ping your site and Google sends it's “crawler” to read your site we want to be ready. The Idea is to make sure your on and off page factors are ready for the event. On page has to do with good quality information about your Company both written for the reader as well as the search engine. The off page factors have to do with the title tags, meta tags, header tags, h-1 tags and the keyword tags. If I lost you with that you better call me. I'll get with your Web Master and get things right. 12. After all that we submit to seven different Local Directories. This way your local customers can find you. Here they are: Superpages, True Local, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, Hot Frog and Info USA. Were also a member of a Blog network, we make comments on other peoples blogs and leave your link. This is more powerful then one might think. Google loves to see “interaction”. With every step we do we are building back links, building relationships, and branding your Company as we go. Google rewards those who offer good quality informational content, call me for some more information and lets get started: David Nielsen 6911 W. Hunter Dawn Way West Valley City, Utah 84128 801-541-9692 Building Back Links, Building Relationships, Obtaining First Page Google, Yahoo & Bing Listings!
  4. 4. Keyword: Utah online video marketing: first page of Google...