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Ban Pha Lak Hmong Resettled Village (English)


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Ban Pha Lak Hmong Resettled Village

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Ban Pha Lak Hmong Resettled Village (English)

  1. 1. Ban Pha Lak – New Hmong Resettled Village Ban Pha Lak – New Hmong Resettled Village is located in the south-west part of Kasi district, Vientiane province, Laos and 30 km far apart from the national main road 13 north or 250 km north of Vientiane, the capital of the country. Pha Lak village Kasi City Vang Vieng
  2. 2. 50 households built in 2007
  3. 3. One storey house of 4X6 m size
  4. 5. 66 hmong people who were repatriated from Thailand in June, 2007, have been resettled in the village.
  5. 6. There are about 400 hectares surrounding area and Lao government will provide all facilities to help new resettled people until they could feed themselves.
  6. 7. There are Ban Poung Lak (2 km far away) and other 5 villages surrounding Pha Lak village such as: Sala, Phanla, Phonekham, Phakham and Naxaikhao.
  7. 8. Lao government also provide the first elementary needs to kids for the first class of their new life.
  8. 9. There are so far a hmong teacher, two hmong nurses and other 7 related public servants.
  9. 10. Beside the material and personnel help, Lao government is also providing general information of public awareness such as: the right and duty of Lao citizens, some articles of country’s constitution and laws, sanitary and agricultural performance, and the fact of conspiracy of human trafficking groups.
  10. 11. Resettled hmong people are also given rice, cloths, mosquito nets, medicine, household daily needs, seeds and some young cattle.
  11. 12. Further Development Planning (1) To build one hundred of new houses. New location of house construction
  12. 13. Further Development Planning (2) To set up another two small irrigation systems. To complete water supplying canals to all potential farming areas.
  13. 14. Further Development Planning (3) To expand farming land up to 400 hectares.
  14. 15. Further Development Planning (4) To complete the connection of 2 KM electricity wires to the village.
  15. 16. Further Development Planning (5) To build a health care unit To build elementary school
  16. 17. Thank you for your attention!