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A semi detailed presentation on McDonald's made by me for my appraisal....hope you find it worth !!
Dinesh Kirupalli

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  • By Dinesh Kirupalli
  • By Dinesh Kirupalli
  • By Dinesh Kirupalli
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  • By Dinesh Kirupalli
  • Mcdonalds presentation

    1. 1. S.W.O.T Analysis For McDonald’s By team 4…
    2. 2. HistoryMcDonalds was started by Richard andMaurice McDonald as a restaurant conceptin San Bernardino, California on 15thMay,1940.Mr. Ray Kroc took over the rights fromMcDonald brothers and founded TheMcDonalds Corporation on 15th April,1955in Des Plaines, Illinois. The Head Quarters of The McDonaldsCorporation is at Oak brook, Illinois.
    3. 3. Some interesting facts about McDonalds.Ronald McDonald made his debut as itsambassador in the year 1953.The motto of the organization ,i.e.,Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value[Q.S.C and V] was coined in the year1957.Currently McDonalds serves around 53million people worldwide everyday.
    4. 4. Figures pertaining to McDonald’sMcDonald’s currently operates 31000stores worldwide in 120 countries.It currently employs around4,00,000 employees worldwide.
    5. 5. Revenue statistics For McDonald’s for FY 2009Revenue worldwide :- US $ 22.6 Billions.[Rs.994 Crores]Operating Income :- US $ 6.51 Billions.[Rs.286 Crores]Net Income :- US $ 4.31 Billions.[Rs.189Crores]Total Asset value :- US $ 29.2 Billions.[Rs.1284 Crores]Total Equity :- US $ 13.2 Billions.[Rs.580Crores] [NASDAQ and Dow Jones.]
    6. 6. Key People’s at McDonald’sMr. James. A. Skinner [Chairman andC.E.O]Mr. Amit. Jatia [JV Partner,McDonald’s India] (West and South)Mr. Vikram. Bakshi [JV PartnerMcDonald’s India] (North and East)
    7. 7. McDonald’s IndiaMcDonald’s in India works on a JointVenture agreements between theMcDonald corporation and the Franchisee.Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd isthe franchisee partner for North and Eastregion.Hard Castle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd is thefranchisee partner for West and Southregion.
    8. 8. Store Count in IndiaMcDonald’s opened its first store atBasant Lok, New Delhi on 11thOctober,1996.Currently McDonald’s has 132restaurants in India of which 79 arein North and East and 53 are in Westand South.Mumbai currently has 23 storesacross various locations.
    9. 9. S.W.O.T Analysis of McDonald’s Strengths It has a strong global presence and is considered as a market leader in both Domestic as well as International market. It uses economies of scale for reducing the cost as it operates on a huge scale. It is flexible with its products as it has started fully veg. products especially in India which are economically priced so as to cater to a larger audience. It is recognized as the world’s most recognized logos. It has a standard set of Sops that are followed throughout their outlets worldwide. As a major brand can use Advertisements effectively and efficiently to use.
    10. 10. S.W.O.T Analysis of McDonald’s WeaknessCompetition with the competitors in the fast foodsection, resulting in low revenue.High employee turnover at the stores.Yet to accomplish going with the trend of organican healthy food.Low shelf life of majority of products.Negative impact due to sheer size of organization.
    11. 11. S.W.O.T Analysis of McDonald’s OpportunitiesIt can adapt to the needs of the societies andundergo an innovative product line.It can research ways to include healthy productsin their menus across the world.It can upscale some of its restaurants locations toattract more customers.It can use digital media as a new way ofadvertising to cater to a larger target base.Also can use text messaging updates to keeptheir guests informed about the location ofoutlets.
    12. 12. S.W.O.T Analysis of McDonald’s ThreatsThe current recession has negatively impactedthe organization even though they have a largeoperations. This needs to be looked forward.Foreign currency fluctuations are regarded to bea major problem.Health issues regarding fast food chain.Emergence of new competitors in the fast foodsection a threat.
    13. 13. BibliographyHistory of McDonalds courtesyWikipedia.Revenue information and Indianpresence information
    14. 14. THANK YOU !!!