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Mobile metrics


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Developing a mobile metrics strategy for news

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Mobile metrics

  1. 1. Mobile MetricsMobile FirstMarch 20, 2013 Damon Kiesow @dkiesow
  2. 2. Mobile Metrics Are very similar to traditional Web metrics Mostly noise not signal
  3. 3. Mobile Metrics Traffic numbers are traditionally misused Downloads Page views & Visits Say little about your readers, or their needs
  4. 4. Mobile Metrics Without context Downloads Page views & Visits Say little about your business
  5. 5. Mobile Metrics This is not a reader:
  6. 6. Mobile Metrics This is not a viewer:
  7. 7. Mobile Metrics Personas are not audience:
  8. 8. Mobile Metrics This is a reader - in captivity:
  9. 9. These are viewers | in the wild Photo by Flickr user Caitlinator
  10. 10. Mobile Metrics These are customers - in the marketplace:
  11. 11. Mobile Metrics | why nonsense? Most of what we talk about is irrelevant or misinterpreted Android vs iOS sales Mobile vs desktop usage Tablets are better for content
  12. 12. Myth #1 Tablet usage is booming in the evenings Photo by Flickr user Wayan Vota
  13. 13. Mobile Metrics | platform trends daily 40 30 20 Waking Up 10 A.M. Commute Work/School At breaks 0 Dinner Before bed Print (80%) Computer (60%)Question: Thinking of your typical weekday, when do you usually read or use a local daily Smartphone (26%)newspaper in the following format? (N=1,896) Multiple mentions allowed. 2012 Newspaper Tablet (12%)Association of America
  14. 14. Mobile Metrics | platform trends daily Waking Up Commute Work/School At breaks Dinner Before bed Yes, tablet use peaks in the evening, but it is still much lower than Tablet desktop or smartphone use Phone Computer Print
  15. 15. Myth #2 Android is dominating iOS
  16. 16. Mobile Metrics | device ownership Android 46% iPhone 35% Blackberry 16% Windows Mobile 7% Nokia 2% Palm 1% Other 2% Not Sure 2%OPA: A Portrait of Today’s Smartphone User 08/12 * Note: Percentages do not add up to 100% because some smartphone users own more than one type of smartphone.Values are de-duplicated for adoption by operating system.Base: Smartphone owners, N(2012)=1,107, N(2011)=758. Q.167: What kind of smartphone device do you own?
  17. 17. Mobile Metrics | visits by device iOS id d ro An iOS - 84% iOS dominates on most news sites in the U.S.
  18. 18. Mobile Metrics | App purchases annually 70% of iPhone Content Consumers Buy Apps vs. 34% of Android Content Consumers Android 66% iOS 30% 8% 7% 7% 17% 12% 4% 13% 3% 8% 8% 2% 2% 7% 4% $0 $1-5 $6-10 $11-20 $21-30 $31-50 $51-100 $100+OPA Portrait of a Smartphone User 8/12 Base: Smartphone content consumers, N=1,045; Android owners, N=509; iPhone owners, N=387.Q. 188.2: About how much did you spend in total for apps on your mobile phone in the last 12 months?
  19. 19. Myth #3 The mobile web is more popular than apps
  20. 20. Mobile Metrics | time spent apps 43% web 57%OPA: A Portrait of Today’s Smartphone User -08/12 Base: Smartphone content consumers, N=1,045.Q.189.1: What percentage of time you spend accessing content on your mobile phone are you using the mobile webvs. mobile app? Percentages must add up to 100%.
  21. 21. Mobile Metrics | time spent daily 175 168 Minutes Minutes 116.667 127 58.333 70 0 Web Apps TV Apps vs web answer depends on source of the data, and type of siteFlurry Analytics, comScore, Alexa - 12/12
  22. 22. Myth #4 Tablets are inherently better for content consumption
  23. 23. Mobile Metrics | regression to the mean Tablet users have higher average income <$25k 7.4% $25k to <$50k 17.7% $50k to <$75k 18.9% $75k to <$100k 18.3% $100k+ 37.7% Readership habits may be correlated more to demographics than device.comScore, Majority of Tablet Users Watch Video on their Device, 06/12
  24. 24. Mobile Metrics Some trends are (almost) universal
  25. 25. Mobile Metrics | They are buying smartphones Consumers are switching - 107 million users in U.S. 50% 40% 30% 57% this year 20% 10% 0% 2011 2012OPA: A Portrait of Today’s Smartphone User - 08/12
  26. 26. Mobile Metrics | multiplatform readership Four Platforms They are not tied to a 4% single medium Three Platforms 17% One Platform 46% Two Platforms 33%Measuring Print, Computer, Smartphone, Tablet. Question: Which, if any, of thefollowing did you do in the past SEVEN days? (N=2,518) Newspaper MultiplatformUsage, Newspaper Association of America, 2012.
  27. 27. Mobile Metrics They are using multiple news sources 4.0 3.7 3.4 Computer Smartphone TabletQuestion: About how many different news websites (from any source), news apps or related sources do you regularly check or follow onyour [platform used]? Total Samples
  28. 28. Mobile Metrics But what really matters is what YOUR visitors are doing
  29. 29. What to measure | traffic Downloads - for direction only Conversions - active users, purchases Updates - indicates engagement Time spent Sessions per user Pages per user
  30. 30. What to measure | revenue Ad impressions Remnant vs Direct sales Ad performance Paid downloads Subscription starts, renewals eCommerce
  31. 31. What to measure Percentage of traffic mobile vs. desktop Traffic by OS Traffic by platform Content types by platform
  32. 32. Look for patterns | install rates App Launch Sundays Christmas iPad 4 & Mini iOS Installs
  33. 33. Look for patterns | upgrade rates90%72%54%36%18% 0% Launch One Month Two Months Three Months Four Months
  34. 34. Mobile Metrics | tell why, not just what Basic metrics count, they do not explain They may reflect trends but not reasons Clickstream Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are needed KPI are tied to goals and include action plans Insights Avinash Kaushik
  35. 35. Mobile Metrics | look for insights Downloads increased last week Why? Subscription cancellations are up Why? App store ratings are climbing Why? Visits are up 5 percent, but time spent per visit is down Why?
  36. 36. Mobile Metrics | engagement (for Web) Σ(Ci + Di + Ri + Li + Bi + Ii + Pi) Ci — Click Index Visits of at least 6 page views Di — Duration Index Visits of 5 minutes or longer Ri — Recency Index Visits that return daily Li — Loyalty Index Visits that are registered or at least 3 return visits weekly Bi — Brand Index Visits that come directly to the site Ii — Interaction Index Visits that interact via commenting, forums Pi — Participation Index Visits that participate on the site via sharing
  37. 37. KPI | the hard part What do “good” numbers look like? Is a high bounce rate bad? Are “new” visitors good? What do the numbers tell you about reader behavior? What tactics can you employ to influence that behavior?
  38. 38. Mobile Metrics | look for insights Decide on your goals Pick relevant metrics A few to consider: Downloads vs new users Page views for local users Engagement in DMA
  39. 39. Mobile Metrics Your mobile site and apps are getting lots of visits But not all readers are equal
  40. 40. Strategy | not all viewers are equal Device types (need to focus development efforts) Purchasing behavior (serve paying readers) Geography (value to local advertisers) Content types (video, galleries, articles)
  41. 41. Consistency Try and align between apps and between platforms Flurry, Localytics, Omniture, Google Analytics comScore for universal audience