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The iPad Field Trip: Collaboration with iBooks Author


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We will present a framework for structuring student work prior to a field trip, and share tips on creating a collaborative field trip guide rich with multimedia and personal observations. We will also talk about the technical side of authoring in iBooks Author, and provide some tips for combining student work into one volume and distributing it to multiple iPads. These tips and suggestions will help teachers who want to make more out of field trips by involving kids in actively researching, constructing, and sharing.

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The iPad Field Trip: Collaboration with iBooks Author

  1. 1. The iPad Field Trip Collaboration withDana Len iBooks AuthorDouglas Kiang
  2. 2. The Problem
  3. 3. Claremont Colleges Digital Library
  4. 4. Our Solution
  5. 5. A Journey in Three PartsPart I: The ProjectPart II: The ToolsPart III: The Takeaways Sample the book:
  6. 6. Part I: The Project Reading Research Assessment
  7. 7. Book Group Reports
  8. 8. Rome FlorenceVenice Paris
  9. 9. Corkulous (free)
  10. 10. Idea Sketchfree
  11. 11. Museum-Specific Apps
  12. 12. Part I: The Project Reading Research Assessment
  13. 13. Research• Capture and publish the collective knowledge of the class• Allow creativity in how this is expressed• Speedy and easy recording of thoughts
  14. 14. Part I: The Project Reading Research Assessment
  15. 15. Assessment• Benchmarks for good collaboration• Self-reporting• Individual conferences
  16. 16. The iBook’s approach turned out to be afantastic way for me to learn, because itwas structured individual research thatstill catered to the group. Every day I was able to read what we were going to do the next day, so I could be more prepared. This course fit every learning style, and since I am a bit of everything, I loved it.
  17. 17. The majority of the learning was doneby ourselves. We taught each othereverything we needed to know for thetrip. It’s definitely not what I’m used to—learning by myself and becomingsort of a teacher—but it was easy toadjust to. It was effective anddefinitely hands-on.
  18. 18. A Journey in Three PartsPart I: The ProjectPart II: The ToolsPart III: The Takeaways
  19. 19. Which is More Important? Portability LayoutReader controls text size Author controls text sizeText reflows around images Text stays where you put itBest reading experience Smaller screens may haveon all devices to scroll to see everything
  20. 20. Readable on multiple devices iPad and iPhone onlySupports text, audio, video Supports rich media and interactivity Book Creator iBooks Author
  21. 21. iBooks Author
  22. 22. Start with a template.Add text, photos, and video.Add interactive widgets.Live preview on iPad.
  23. 23. Start with a template.
  24. 24. Add text, photos, and video.
  25. 25. Gallery Media Review KeynoteAdd interactive widgets. Interactive Image 3D HTML
  26. 26. Interactive Image
  27. 27. Gallery
  28. 28. Media
  29. 29. Keynote / Review
  30. 30. Proofs sent directly toeach iPadEach group viewsthe “dailies”Cross-pollination of ideas
  31. 31. Editable source file Non-editableOpen in iBooks Author Can be e-mailed or put intoand Export to iPad DropBox to open on iPad
  32. 32. myBook.iba
  33. 33. How to transfer large files AirDrop DropBox Flash Drive Hard DriveRecommendedMaximum File 100 MB 500 MB 1 GB 5 GB Size Speed Slow* Slow* Fast Very fastSimultaneous Transfer Yes* Yes* No No Cost Free Free $10 - $50 $50 - $150 *Depends on network speed and bandwidth
  34. 34. Multiple chapters can be dragged into one document.
  35. 35. Suggestions• Scaffold research• Start with a common template• Frequent sharing between groups• Keep images and videos small
  36. 36. Travelingwith iPads
  37. 37. The iPad Field TripOne device to: Review information Phone home Find their way Document their experience
  38. 38. Review information
  39. 39. Phone Home
  40. 40. Find Their Way
  41. 41. Document Their Experience
  42. 42. A Journey in Three PartsPart I: The ProjectPart II: The ToolsPart III: The Takeaways
  43. 43. Takeaways
  44. 44. Book Creator$4.99
  45. 45. Book Creator Demo
  46. 46. Takeaways• The iPad can greatly enhance the field trip experience• Put learning in the hands of the students• Provide lots of ways to be creative• Provide ways to individualize expression
  47. 47. Takeaways• Use iBooks Author to pull together rich media from the research and easily share with students• Use the iPad to review on the field trip and document what they are experiencing at the same time.
  48. 48. Thank you! Grazie! Merci! Gratias