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Pipeline construction management system


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ERP for pipeline construction company "Digital construction" (based on CAD/GIS/PDM/BIM/ERP solutions). Main functional features are:
1. Consolidation and provision of access to relevant information and documents on construction object (draft) for all interested persons.
2. Application subsystems cross-platform. Independent technical model, which allows processing of information from any software with API.
3. The solution involves dedicated work tools for task leaders and CEO (and his aides). These tools implemented for the Windows desktop and iPad platforms.
4. In imaging and visualization unit implemented integration of design solutions in 3DSMAX, Maya (without export method, working in Autodesk FBX format) and construction management data (plans, summaries, reports), so the ability to monitor and plan the construction progress is provides not only using graphs or figures, but using “alive” virtual 3D scenes (integration with surveillance systems, 3D-panorams etc.)
Functional units:
1. Visualization and monitoring of construction progress. On-line, off-line modes. Used technologies: virtual construction sites based on 3D models, 3D panoramas, videos surveillance.
2. Engineering management and organization administrative documents with data binding to construction objects.
3. Planning and management of:
a. Finance and accounting
b. Warehouse and logistics
c. Logistical resources
d. Construction work and tasks
e. Prediction and automated perspective construction plan creation including plans of reforming complex technological streams.

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Pipeline construction management system

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