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Is not about me, is about what can i do for you or your client?


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Is not about me, is about what can i do for you or your client?

  2. 2. 01 It’s not about me, but what I can do for you or for your client. With 4 years of experience working at Havas Digital Brazil as: Social Media Intern, Strategic Planner, Planner and Social Media Coordinator, Planner and Social Media Supervisor. Some extra courses and countless events about #innovation, #digital, #advertising, #entrepreneurship, #newmedias. 
 I could be helpful in many ways like: Understanding the industry, business, trends and consumer in order to discover the key communication thought for brand presence, campaigns and new products, consumer research, desk research, understand digital consumer behaviour, insight provider, creative briefing, strategy concept, social media strategy and more. DIGITAL STRATEGY What can I do for you?
  3. 3. 02 I could solve your or your clients’ problems in a creative way because I learned a lot during 4 years at the University where I had graduated in Industrial Design (Visual and Product) and during / after my 3rd grade ! I worked for almost 3 years with design to solve business and communication problems. Blending things and rethinking of new ways to use everything around are somethings I really appreciate and do best. CREATIVE WHATEVER What can I do for you?
  4. 4. 03 Taking a technical college in I.T. and afterwards working for almost 4 years in a TV-IP channel as a support analyst made me a technology enthusiast, becoming a beta tester of everything new and solving problems or searching for things in order to solve them. ! As a frequent user, I could help you to find new tools, new concepts or maybe solve your computer’s problems. ENTHUSIAST TECHNOLOGY What can I do for you?
  5. 5. Who I helped until now I’ve helped plenty of multinational and Brazilian brands such as Citroën, Peugeot, Pirelli, Yahoo!, Microsoft, BBC, Ericsson, Natura, Devassa, KLM, Ypióca (Diageo), DIA%, Danone, Hershey's, Chivas, among others to understand and use the digital world. Helped during this years Who I
  6. 6. How to increase brand exposure and impact. Creating relationships and influences of the buying decision process in the digital world with a bored theme like tyre? Humanize the theme, now tyre has a face, soul and feelings. Using one to one strategy, we create a dialogue with the consumer, great action and small interactions. Before leaving Brazil, I was working on how to export this strategy for other Pirelli markets like: Italy, Turkey, France and more. DR PIRELLI Presenter: Date: October, 2010Andre Furtado What I did before Click here
  7. 7. To Promote the mobile site of CI, Central de Intercâmbio, a Brazilian major internship brand, we decided to innovate and avoid the regular formats of digital environment. 
 We went directly to one of the most traditional off-line format: a magazine ad. The idea was to turn CI print ads into the mobile portal, literally, gathering inside the same piece dozens of pages of content, videos, photos, maps and accessible services via mobile phone. QR CODE FLAGS Presenter: Date: April, 2013Felipe Delphorno What I did before Click here
  8. 8. SOLD ALL 50 CARS IN 2 WEEKS THIS CAR EARNED MORE SPONTANEOUS MEDIA FOR CITROEN THAN OTHER MODELS Working with the co-branding between CITROËN and XBOX for the new XBOX ONE and exclusive C3 model’s launch, our problem was CITROËN spent all the money to make this new model and we did not have money for advertising, so how could we pull it off? Based on owned, paid and earned media strategy, we could sell all cars in just a few weeks. C3 XBOX ONE EDITION Presenter: Date: February, 2014Felipe Delphorno What I did before
  9. 9. Festival of Media Latam Award’ 12 “Stuck in the elevator” by SOS Fauna ”, FESTIVAL OF MEDIA LATAM BEST DIGITAL CASE '12 by IAB Brazil with “Guess the Car by Peugeot”, IAB BRASIL Wave Festival Press '13 Bronze with “QR Code Flag” by Centra do Intercâmbio”, ! Wave Festival Design '13 Shortlisted with “QR Code Flag” by Centra do Intercâmbio”, ! Wave Festival '12 with “Stuck in the elevator” by SOS Fauna ”, WAVE FESTIVAL SHORTLISTED on Shorty Awards '13 with personal project “This is Brazil” Best use of Pinterest SHORTY AWARDS What I helped Havas to achieve
  10. 10. PIRELLI BRASIL Digital / Social account ERICSSON LATAM Social / Digital account PEUGEOT BRASIL Digital account Besides working during all latest Havas Digital advertising awards, with 2 of them being possible by my creative concept, I also helped Havas Digital earning more than 10 important accounts during these years, such as: What I helped Havas to achieve BBC HD Social / Digital account DIA % Digital / Social account HERSHEY’S BRASIL Social account
  11. 11. ! " # E Z c n h Y I helped our Strategy Director to select tools we are using nowadays And created all the process and formats to deliver jobs to our clientes And almost all the current team was hired by me, transforming the smallest dept from Havas in one of the biggest depts, with all the rewards we’ve won, we made it one of most important depts. And more important than any award and any account, those years we’ve built a strong and cool dept. When I started we had only 3 people, without any process, tools, etc.... ... What I helped Havas to achieve
  12. 12. Felipe is a nice guy to work with, a great self-starter, very creative and results oriented digital thinker. Also, he is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and sell it to non-friendly clients. Felipe was also helpful putting together his team and different areas of the agency to develop strategies and ideas. ANDRE FURTADO Planner and Social Media Marketer at Havas Digital “ He has strategic and creative thinking to every project and can think out of the box (or social media box as almost all social media professionals). Proactivity to their clients and the ability to keep up with the web tools are his best skills. ALLAN ALVES Head of Digital - Bees Publicidade “ ANDRÉ FELIX Felipe is very committed and high professional potential, which is certainly one way to become a leading communications strategist. ! Having him on the team has always brought the certainty that everything had to be done, would be done and delivered in a very high quality. He possesses management skills of the team and was always able to work under pressure, keeping the team motivated planning and day-to-day high performance. Head of Digital at Mood TBWA “ Testimonial/Recommendation WHAT SAYING THEY’RE
  13. 13. DON’T NEED HELP IF YOU IN ANYTHING NOW. We can talk about some books I have read, some movie I have watched or bands I have seen live
  15. 15. I am very approachable and would love to talk to you. Feel free to call, send me an email or simply Tweet me. Dublin, Ireland 086 036 7279 ! byfelipedelphorno t ADDRESS PHONE & EMAIL OR EVERYWHERE ON THE INTERNET @dkfelipe Contact u whatinspires_us