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Instagram "Stories"


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Instagram Stories is a new feature that lives at the top of your newsfeed and allows you to pop in a stream of photos that expire after 24 hours, just like Snapchat.

Here you can find a more information about, few differences in our vision about it.

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Instagram "Stories"

  2. 2. INSTAGRAM STORIES Instagram has launched Stories, a Snapchat-like feature for sharing content that disappears after 1 day. /Introducing 2 SLIDE
  3. 3. / Instagram Stories MORE TEMPORARY UNFILTERED STORIES HOW DOES IT WORK? Users can view a story by tapping a bubble at the top of their Instagram feed. Avatars are displayed according to an algorithm that attempts to show favourite accounts first. 
 Stories can be shot full screen in the app, or uploaded from the last 24 hours of the user’s camera roll. They can last up to 10 seconds. 
 Any reply to a story is sent through Instagram Direct. Users can save and/or share own stories to their regular Instagram feed. Stories on public accounts can be viewed by anyone tapping the profile picture: however - blocking individual users is allowed. DON’T NEED TO FOLLOW It’s possible to adorn a story with drawings, text, emojis and filters. CREATIVE 3 SLIDE tapping a profile picture will open a story
  4. 4. 4 SLIDESLIDE 4
  5. 5. NO SCREENSHOT WARNING You can’t see who screenshotted your Instagram Story, while Snapchat warns you. PAUSE AND GO BACK You can hold the screen to pause a slideshow, or tap the left side to go back a slide, as opposed to Snapchat’s time- limited, constantly progressing Stories. NO CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER Snapchat doesn’t use a personalisation algorithm, the content is shown chronologically. NO OLD MATERIAL You can’t add old content to Instagram Stories unless you re-import or screenshot. 5 SLIDE / Instagram Stories NO CHRONOLOGICAL, NO FILTERS, NO FOLLOWING BUT MORE PRIVACY AND BRUSHES. HOW IS IT DIFFERENT FROM SNAPCHAT? Instagram currently lacks location filters, native selfie lens filters, stickers, 3D stickers and speed effects, but you can save content from third-party apps like Facebook-owned MSQRD and then share them. readmorehere
  6. 6. 6 SLIDE WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Snapchat rose to glory by offering a chance to share the real, imperfect moments of your life, as opposed to picture-perfect Instagram photos. Without its users having to worry about the likes they may or may not get, the app comes across as non-discriminatory and as such provides a platform for comfortable sharing of daily content. 
 While there is no denying that the new feature is a near-perfect copy of Snapchat Stories, we believe it would prove beneficial to anyone who’s already established a loyal Instagram fanbase. / Instagram Stories IMPERFECT MOMENTS Right now, Snapchat reports 100 million daily active users. Instagram has 300 million daily active users and 500 million monthly actives.
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