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Is Dowd’s excuse credible? • Maureen Dowd and Plagiarism


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Is Dowd’s excuse credible?
• How do you copy a 43-
word passage almost
verbatim from “talking”
with a friend?
• She later said it was by
e-mail. If you were
e-mailing with someone,
would you call it “talking”?
• Wouldn’t it make more
sense if she’d copied and
pasted, then forgot to give

Published in: Education, News & Politics
  • Maureen Dowd is an elitist, arrogant, condescending wordsmith who scorns Sarah Palin for her folksy way of talking, but the irony is that Palin uses her own words, and not others. Shame on Dowd! She is not only a theft of other's words, but also she is a liar about it. Dowd will not even admit her plaguarism.
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