Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force Newsletter, May 2013


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May 2013 Newsletter of the Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force

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Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force Newsletter, May 2013

  1. 1. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 1Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task ForceNewsletter, May, 2013Highlights Ochsner Health System Reports on its Recent Partnership Exploration Mission withNueterra LSU College of Agriculture Reports on its Recent Opportunity Pursuit Mission withZanmi Agrikol and Others Williams Architects Reports on Historical Preservation & Architectural InitiativesMission Task Force Holds Inaugural Meeting April 25, 2013Ochsner/Nueterra Partnership Opportunity Exploratory MissionLeft to Right, David Miller, President of Nueterra; Yvens Laborde, MD, Ochsner Health System and FONDYL-SAHH; Hon. Andy Rene, Director General, CFI; and Vladimir Laborde, Economic Growth Specialist, PACEGI.Print to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF (http://www.novapdf.com/)
  2. 2. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 2In February, 2013, David Miller, President of Nueterra, and Yvens Laborde, MD, OchsnerHealth System and FONDYLSAHH, conducted a partnership opportunity exploratory mission inHaiti, which was recognized and supported by CFI.As part of the mission, Mr. Miller, Dr. Laborde and other participants visited the town of LaVictoire. In La Victoire, FONDYLSAHH, Ochsner and FEED in Mayaya support the local commu-nity with a school, housing, medical care, an orphanage, and several agricultural and commu-nity projects with a focus on self reliance and sustainability. Mission participants also visitedCap Haitien as well as Hopital Justinien, the second largest hospital in Haiti.In addition, mission participants met with Heart to Heart, an NGO involved in a number ofcommunity projects in Haiti, and toured facilities of Universite de Notre Dame and UniversitedEtat dHaiti for implications for healthcare in Haiti.David Miller, Nueterra, and Yvens Laborde, MD, Ochsner Health System and FONDYLSAHH, meeting with andserving the local residents of Mayaya La Victoire.LSU College of Agriculture Trip ReportDuring the period April 10-15, 2013, a delegation representing the LSU College of Agriculturetraveled to Haiti for an opportunity pursuit mission. During the Mission, LSU representativesmet with Zanmi Agrikol, a leading Haitian agricultural cooperative, to discuss needs and mu-tual goals and objectives. With the support of CFI, the delegation also met with the Ministriesof Agriculture and Education to discuss mutual goals and objectives, and also met with USAIDrepresentatives.Print to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF (http://www.novapdf.com/)
  3. 3. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 3Photos from the LSU Mission follow.LSU Team visiting a Haitian carpentry class.Presentation to LSU on Zanmi Agrikol’s Nutrition Program.Williams Architects Trip ReportDuring the last week of March, 2013, Architects John Williams and Landon Anderson, repre-senting Williams Architects, New Orleans, conducted a series of business meetings in Jacmeland Port-au-Prince aimed at pushing forward one or more architectural initiatives in Haiti, sup-ported by the Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force.Print to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF (http://www.novapdf.com/)
  4. 4. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 4The principal focus of their meetings was to propose that Haiti implement a program to createseveral Historic Preservation Districts in Haiti, modeled after the New Orleans Vieux CarreCommission, starting with a Jacmel Historic Preservation District. The purpose of HistoricPreservation Districts is to provide a set of thoughtful and realistic historic preservation guide-lines that encourage serious investors to invest in historic restoration projects within the Dis-trict, by assuring that all projects in the District complement the historic nature of the build-ings in the District. As New Orleans has shown over many years, establishing Historic Preser-vation Districts encourages serious investment in historic architecture and drives cultural tour-ism.During their stay in Jacmel, Messrs. Williams and Anderson met with the Mayor of Jacmel andother local officials, including the head of Jacmel’s Tourism Program. They also touredJacmel’s historic district and its dozens of historic buildings in an 18-block area, as well asnearby beachfront areas.In Port-au-Prince, Messrs. Williams and Anderson visited with Haiti’s tourism, investment andhistoric preservation leadership, including Minister of Tourism Stephanie The Director Generalof the Minister of Tourism Maryse Noel, PACEGI Chairman Gregory Mevs, CFI Director GeneralGeorges Andy Rene, and ISPAN Chair Monique Rocourt.Photos from the Williams Architects Trip follow.Print to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF (http://www.novapdf.com/)
  5. 5. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 5Meeting between John Williams and Landon Anderson of Williams Architects, Elodie LeFort, CFI and the Mayorand Director of Tourism of Jacmel and Delegate from JacmelInaugural Meeting of the Task Force, April 25, 2013On April 25, 2013, the Inaugural Meeting of the Task Force was held at the offices of WilliamsArchitects in New Orleans.Some 23 persons attended the Meeting, rep-resenting the following organizations:Center to Facilitate InvestmentsCity of New Orleans, Office of theMayorAmistad Research CenterLouisiana State University College ofAgricultureLove Your NeighborOchsner Health SystemPan Caribbean ConsultingSanitary ConsortiumTulane University Payson CenterTulane University Disaster Resilience CenterWilliams ArchitectsWilliam J. Clinton FoundationXavier UniversityComments on CFI Facilitation“Thank you, CFI. As others havepointed out, CFI was flawless in as-sisting LSU in getting into Haiti andgetting to see the people weneeded to see. Thank you verymuch.” Dean Kenneth Koonce, LSUCollege of AgriculturePrint to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF (http://www.novapdf.com/)
  6. 6. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 6Among other things, representatives of LSU, Ochsner Health System and Williams Architectsreported on their recent missions to Haiti, other organizations gave brief reports on their ini-tiatives and plans in Haiti, and the Task Force leadership discussed Task Force plans with thosein attendance.Representatives of LSU, Ochsner and Williams Architects all expressed great appreciation forthe assistance and support provided by CFI in facilitating their exploratory missions. Typical ofthe comments were those of Dean Kenneth Koonce, LSU College of Agriculture, quoted above.Photos from the Task Force Meeting follow.Print to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF (http://www.novapdf.com/)
  7. 7. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 7Members of The Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task ForceGeorges Andy Rene, Task Force Chair,Directeur Exécutif du Presidential AdvisoryCouncil on Economic Growth & Investment,& Directeur General du Centre de Facilitationdes InvestissementsWilliam Bertrand, Ph.D., Task Force Co-Chair, Tulane Payson CenterAlix Célestin, Directeur Général de l’AutoritéPortuaire National de la République d’HaïtiScott Cowen, Ph.D., President, Université Tu-laneColin Crawford, Esq., Ecole de Droit del’Université TulaneNorman Francis, Ph.D., President, XavierUniversityDennis Kelly, Esq., Task Force Secretary, PanCaribbean Consulting, Inc.Eamon Kelly, Ph.D., Tulane Payson CenterDominik Knoll, World Trade Center-New Or-leansVladimir Laborde, Economic GrowthSpecialist, PACEGI & Special Advisor, CFIYvens Laborde, MD, Ochsner Health SystemMitchell J. Landrieu, Maire, Ville de laNouvelle OrléansKy Luu, JD, Tulane Disaster Resilience Leader-ship AcademyBrooke Smith, Bureau du Maire, Ville de laNouvelle OrléansAbout The Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task ForceThe Haiti-New Orleans Task Force (“Task Force”) is a non-governmental task force of constitu-encies from Haiti and New Orleans. These organizations have come together under the lead-ership of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, and in close collaboration with Haiti’s Presiden-tial Advisory Council on Economic Growth & Investment (PACEGI) and Center for InvestmentFacilitation (“CFI”), to assist the Office of the Prime Minister, PACEGI and CFI in achieving theirmissions in areas as diverse as education, infrastructure, healthcare, energy, shipping, tourism,agriculture and public safety.The work of the Task Force is rooted in the traditional heritage of people and culture andother ancient ties that bind South Louisiana and Haiti. Starting from that foundation, the TaskForce is the product of the commitment of the individuals and institutions serving on it, eachof whom brings relevant Subject Matter Expertise to the work of the Task Force, and each ofwhom has demonstrated a strong commitment to Haiti’s advancement in the context of cur-rent events—common bonds of disaster and recovery, and shared recognition of the potentialwithin Haiti’s people.Mike The TigerIn a Mango TreePrint to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF (http://www.novapdf.com/)