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Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force Newsletter, December 2012 in English


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English version of the December 2012 Newsletter of the Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force

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Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force Newsletter, December 2012 in English

  1. 1. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 1 December 2012Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task ForceNewsletter, December, 2012Highlights National Port Authority enters into Sister PortAgreements, moves forward with Missions to Port-au-Prince by Louisiana Ports and Mississippi De-partment of Economic Development, and entersinto MOU for Law Enforcement Technical Assis-tance with National Sheriffs’ Association PACEGI enters into MOUS for Artwork Exhibi-tion with Amistad Research Center, Food Securitywith LSU College of Agriculture and Historic Archi-tectural Preservation Project in Jacmel Mandate for Haiti-New Orleans Heritage TaskForce Recognized by New Orleans Mayor and Hai-tian Agencies Government of Haiti and Ochsner Health Sys-tems Commence Medical Teaching PartnershipGOH Delegation Attends C/CAA Conference inNew Orleans, Joins New Orleans Mayor and Insti-tutions in Recognizing Task ForceRepresentatives of Haiti’s Ministry of Energy Secu-rity (MOES), Presidential Advisory Commission ofEconomic Growth & Investment (PACEGI), Centerto Facilitate Investments (CFI), and National PortAuthority (APN) attended the Caribbean/CentralAmerican Action (C/CAA) Conference in New Orleans during the last week of November.In addition to establishing contacts and discussing matters of mutual interest with theircounterparts from other Caribbean nations, Government of Haiti representatives reachedsubstantive understandings on a variety of trade, food security, port security and culturalinitiatives.“General Toussaint l’Ouverture”by Jacob Lawrence
  2. 2. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 2 December 2012In addition, GOH Representatives joined the Office of the Mayor of the City of New Orleansand leading New Orleans institutions in issuing a Mandate Recognizing the Haiti-New OrleansHeritage Task Force (“Task Force”). The Task Force was initially formed due to joint leadershipby the Office of the Prime Minister, the Office of the Mayor of New Orleans, and Tulane Uni-versity Payson Center, and grew with the joinder by Amistad Research Center, APN, LouisianaState University College of Agriculture, Ochsner Health Systems, World Trade Center of NewOrleans, and Xavier University of Louisiana.The Mandate recognizes the Task Force as an institutional vehicle supporting the missions ofPACEGI, the Office of the Prime Minister, and the Center for Investment Facilitation (CFI), incoordination with the Clinton Foundation and other international institutions.The GOH Delegation was led by Dr. Rene Jean-Jumeau, Minister-Delegate of Energy Securityand Dean of the Delegation. The Delegation was co-led by Georges Andy Rene, Executive Sec-retary of PACEGI and Executive Director of the CFI, and Alix Celestin, Director General of APN.APN Signs “Sister Port” Agreement with Port of New OrleansAPN Director General Alix Celestin and Port of New Orleans Chair, Ms. Valerie S. Cahill andPresident & CEO Gary LaGrange affirmed their intent to work together as “sister ports”.APN and Port of St. Bernard Plan Mission to Port of Port-au-PrincePort of St. Bernard Executive Director Robert J. Scafidel and APN Director General Alix Celestinfollowed up on prior discussions regarding exchange of information on port operations, portLeft to Right: Valerie S. Cahill, Chair, Port of New Orleans; Gary LaGrange, President & CEO,Port of New Orleans; Alix Celestin, APN Director General; and Jean Renet Latortue, APN Direc-tor of Operations.
  3. 3. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 3 December 2012security and relatedmatters, and jointlyplanned a follow-up portmission to Port-au-Prince inearly 2013.APN Signs “Sister Port”Agreement with Port ofSouth LouisianaAPN Director General AlixCelestin and Port of SouthLouisiana President, JoeyMurray affirmed their in-tent to work together as“sister ports”.APN and Mississippi StatePort Authority at GulfportFirm Up Reverse Trade Mis-sion to Port-au-Prince inMarchVan Grundmann, Chief Commercial Officer at the Mississippi State Port Authority – Gulfport,and APN Director General Alix Celestin followed up on prior discussions regarding strategicrelations between the Port of Gulfport and APN, and confirmed plans for a Trade Mission toPort-au-Prince in the Spring of 2013, led by the Mississippi Department of Economic Develop-ment.APN Signs Memorandum of Understanding with National Sheriffs’ Association for Law En-forcement Technical Assistance to Enhance Port SecurityLeft to Right: APN Director General Alix Celestin; APN Director ofOperations Jean Renet Latortue; and Port of South LouisianaPresident Joey Murray.Left to Right: APN Direc-tor General Alix Celestin;National Sheriffs’ Associ-ation President SheriffLarry Amerson, CalhounCounty, Alabama; Pega-sus Advisory Board Chair-man and National Sher-iffs’ Association PastPresident, Sheriff TommyFerrell, Adams County,MS (Ret.); and PACEGIDirector of EconomicGrowth, Vladimir La-borde.
  4. 4. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 4 December 2012APN Director General Alix Celestin signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sheriff LarryAmerson, Sheriff of Calhoun County, Alabama and President of the National Sheriff’s Associa-tion, and Sheriff Tommy Ferrell (Ret.), Past President of the National Sheriffs’ Association andChairman of the Pegasus Advisory Board. The MOU maps out a plan for technical assistanceand transfer of knowledge to APN by theNational Sheriffs’ Association, to en-hance port security.CFI and Haiti-New Orleans Heritage TaskForce Enter Into Memorandum of Un-derstanding with LSU College of Agricul-tureCFI Executive Director Andy Rene andrepresentatives of the LSU College of Ag-riculture and the Task Force pushed for-ward with plans for enhancing food se-curity in Haiti during the C/CAA Confer-ence in New Orleans.Mandate for Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force Recognized by Office of Mayor of City ofNew Orleans and Haitian Government EntitiesThe Office of the Mayor of New Orleans, MOES, PACEGI, and APN entered into a Mandate withthe Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force, recognizing the Task Force as an institutional vehi-cle supporting the missions of PACEGI, the Office of the Prime Minister, and the Center for In-Left to right, Dr. Hector Zapata, LSU College of Ag-riculture; Dennis Kelly, Haiti-New Orleans HeritageTask Force; Georges Andy Rene, Executive Direc-tor, CFI; and Dr. Kenneth Koonce, Dean, LSU Col-lege of Agriculture.Left to Right: John Williams, AIA; Brooke E. Smith, Office of the Mayor of the City of New Orle-ans; Alix Celestin, Director General, APN; Rene Jean-Jumeau, Ph.D., Minister-Delegate, Ministryof Energy Security; Georges Andy Rene, Executive Secretary, PACEGI; Vladimir Laborde, PACE-GI; Anthony Arango, PACEGI; Bill Bertrand, Ph.D., Tulane Payson Center; Dennis Kelly, TaskForce Secretary; Katie Kelly, Task Force Intern.
  5. 5. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 5 December 2012vestment Facilitation (CFI), in coordination with the Clinton Foundation and other internation-al institutions.Amistad Research Center and Haitian Agencies Enter Into MOU Regarding Discussions In-tended to Lead to Exhibition of Toussaint l’Ouverture Artwork in HaitiThe Amistad Research Center and PACEGI entered into a MOU aimed at leading to the exhibitof Amistad-owned artwork by an appropriate Museum or educational institution in Haiti.Amistad is a world class research center located in New Orleans, whose art collection includesJacob Lawrence’s Toussaint l’Ouverture Series and “Funeral Procession” by Ellis Wilson.PACEGI enters into MOU Regarding Historic Architectural Preservation Project in JacmelLeft to Right: Lee Hampton, Executive Director, Amistad Research Center; Lucius Gregg andDr. Lance Query, Board of Directors, Amistad Research Center; Dr. Andrea Jefferson, Chairla-dy of Board of Directors, Amistad Research Center; Alix Celestin, Director General, APN; ReneJean-Jumeau, Ph.D., Minister-Delegate, Ministry of Energy Security; Georges Andy Rene, Ex-ecutive Secretary, PACEGI; Vladimir Laborde, PACEGI; Anthony Arango, PACEGI.Left to right:Brooke E. Smith,Office of theMayor of NewOrleans; John Wil-liams, AIA, Wil-liams Architects;and Georges AndyRene, PACEGI Ex-ecutive Secretary.
  6. 6. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 6 December 2012Georges Andy Rene, PACEGI Executive Secretary, entered into a MOU with Williams Architectsof New Orleans, a leading historic architecture firm, anticipating a Historic Architectural Inven-tory and Preservation Project in Jacmel focused on preserving Jacmel’s architectural heritage.__________________________Government of Haiti and Ochsner Health Systems Commence Medical Teaching Partnershipwith Joint CFI/Ochsner Medical Teaching MissionIn November, Ochsner Health Systems and the Government of Haiti began carrying out a Med-ical Teaching Partnership contemplated by an MOU entered into over the Summer. Under theMOU, Ochsner provided a team of medical doctors and a cadre of University of Queensland/Ochsner medical students who received coursework credit for providing medical services forHaitian patients. CFI provided transport and facilitated the delivery of medical services. Oneof the Ochsner participants felt that this initial medical teaching initiative “was an absolute-ly invaluable experience for the students and an immeasurable benefit for the people of Hai-ti. This undertaking forged a strong foundation for future activities for Ochsners global mis-sion.”Dr. Yvens Laborde, Ochsner Team Lead, stated “The successful of outcome of this initial execu-tion of the MOU is strong indicator of the GOH commitment to partner with world class teach-ing institutions like Ochsner to enhance the health care delivery system in Haiti as the countrycontinues to recover from the devastating effects of the 2010 Earthquake. This mutually bene-ficial relationship also affords Ochsner a unique opportunity to fulfill its mission to be a globalleader in health care. This inaugural mission, which included four graduates of the Ochsnerclinical school of the University of Queensland, Dr. Richard Vin Root and Dr. Yvens Laborde,has successfully laid the foundation for future activities and rotations in Haiti.”CFI ExecutiveDirector,Georges AndyRene, OchsnerMedical Direc-tor Yvens La-borde, MD, andOchsner HealthSystems physi-cians and Uni-versity ofQueenslandMedical Stu-dents at Com-mencement ofNovember JointCFI/OchsnerMedical Teach-ing Mission
  7. 7. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 7 December 2012Dr. Laborde went on to say that “It was an extremely productive and intense week from No-vember 19thto the 25thduring which, with support of CFI and FONDYLSAAH on the ground, theteam was able to treat patients as well as assess the many challenges with providing care in adeveloping country. The group was able to take part in activities at Centre De Sante MombinCrochu, Ecole Polytechnic De Mayaya La Victoire, Universite De Notre Dame as well as Univer-site Detat DHaiti.”Dr. Laborde concluded that “It is our goal to make La Victoire a future site for a permanentFONDYLSAAH clinic to provide the community with excellent care in partnership with OchsnerHealth Systems and the Government of Haiti, to advance Ochsner’s mission to serve, heal, ed-ucate and innovate on a global scale.”“La sante du peuple est la fondation sur laquelle repose tout le bonheur ettoute la puissance de lEtat.”Benjamin DisraeliUniversity of Queens-land/Ochsner medicalstudent examining ayoung patient during theJoint CFI/Ochsner Medi-cal Teaching Mission
  8. 8. Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force 8 December 2012About The Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task ForceThe Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task Force (“Task Force”) is a non-governmental task forceof constituencies from Haiti and New Orleans. These organizations have come together un-der the leadership of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, and in close collaboration withHaiti’s Presidential Advisory Council on Economic Growth & Investment (PACEGI) and Centerfor Investment Facilitation (“CFI”), to assist the Office of the Prime Minister, PACEGI and CFIin achieving their missions in areas as diverse as education, infrastructure, healthcare, ener-gy, shipping, tourism, agriculture and public safety.The work of the Task Force is rooted in the traditional heritage of people and culture andother ancient ties that bind South Louisiana and Haiti. Starting from that foundation, theTask Force is the product of the commitment of the individuals and institutions serving on it,each of whom brings relevant Subject Matter Expertise to the work of the Task Force, andeach of whom has demonstrated a strong commitment to Haiti’s advancement in the con-text of current events—common bonds of disaster and recovery, and shared recognition ofthe potential within Haiti’s people.The principal institutional and policy vehicles for the work of the Task Force are to be foundin PACEGI and in CFI, all in service of the Government of Haiti’s Decentralization Program,which has been accepted by PACEGI and CFI. To date, the Task Force has developed andbrought opportunities to PACEGI, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Social Affairs,the National Port Authority, the Minister of Energy Security, and CFI. Going forward, theTask Force will continue to serve as a focus for collaboration between the Government ofHaiti and the Southeastern part of the U.S., in service to the people of Haiti.For additional information, please contact Dennis Kelly, Secretary, Haiti-New Orleans Herit-age Task Force, at of The Haiti-New Orleans Heritage Task ForceGeorges Andy Rene, Task Force Chair, Direc-teur Exécutif du Presidential Advisory Councilon Economic Growth & Investment, & Direc-teur Exécutif du Centre de Facilitation desInvestissementsWilliam Bertrand, Ph.D., Task Force Co-Chair, Tulane Payson CenterAlix Célestin, Directeur Général de l’AutoritéPortuaire National de la République d’HaïtiScott Cowen, Ph.D., President, UniversitéTulaneColin Crawford, Esq., Ecole de Droit de l’Uni-versité TulaneNorman Francis, Ph.D., President, Xavier Uni-versityDennis Kelly, Esq., Task Force Secretary, PanCaribbean Consulting, Inc.Eamon Kelly, Ph.D., Tulane Payson CenterDominik Knoll, World Trade Center-New Or-leansVladimir Laborde, Director, EconomicGrowth, PACEGI & Member of Cabinet, CFIYvens Laborde, MD, Ochsner Health SystemMitchell J. Landrieu, Maire, Ville de la Nou-velle OrléansKy Luu, JD, Tulane Disaster Resilience Leader-ship AcademyRichard Morse, Bureau du Président de laRépubliqueBrooke Smith, Bureau du Maire, Ville de laNouvelle OrléansJohn C. Williams, AIA, Williams Architectts