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Titanic: The Forgotten Passengers


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The Titanic sailed from Southampton on April 10, 1912, and sank after striking an iceberg on April 15, 1912. Even after 101 years, the tragedy of the Titanic still echoes in our collective memories. There are so many stories of that fateful journey - of bravery, of cowardice, of self-sacrifice, and more. Today, you’re going to hear some more stories, some of the lesser-known stories. Because Titanic wasn’t just a human tragedy. Come back to Titanic with me, and let me tell you about … the forgotten passengers.

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Titanic: The Forgotten Passengers

  1. 1. Titanic:The Forgotten Passengers
  2. 2. Leaving Southampton – April 10, 1912 Crew members walking dogs on board The Forgotten Passengers
  3. 3. Name Type Owner Lived? King Charles Spaniel William Carter; daughter’s dog No Airedale Terrier William Carter; son’s dog No Chow-Chow Chow Chow Harry Anderson No Gamin de Pycombe French Bulldog Robert W. Daniel No Airedale Airedale Terrier John Jacob Astor No Kitty Airedale Terrier John Jacob Astor No Lady Pomeranian Margaret Bechstein Hays Yes Pomeranian Elizabeth Rothschild Yes Sun Yat-sen Pekingese Henry & Myra Harper Yes Frou-Frou Toy Poodle Helen Bishop No Dog Fox Terrier William Dulles No Great Dane Anne Elizabeth Isham No Rigel * Newfoundland First Officer William Murdoch Yes The Other Passenger List * Not confirmed
  4. 4. The Survivors Lady ? Sun Yat-sen -Pomeranian - Owned By Margaret Hays - Wrapped in a blanket - Officers thought she was a baby - On Lifeboat 7 -Pomeranian - By Elizabeth Rothschild -Carried - Lifeboat 6 - Pekingese - By Myra Harper -Carried - Lifeboat 3
  5. 5. Somebody set the other dogs FREE… John Jacob Astor IV Survivors reported the surreal sight of the loose dogs racing up and down the slanting decks of the Titanic …
  6. 6. “Dog” - Fox Terrier - Owned by William Dulles Gamin de Pycombe - French Bulldog - Owned by William Daniels - Last seen swimming Great Dane - Died with his owner, Anne Elizabeth Isham
  7. 7. The Legend of Rigel
  8. 8. The Legend of Jenny • Titanic had a cat named Jenny • Functioned as a “rat catcher” • Lived in the galley • Was on board for ship trials • Had a litter of kittens in the week before Titanic left Southampton Legend says that a cat at Southampton… •Made multiple trips to shore via a gangplank • Carrying a kitten in her mouth for each trip • Was it intuition? Or luck? Or just a story?
  9. 9. David Keener ~ A Presentation from ~ David Keener is a writer, Internet expert, and professional speaker based in Northern Virginia. He has spoken at numerous user groups, conferences and other events. Copyright @ 2013 David Keener. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Credits Titanic at dock, 1912. Public domain. Titanic leaving Southamption, April 10, 1912. Public domain. Photo by F.G.O. (Francis Godolpho Osbourne) Stuart (1843 – 1923). Famous as a photographer for post cards. Pets on the Titanic, the first of only two pet pictures in existence. Photo by amateur photographer Frank Brown, who left the ship in Ireland. 1912. Public domain. Pets on the Titanic, the second of only two pet pictures in existence. Photo by Frank Brown. 1912. Public domain. Surviving pets; photos donated by the families to the collection of J. Joseph Edgette, Ph.D, of Widener University. Public domain. First class cabin on the Titanic, by Frank Brown.1912.Public domain. Source unknown. Ubiquitous.
  11. 11. Credits (2) John Jacob Astor IV (1864 – 1912). Source unknown. Public domain. Publicity photo from the film, A Night to Remember, 1958. The article about Rigel appeared only in The New York Herald on Sunday, April 21, 1912, and is widely considered by historians to be false. See the link for more details: “Cat on Board.” Source unknown. Ubiquitous. Titanic wreckage. Source unknown. Ubiquitous. David Keener. Photo by Edmond Joe, 2012.