Recruitment & Selection process in Tesco


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Recruitment & Selection process in Tesco

  1. 1. Recruitment & Selectionprocess in.
  2. 2. Introduction• Tesco is a business built around customers and staff, high-quality assets around the world and multiple opportunities for growth.• Employee team which is now over 492,000 strong.• Expanded into 13 countries outside the UK and entered new markets such as online retailing and financial services.• “We know that if we look after our staff, they will look after our customers. Work can be a large part of our lives so our CEO, of Tesco Terry leahy people deserve an employer who cares. That’s why one of our Values is ‘Treat people how we like to be treated’”.
  3. 3. Defining the terms recruitment and selectionRecruitment: “Is the process of developing a pool of qualified applicants who are interestedin working for the organization and from which the organization mightreasonably. Select the best individual or individuals to hire for a job.” Methods of recruiting Internal External • Job posting • Advertising Alternative ways • Promoting & transfer • Employment agencies • Leasing employees • Union through assigning • College recruits • Overtime • Retired employees & • Employee referrals • Part time workers dependents of deceased • Walk-ins • Temporally workers • Employee referrals • E-recruitment • Out sourcingSelection“Concerned with identify the best candidates or candidates for job form amongthe pool of qualified applicants developed during recruiting process.”
  4. 4. How do these processes enable anorganization like Tesco to get the rightpeopleRecruitment Recruitment Selection 8. t Chosen applicants must have an 1. As first Tesco looks for Internal interview followed by attendance centre. Talent plan to fill the vacancies. 9. People interested in store-based jobs 2. This process that lists current with Tesco can approach store with their employees that looking for a move CV / register through job centre. either at same level or on promotion. 10. The store prepares a waiting list of 3. If there isn’t any suitable person not selected applicant to make a pool of internal management develop a suitable recruits in order to call if another training and development program. vacancy occurs. 4. And use internal E-recruitment method to advertises post in Tesco’ intranet. 5. If external recruitment methods used the advertise in their public web site 6. External vacancy board.
  5. 5. Job Analysis job description and person specifications are helpful in the selection process Job Analysisis the process of gathering & organizing Tesco Company as a useful element indetailed information about various jobs workforce planning they insist of having awithin the organization so that managers clear job description including details ofcan better understand the processesthrough which they are performed most  The title of jobefficiency  To whom the job holder is responsible. Job specification  For whom the job holder is responsible.  A simple description of roles andJob specification means statement of theneeded knowledge, skills, and abilities of responsibilitiesthe person who is to perform the job. Person specification includeJob Description  The skillsJob description designates the  Characteristicsstatements of the tasks, duties, andresponsibilities of a job to be performed.  Attributes
  6. 6. Other purposes Tesco use jobdescription are Human resource planning.  Identify skills ,required for jobs  Compare current skills with future needs Recruitment Selection Induction  To inform employee job responsibilities Training & development  To determine training objective and training content. Performance evaluation Wage and salary administration Health & safety  To identify job related hazards.  To take job hazards prevention actions. Your Logo
  7. 7. Tesco’s methods of Attracting andRecruiting • candidates are mostly from Internal Talent plan -internal E-recruitment method -advertises post in Tesco’ intranet. • external recruitment methods -advertising -offline media, television, radio or advertising Google or in magazines such as appointment journal -applied online for managerial positions -Harder to fill or more specialist jobs -for future employee needs the store prepares a waiting list
  8. 8. Strengths and weakness of using recruitment methods in Tesco Internal recruitmentStrengths Weaknesses• Reduce the cost • Failed applicants are dissatisfied• Accurate view of candidate’s skills • Limited number of candidate pool• Stronger commitment • Less job suitability• Increasing employee morale • Another vacancy occur• Less training and orientation • New-blood• Sustain knowledge and culture• Employee performance gets high External recruitmentStrengths Weaknesses• New-blood • Demotivate internal employee• Adoptable • Comparably higher cost• Large number of candidate pool • Cultural shock• Most job suitability • High turnover rate• Avoid ripple effect
  9. 9. Tesco’s methods of attracting and recruiting candidates recruitment selection process of Tesco
  10. 10. Methods of Attracting and recruitingInterviews Interview-“Face to face conversations between prospective job applicant and representatives of the organization” Structured-collectinformation about beliefs, Unstructured interview- facts attitude and explore wide non- Semi Structured directive, non- Situational interviews- behaviors, one to one, interview- combination of questioned about a directed before and structured and both unstructured and responded ,cover particular incident scripted the questions structured. standardized interview variety of topics, open method. questions Assessment Centre is used in selecting the applicants who choose from first interview. The assessment centre takes place in store and run by managers. Your Logo
  11. 11. Benefits of Recruitment methods Interviews Assessment centres • Provide opportunities to ask probing • Can observe candidates in the problem questions explore suitableness of solving process and predict. candidates • Enable interviewers to describe the job • understand new recruits strengths and weaknesses before • Provide opportunities for candidates to • Can make a pool for future employee ask questions vacancies. • Identify the skills, knowledge, and • enable a face-to-face meeting attributes that employee shows • Give the candidate opportunity to • Minimize the induction cost assess the organization
  12. 12. Questions?THANK YOU!