The future of Transactive Energy in North America


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Presentation to Smart Grid Summit in Toronto 2013.

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The future of Transactive Energy in North America

  1. 1. The Future of Transactive Energy in North America David Katz President and CEO Sustainable Resources Management Inc. Program Manager Building Intelligence Quotient - DR Shop – Active Member CABA Integrated Intelligent Building Council SGIP 2.0 –B2G Domain Expert Working Group OEA Smart Grid Corporate Partners Committee Experience in Utility Business Ontario Hydro Financial Evaluations Officer and System Planner
  2. 2. The Future of Transactive Energy in North America Explore the Future of Transactive Energy in Canada to Improve Cost Effectiveness As consumers become prosumers in the energy market, developing the architecture for transactive energy is becoming increasingly imperative. Assess how you can adequately prepare for the integration of renewable energy and distributed energy resources through market-driven controls, while maintaining overall reliability. Gain critical insights to: Develop a roadmap for transactive energy architecture Improve cost-effectiveness through coordinated economic and reliability constraints Assess how transactive controls can improve the integration of intermittent, distributed renewables Advance operation efficiency and cost-effectiveness through the development of transactive energy architecture.
  3. 3. The Future of Transactive Energy in North America The GridWise® Architecture Council, with support from PNNL, BPA, Smart Grid Oregon and Portland General Electric, recently convened the First International Conference and Workshop on Transactive Energy in Portland, Oregon, on May 23-24, 2013. Members of my SGIP 2.0 B2G DEWG attended and provided me with an overview and their presentations that form the basis of the following review. Other presentation materials made available at the TEC 2013 website have also been included with the authors contact info.
  4. 4. Transactive Energy Potential in Canada • The Canadian energy environment is highly integrated technically and economically into the North American marketplace. • The power and pipe lines are connected and managed under the governing safety and reliability bodies. • Provincial energy responsibility and the many public power utilities, were built with the mandate of Power At Cost. Transactive Energy would change that premise significantly. • Energy rates and open market capabilities needed for transactive energy as suggested above will require significant changes in each provincial regulators • New approaches to investments for smart grid infrastructure and energy market information systems will be needed to harvest all the potential of the Smart Grid. • The recent Canadian Smart Grid Standards Roadmap shows the need for development of standards in harmonization with US. A new Council has been formed to move forward on the Roadmap recommendations. • The Ontario Smart Grid Forum and Ontario Energy Association Smart Grid Corporate Partnership Committee continue to collaborate on projects including the Green Button, Energy Storage, Intelligent Load Management and a Sandbox for Interoperability testing. • Other provincial utilities are installing smart meters and creating their own vision of the Smart Grid and how Transactive it will be given the regulatory and technical realities of their energy systems.
  5. 5. David Katz, MBA Sustainable Resources Management Inc. Tel: 416-493-9232 Cell: 416-618-4651 Questions?