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Holiday Traditions-5th grade

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  1. 1. Holiday Traditions 2011Mrs. Levato’s 5 th Grade Students
  2. 2. Guzman’s Holiday Tradition’s On Christmas day before twelve we invite our family to our house. Then when our whole family is at our house, they help us make some food. Once all of the kids are at my house ,we take turns playing video games. My dad and his brothers , and sisters play card games.
  3. 3. Figueroa’s holiday traditions •Deep cleaning the house so it can look nice for the visiters. •We snugal up with friends and family.• we open the presents while looking at the smile on every ones faces.
  4. 4. Blanche/Tracy We hang a x-mas tree up and decorate it.We also open presents on x-mas.
  5. 5. Godinez’s Holiday Tradition •My family bakes food for the rest of the family members.•My family decorates the house with Christmas ornaments . •We give out presents to the whole family .
  6. 6. Garcia’s Holiday Traditions •My family always makes food for holidays to eat . •Also, my family watches holiday movies. •My family gives presents to each other on Christmas .
  7. 7. Gallardo’s Holiday Traditions •My family celibates Christmas by decorating houses. •My family make delicious food like tamales. •They always decorate Christmas tree •Also my family bakes cookies for the kids and adults . •We celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve and stay all up until 12:00 then we give hugs, open our presents, and all have a good Christmas.•Then we call are family from Mexico and tell them to have awesome Christmas.
  8. 8. Mendez’s holiday tradition •my family and I decorate our Christmas Tree•My family and I make snow angel•My cousins and I play in the snow •My Mom and I make hot cocoa
  9. 9. honorato’s Holiday Traditions •My family and I make jokes with our cousins and uncles and aunts. •My family and I take pictures TOGETHER.•My faMily and i go to My grandMa’s house and we eat together. •We eat tamales, mole ,taco, rice, and beans.
  10. 10. Kaspari’s holiday Traditions • My family and I go to the village hall to see the Christmas tree. •My family and I watch Christmas shows and movies together. •My family and I spend a whole day baking cookies .
  11. 11. logan’s holiday Traditions• My family makes dessert whenit is close to x-mas to have fun. •We pray for god because it is his birthday. • All my family comes over to open gifts to be thankful.
  12. 12. Lozada`s Holiday Traditions My whole family goes sledding.  And after that me and my cousins play Call of duty Black opS Then we all go outside and make Snow forts for our big fight. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 13. Marin’s Holiday Tradition •My family and I put a Christmas tree up. •We decorate the house and Christmas tree. •My dad and my brother and me play in the snow (sledding, snow fights, building snowmen) •We make food and invite our cousins over .•My family and I go shopping for Christmas presents. •We play Christmas music on and dance. •My family and I sing kareoke on Christmas songs.
  14. 14. Morales’ holiday tradition’s• My family watches Christmas movies and otherMovies• Some days we go outside and play with snow all together or sometimes only me and my sisters.• When its dinner time we all eat together and say thank you for all the things we have.• Then we open presents if we had any after two hours we ate .• AT the end of the day we go to sleep puts some cookies and milk for Santa clause
  15. 15. Osorio’s holiday tradition•We watch movies or TV shows in the living room.•we make cookies for Santa Claus and my mom makes hot chocolate and getvegetable for his reindeer•When it’s I all most time for dinner my sister serves the food while I set thetable.•We all stay up late for Christmas eve and day•Then the next day after we eat we all go to the living room move thecouches and start opening present ‘s and taking picture’s
  16. 16. Raimondo’s Holiday TraditionsI and my family bake cookies.My family puts up the Christmas tree together.We build a snowman .We go sledding .Roast marshmallows.Decorate my house.Play in the snow all together.
  17. 17. Rodriguez and Ferrer’s family tradition We visit my grandparents and family members in Puerto Rico.