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Cloud Computing and System z


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Cloud Computing and System z

  1. 1. IBM Cloud Computing and System zRobert LeblancSenior Vice President, Middleware Solutions
  2. 2. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitKey Takeaways … IBM has been in the Cloud Business for over 45 years Beginning with Mainframe Virtualization, IBM has been innovating on the technology underpinnings of Cloud IBM zEnterprise is the industry’s only heterogeneous cloud solution Combines cloud characteristics with System z’s leading capabilities for efficiency, manageability, scalability, and security IBM Cloud Computing on System z is transforming the business Better qualities of service, advanced workload optimization, and efficient resource consolidation2 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 2
  3. 3. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitIBM’s continued leadership in Cloud is helping clients create anddeliver value in new ways Client Engagements Virtualized Standardized Automated • 2k successful cloud End to end capabilities engagements in 2010 Business ServicesImplementation Managed • 50% of Fortune 10 and Fortune and Services • •Collaborative business 50 working with IBM on private Collaborative business Consulting process design clouds process design Services • •Real time analytics Platform Real time analytics • 80% of Fortune 500 companies using IBM cloud capabilities • •Pre-configured workload • Managing >1M virtual machines Pre-configured workload patterns worldwide patterns Infrastructure • •Dynamic provisioning Dynamic provisioning • 19M SaaS users and scheduling and scheduling Continuing Leadership • •Automated Service Automated Service Provisioning && Provisioning • Recognized as cloud computing Management leader by analysts Management • •Security across data Security across data • 11 Cloud Labs worldwide centers centers • •Dynamic elasticity Dynamic elasticity • 200 IBM researchers working on Cloud security and privacy Public Hybrid Private 3 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 3
  4. 4. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst Summit Multi-IBM has been innovating in the underpinnings Architecture Rapidof cloud computing for over 45 years Elasticity Workloads Consolidation Clustering High Availability Resource Broad Pooling Network Access 2010 IBM introduces the 2006 zEnterprise System IBM unveils the – consisting of the System z9 world’s fastest and Enterprise Class 2001 Winnebago and Business most scalable Industries helps system, and Class machines 1994 establish Linux integrating IBM featuring zAAP, on the heterogeneous Announces the IFL and zIIP mainframe as platforms, to run System/390 specialty engines 1971 / IBM delivers ideal multi-architecture Parallel more than 1,300 mainframe workloads. 1972 Sysplex April 7: System/370 offering applications 1964 IBM introduces the computers System/360 as a “new worldwide and generation of announces 4 electronic computing VM virtualization © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 4 equipment”
  5. 5. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitIBM zEnterprise provides a new dimension in Cloud Computing Unified management for a Scale out to a trillion The world’s fastest and most scalable system: smarter system: instructions per second: IBM zEnterprise IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter® IBM zEnterprise™ 196 (z196) Unified Resource Manager Extension (zBX) (zManager)Broad Network Resource PoolingAccess 1000s of virtualized systemsVery large number of end across a heterogeneoususer access from multiple resource poolsources including mobiledevicesRapid Elasticity Measured ServiceA new dimension of Meter, monitor, and trackScale. Most efficient workloads for chargebacksplatform for Large-scale and capacity expectationsLinux consolidation On Demand Self-Service Automate provisioning and service requests reducing provisioning cycles from weeks to minutes 5 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 5
  6. 6. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitIBM zEnterprise and Cloud provides better …. Better Qualities of Service Higher levels of security and availability of services Business Services Better Qualities of Service Platform Advanced Workload Advanced Workload Optimization Optimization Workload optimized placement and integrated management on elastic, scalable infrastructure Infrastructure Efficient Consolidation Efficient Consolidation Large scale consolidation and virtualization to maximize efficiency of shared resources 6 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 6
  7. 7. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitIBM zEnterprise provides large-scale consolidation and virtualizationto maximize server utilization Consolidated dual site IT infrastructure with 2 Consolidate more servers, IBM System z10 EC Do more with servers– cut Java networks, applications, and data less workloads by 15% per on a singe Linux and z/VM year Achieve savings Cut electricity costs by on a greater Use less power and floor space 60% and floor space requirements by 50% scale Up to 60% more Scale resources to support capacity and up to 33% Manage Growth different types of workloads lower prices for Linux and Complexity with Linux IFL IFL Hardware environments 7 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 7
  8. 8. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitNationwide consolidates and virtualizes with Linux on IBM System z Infrastructure Business Problem: With server proliferation, limited floor space, high cooling and electricity costs, and lengthy server provisioning times, Nationwide was faced with a need to build a • US$15 million cost multi-million dollar data center savings anticipated over three years Solution: • 85-90% server utilization • Nationwide made a strategic decision to move to a flexible, virtualized IT environment. • 80% reduction in environmental costs • Running hundreds of virtual servers on two IBM System z10 Enterprise class machines • Web hosting costs lowered by 50 percent • Virtual server images are deployed in minutes after a request is submitted using • Migrated to z10 in 45, Linux on z/VM upgrading hundreds of virtual servers, with 0 • Services are monitored and managed application breakage • Applications move from zLinux to AIX back to zLinux depending on requirements 8 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 8
  9. 9. Drive IT Smarter Computing: System z Analyst Summit EfficiencyLinux on z196 is the Most Efficient Platform for Large-scaleconsolidation Lower acquisition costs of hardware and software vs distributed servers – 74% less than Nethalem* Less than $335 per year per virtual server (TCA)* Reduce floor space by up to 90% compared to distributed servers* Reduce labor costs by up to 70% compared to distributed servers* Consolidate 40 Oracle server cores onto 2 Linux cores on zEnterprise C o n so lid atio n o n S ystem z $2.0 Millions 39% less than $1.5 HW m aint Nehalem 74% less than HW $1.0 Nehalem SW S&S $0.5 S W O TC $0.0 New x86 z10 z196 New X86 z 10 z 196 * Distributed server comparison is based on IBM cost modeling of Linux on zEnterprise vs. alternative 9 distributed servers. Given there are multiple factors in this analysis such as utilization rates, © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 9 application type, local pricing, etc., savings may vary by user.
  10. 10. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitClients like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota are leveragingCloud on System z today Business Problem: The Microsoft Windows and Intel processor-based server landscape at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota • Lead time for server (BCBSM) was inflexible and costly to provisioning reduced to operate and maintain. 99% Solution: • IT deploys new Linux • IBM consolidated 140 HP Intel-architecture Virtual Servers for test servers to a single IBM System z with six and dev within 20 mins Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) engines. • Not a single incidence of unplanned downtime or • Key applications now run in SUSE Linux underperformance Enterprise virtual servers, while IBM DB2 • With Linux on IBM databases run on z/OS on the same physical System z, BCBSM can machine achieve near-continuous availability by reducing “Even without factoring in the maintenance and support costs—which would be the need for planned considerable for a large estate of physical servers—we found that running a downtime virtualized Linux environment on System z would be somewhere between 30 and 50 percent less expensive than a distributed architecture.” — Ted Mansk, Director of Infrastructure Engineering and Databases at BCBSM 10 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 10
  11. 11. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitIntegrated Service Management on IBM zEnterprise providesautomated services to various user groups while equipping IT withvisibility and control over these services VISIBILITY CONTROL AUTOMATION One integrated service One integrated policy for management engine to managing service manage your entire data availability and data center protection One integrated workflow to optimize service delivery On average, 81% of cloud payback is driven by savings enabled 11 by service management © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 11
  12. 12. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitIBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager, a key component of ISM,supports Service Lifecycle Management of Cloud workloads on IBMzEnterprise Deploy Service Request-driven provisioning Service Subscription Management agents and best practices Request a service Application / service on boarding “Sign“ contract Self-service interface Manage Service Operation Visualize all aggregated information about situationsOffer Service and affected services Register services Control operations and and resources changes Add to service Event handling catalog Automate activities to execute changes Include charge-backService Creation Scope of service SLAs Service Termination Topologies, best Controlled clean-up practices management templates IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager 12 12 Supports Linux and z/VM © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation
  13. 13. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitUnified Resource Manager simplifies workload managementacross multiple application environments Reduce energy costs by 80% Gain significant time to market with Reduce floor space reduced by 90% deployment times Hypervisors Energy 80x performance Reduce labor increase over Operations Performance costs by 70% distributed systems Reduce Networks Virtual 60% faster Servers development performance per core costs by 20% over z10Reduce network Manage 10x the numbercomplexity by 98% when of VMs than VMWarecompared with distributeddata center distributed Manage up to 100K virtualdata center servers13 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 13
  14. 14. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst Summit Business ServicesIBM zEnterprise196 is the fastest, most scalable enterprise serverfor Cloud Computing supporting optimized workloads• Scales up … over 52,000 MIPS in a single footprint• Scales out … 80 configurable cores• Scales within … specialty engines, Linux Linux Business Data cryptographic processors, hypervisors Virtual Virtual Apps Serving Servers Servers• Perfect fit for large scale consolidation z/OS z/OS z/VM z/VM supporting up to 50 distributed servers on a single core Shared Everything Infrastructure (CPU, Memory, Network, Adapters, Crypto, Devices)• 60% more Linux workloads at a 35% lower price delivering a virtual Linux server for under $1 / day 14 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 14
  15. 15. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitLet’s look at a typical deployment environment in a large Data Center Platform10,000 Workloads require… 1603 Virtualized Intel Servers vs… 875 Intel Xeon 500 Intel Nehalem 228 Intel Nehalem 7,000 light Servers using Servers Servers using workloads VMware v v (8 cores each, VMware (8 cores each) non-virtualized) (8 cores each) 500 heavy workloads 7 9 5 zBX racks for v zBX racks for v zEnterprise 196s x blades Power blades 2,500 heavy I/O workloads Best fit assignments 15 Optimized workloads forBusiness Machines Corporation © 2011 International improved 15 scalability
  16. 16. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitJD Williams improves shopping experience and sees revenuegain by efficiently managing different workloads Business Problem: JD Williams needed provide a better shopping experience, making changes to various websites without interruption. They also needed fast delivery of different workloads including images and videos to sustain and drive online • E-Commerce sales are shopping growth. up 17% for 1H • In November 2010, JD Solution: Williams experienced its • JD Williams is using z196 for image and video heaviest 2 day online serving. shopping experience with no performance • System was optimized to handle Linux, Java, degradation WebSphere, and Cognos workloads • Reduced MIPs by 20% • Starting with 4 zAAPs, 1 zIIP, 4 IFLs with due to shift in workloads flexibility to add more specialty processors later to assist processors • Simplified back up and recovery on 1 server 16 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 16
  17. 17. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitIBM zEnterprise provides cross-platform Quality of Service forCloud Applications Security Virtualization Extending System z Security to 1000s of virtualized systems a Private network across across a heterogeneous heterogeneous resources resource pool Availability Efficiency Resiliency management 1/4 network, 1/25th floor space, and fewer points of failure 1/20 energy, 1/5 administration Scalability A new dimension of scale Infrastructure capable of a Trillion Instructions per second Up to 70% in Up to 52% lower Fewer points of breachsecurity audit savings security admin costs than pure UNIX or x8617 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 17
  18. 18. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitTranszap delivering strong business continuity, security and costefficiencies Business Problem: As a small business with tens of billions of dollars in client transactions flowing through• Serve more than 69,000 their systems each year, Transzap neededusers across 6,800 an economical, reliable platform to providecompanies · clients with high availability and security to their SaaS application while enabling the capacity to accommodate growth within their• Provides higher levels of software as a service business model.uptime for their customers Solution: • Transzap consolidated on an IBM System z• Offers peace of mind platform to provide the stability andthrough 24x7 world-class scalability needed to accommodate triplehardware support digit volume growth. • Transzap migrated to System z and• “We intend to deliver a virtualized its critical applications on Linux®99.9% application uptime on System z, a platform that supportsguarantee to our customer Transzaps environments.base, thanks to theavailability characteristics “We have to be able to look our customer in the eye and assure him or her that ourof System z” quality of service will be as good or better than the quality of service that can be provided to the organization from their own IT infrastructure” 18 18 --- Peter Flanagan, CEO of Transzap, Inc © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation
  19. 19. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitThe difference between those that say “Mainframe”, and those thatsay “Cloud”, is the year they were born! IBM zEnterprise is designed to handle heterogeneous architectures driving significant benefits Higher Utilization More Efficient Data Center • Up to 100% CPU utilization • Less power and cooling • “Shared everything” architecture • Less floor space • Host thousands of mixed workloads • Fewer parts to manage Increased Productivity Greater Reliability, Availability • Efficient, rapid provisioning • Built-in hardware redundancy • Superior workload management • Decades of RAS innovation • Fewer parts to manage • Capacity and Backup on Demand 19 © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 19
  20. 20. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst Summit Thank you! © 2011 International Business Machines Corporation 20
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