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Building Innovative Industry Solutions for System z


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Building Innovative Industry Solutions for System z

  1. 1. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitBuilding Innovative Industry Solutionsfor System zJim Corgel, IBM General Manager, ISV and Developer RelationsJacqueline D. Woods, Vice President, Global Industry and Solutions Marketing, STGLuis H. Rodriguez, Director, IBM Innovation Centers3/23/20111
  2. 2. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitWe are entering a new era of computing30 billion 300 million 15 petabytesThe number of RFID tags The number of smart The amount of informationin 2010, up from 1.3 billion meters to be deployed – being generated daily –in 2004 sending and receiving data 80% unstructured -- with – by 2015 44x more in the next decade 80 exabytes 10 trillion The storage capacity to be The computations per shipped in 2015, up from second by 2015, up from 2.4 exabytes in 2005 10 million in 20052
  3. 3. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitSmarter Computing can free up needed capital toinvest in new infrastructure and Smarter Planetsolutions Traditional approach tm ent in ves r re- tial fo te nTotal IT cost Po Smarter Computing Reduce: Server acquisition cost by up to 56% Database costs by 68% Floor space by up to 90% Power consumption by 80% Total cost per workload 55% 0 Capability and capacity Server configurations are based on consolidation ratios derived from IBM internal studies. Server configuration based on IBM internal studies. Calculations for Intel servers based on published power ratings and industry standard rates. Results may vary based on customer 3 workload profiles/characteristics. Prices are in US currency, prices will vary by country.
  4. 4. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitTopics we will discuss  Industry application focus  New workloads and ROI  Support for System z ecosystem4
  5. 5. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitTechnology is fueling innovation across industries Neonatal Law Telecom Fraud Care Enforcement Prevention Retail Traffic Manufacturing Banking Control5
  6. 6. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitIBM zEnterprise System is uniquely positioned tohandle workloads on a smarter planet Transactional  Lowest cost per unit of work Workloads for large scale workloads Business Analytics  Hybrid Computing Workloads  Revolutionary cost reductions for smaller scale workloads Business Application Workloads  Data center simplification Web and  Improve quality of service Collaboration Workloads6
  7. 7. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitSystem z costs less industry by industry Retail Financial Services 25% lower IT cost per retail store 48% less IT spend for deposits 59% less IT cost per square foot 65% less cost per teller transaction Healthcare provider Utilities 24% lower IT cost per hospital bed 25% lower IT cost per mega watt hour 62% lower IT cost per patient day Airlines Healthcare payer 20% lower IT cost per airline passenger 46% lower IT cost per member Automotive Insurance 26% lower IT cost per new vehicle 40% lower IT cost per policy 56% lower IT cost per agent Oil and Gas 23% lower IT cost per barrel of oil7 Source: Howard Rubin
  8. 8. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitClients are leveraging System z to deliver newinnovations Trenitalia Trustmark Garanti Technology Enables multi-channel  Extends key banking  Supports a growing ticket and reservation applications to a browser- customer base while capabilities across web, based environment delivering fast, reliable mobile and ticketing banking services 24 hours  Leverages original agencies day investment in reliable, Delivers travel options in business-tested applications  Uses central shared real-time based upon the  Provides customers up-to- services to reduce costs customer’s preferences the-minute account and enables investment in information and handles new customer acquisition Reduces time-to-market by most banking needs online.  Tripled IT capacity with the enabling sales and marketing staff to introduce  Enables high volume same number of systems new offers and services transactions on a stable and management staff. themselves reliable platform8
  9. 9. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitIndustry frameworks are the foundation of IBM’sindustry solutions An Industry Framework is a solution platform that combines market leading technical capabilities with pre-built solution accelerators, best practices, and implementation patterns -- delivering speed flexibility and choice while reducing cost and risk! Banking Industry Framework example: Industry Framework benefits: Speed solution design Industry-specific assets Customer Core Banking  Reduce risk Care and Transformation Reusable implementation patterns and Insight support for industry standards Flexibility Choice of business applications, technology, and services from IBM and IBM Business Payments Partners Integrated  and Risk Management Securities Return on investments (ROI) Build a differentiated industry capability and business value – one project at a time9
  10. 10. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitSystem z is a key capability within IBM’s IndustryFrameworksBanking Industry Framework example The core banking transformation domain allows you to modernize and renovate the legacy applications that support core banking functions while aligning with the changing needs of the business Customer The payments and securities domain helps Core Banking Care and Transformation you progressively transform your payments Insight operations to become more flexible and efficient The integrated risk management domain supports taking a holistic approach to managing financial risk, financial crimes, Payments operational and IT risk, and compliance Integrated and Risk Management Securities The customer care and insight domain helps you build a foundation for creating a single view of the customer and enabling more effective and efficient sales and service10
  11. 11. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitSystem z is a key capability within IBM’s IndustryFrameworksInsurance Industry Framework example The core insurance transformation domain supports solutions that will transform insurers core capabilities to increase efficiency and effectiveness of business and drive intelligent growth Customer The distribution domain Supports solutions Core Insurance Care and for insured / agents -driven web portal that Transformation Insight enables greater sales effectiveness and supporting better multi-channel coordination The integrated risk management domain Supports solutions for meeting regulatory compliance needs as well as reducing risks – cost effectively Integrated Distribution Risk Management The customer care and insight domain supports solutions to enable a 360 degree view of the customer & predicting customer behavior patterns to drive profitability and wallet share11
  12. 12. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitSystem z is a key capability within IBM’s IndustryFrameworks Travel and Transportation Industry Framework example The reservation system modernization domain allows you align with current standards and deliver new services. Safety, Reservation The multi-channel sales and service domain Security and System Surveillance Modernization helps you provide a seamless passenger experience across all channels and touchpoints The asset optimization domain helps you Operations Multi-channel manage capital assets across their revenue Control Sales and Systems Service producing lifecycle The operations control systems domain helps you build a foundation for creating a Asset Optimization single view of the customer and enabling more effective and efficient sales and service The reservation system modernization domain allows you to improve operational effectiveness and reduce environmental12 impact
  13. 13. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst Summit1300+ ISVs are deploying applications on System z— and the number of applications on System z is growing 1,200 New & Upgraded Applications on System z in 2010  More than 150 new applications enabled •  120+ new ISV partners on the platform 7,000+ applications supported on z/OS & Linux for System z  Over 4,000 z/OS applications – 2,500+ on z/OS 1.9 and later  More than 3,000 Linux on System z applications13
  14. 14. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitPartners show results on System z Solution: WebFOCUS A comprehensive, cross-industry platform that provides business intelligence, performance management, data integrity & advanced analytics Solution: Exceed Comprehensive software for the property and casualty/general insurance industry. Exceed helps large insurers reduce costs, improve service and react quickly to market changes. Solution:Cúram A public sector / government solution that encompasses and integrates human services, labor, health, social security, and military & veterans agencies Solution: OPS Center A Homeland Security / Emergency Response solution for managing collaborative processes such as organizing, training, monitoring and information sharing, among diverse organizations.14
  15. 15. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitDevelopers are collaborating around System z developerWorks counted 16,000 unique visitors per month across communities with System z-related artifacts in 2010 • IBM’s premier information and collaboration site for Linux • Over 200+ technical resources on system z - technical articles, wikis, blogs and more • 4,600 downloads, an increase of more than 20% from previous year First My developerWorks App for iPhone launched15
  16. 16. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst Summit“Chiphopper” helps developers port their solutionsto Linux on System zIBM Systems Application Advantage for Linux From Port To Port To No charge access to remote IBM Systems with Linux - Red Hat & Suse Application Application Application Technical assistance during the port Linux Linux Linux 18 months System Assurance Statement from IBM Ready for IBM Systems with Linux mark for marketing x86 & x86-64 Systems IBM Power Systems IBM System z Chiphopper has enabled 278 ISVs to create or update 1330 applications for IBM Systems with Linux Chiphopper assisted 32 ISV’s with 105 applications in 2010  42 for POWER Systems  63 for System z
  17. 17. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitNew programs are helping IBM Partnersaccelerate industry and cloud transformation IBM Industry Solutions Specialty ISVs and Innovation Partners IBM Software Value Plus IBM Software Value Plus Industry Authorization Resellers and Systems Integrators Security Authorization Resellers and Systems Integrators “The combined strength of Avnet and IBMs focus on IBM Cloud Computing industry-specific solutions Specialty gives our partners a distinct Five types of cloud partners advantage to better meet customer requirements IBM Cloud Computing while accelerating their Authorization success in high-growth Resellers markets.” Tony Madden IBM Cloud Service Avnet Technology Solutions Provider Platform Communications Service Providers17
  18. 18. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitEnsuring the future smarter planet workforceThe IBM Academic Initiative helps educate millions of students  814 schools in 61 countries participate in the System z Academic Initiative  “Master the Mainframe” contest has reached 33,000 students, 4,000 schools, 17 countries  IBM System z Mastery Test is offered at no cost to students globally in 2010  Access to IBM Enterprise System and resources available globally for universities, colleges  “Watson Watch” parties held in 58 U.S. universities during Jeopardy! challenge
  19. 19. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitIntroducing The IBM System z Job Board at is a new resource to connect IBM System z clients, partners, and businesses with students learning the mainframe and professionals seeking System z job opportunities. Sponsored by the IBM Academic Initiative and System z  Free, secure, and easy to use  Specialized audience of mainframe educated students and experienced professionals  Global pool of mainframe talent
  20. 20. Smarter Computing: System z Analyst SummitOur 39 worldwide IBM Innovation Centers helpBusiness Partners, IT professionals, and Academiaexpand their network and expertise Where innovation happens Skills Technical Development Enablement  Education on key IBM  Support for building, capabilities porting, and testing  Access to IBM hardware applications  Industry Framework Validations Collaboration Go to Market  Entrepreneur / Venture Firm  Support for expanding to IIC in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam networking events new countries  Connect to Win events  Partner demand generation  Academia / Partner seminars20 networking events
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