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Rare Trees of pune des school


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Rare Trees of pune des school

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Rare Plants are those , either whosemembers are few and restricted to smallgeographical area. The number of these plants hasreduced to a critical level and they maybecome extinct if not protected. The main cause of the plants gettingrare is human or man-made.
  3. 3. ADULSA SCIENTIFIC NAME-ADHATODAVASICAThere are two types ofadulsa , white adulsa andblack adulsaBlack adulsa is mainlyused for curing asthma, jaundice and fever .The leaves of this plantare rich in vitamin C andare used for yielding oil .
  4. 4. Karanj Scientific name :- Pogamia PinnataKaranj is a deciduoustree.The tree is well suited tointent heat and it isdrought tolerant. The seed oil is usedin diesel generator .
  5. 5. NIRGUDI SCIENTIFIC NAME -VITEX NEGUNDONirgudi is used inAyurveda . It cures cough, asthma and eyediseases.There leaves areuseful in dispesingswellings of the jointfrom acute rheumatism. The juice of the leavesis used for worms fromulcers
  6. 6. BALSAM SCIENTIFIC NAME –IMPAINTS BALSAMINEBalsam does nottolerate cold weather .Balsam is often used ashome remedy to treatbee stings , insects bitesand particularly poisonivy . It is also used formaking shampoos . It isspecifically used in nailpolishes and hair dyers .
  7. 7. CINNAMON SCIENTIFIC NAME - CINNAMOMUMCinnamon bark iswidely used as a spice .It is also principallyemployed in cookery ascondiment and flavoringmaterial .Cinnamon is used asinsect repellant. It is alsoused to cure diabetes
  8. 8. SHISAM SCIENTIFIC NAME – DALBERGIA SISSOOThe Shisam is notoriousfor causing allergicreactions due thepresence of sensitizingquinones in the wood. It is used as fuel and formaking timber . It is alsoused for makingagricultural and musicalinstruments .
  9. 9. RIBBON GRASS SCIENTIFIC NAME – PHALARIS ARUNDINACEAIt is used as an idealcandidate for improvingsoil quality andbiodiversity at differentsites. It is also used inpulp and paper makingprocesses .This is a droughtresistant grass & it still itcan be grown as anaquatic plant.
  10. 10. GOLDEN DURANTA SCIENTIFIC NAME – DURANTA ERECTAThis plant isgenerally used formaking hedges . It isalso used asornamental material.It is a salt tolerantplant. It is also used asbasket plant .
  11. 11. SHATAVARI SCIENTIFIC NAME – ASPARAGUSRACEMOSUSShatavari is effective inulcers and hyperacidity andits cooling action works onchronic fever , unframedmembrane of the lungs, stomach , kidneys and isused as an antidiarrehetic .Shatavari is used to curedehydrationAsparagus is useful inCancer, convalescence andcough .
  12. 12. SITA ASOKASCIENTIFIC NAME – SARACA ASOCA It is accepted as a sacred plant in Hindu religion as it is dedicated to Kama Deva , the god of love. Lord Buddha was born under this tree. It is highly fragmented . It is also used in medical field .
  13. 13. SANDALWOODSCIENTIFIC NAME – SANTALUMALBUM Sandalwood is used in oil and perfume making. It is used in rituals of different religions like Buddhism , Chinese , Japanese .  In Hindu religion, Sandalwood paste is used to mark religious utensils and to decorate the icons of the deities. It is also distributed to devotees, to apply it on forehead .
  14. 14. VEKHANDSCIENTIFIC NAME – ACORUSCALMUSVekhand is used world-wide in medicinal field .It’s roots are used asvermifuge . It is widelyemployed in modernherbal medicine as anaromatic stimulant andmild tonic . It is used as thatchingmaterial
  16. 16. FACTS• Of the sixty plants recently identified as critically endangered, and vulnerable in the state by the ministry of environment and forest, city botanists said that 30 are found and around Pune.• Botanists say that a majority of these varieties are herbs and endemic confined to a specific habitat or locality.• Unfortunately, despite being part of flora, these plants are neglected, since they are of no particular use to mankind.
  17. 17. •Apart from the Pune University (411 acres) most ofthe public parks in Pune are really small .•The wildest and most beautiful areas in Pune havebeen the preserve of the Army – the College ofMilitary Engineering (4000 acres) and the NationalDefense Academy (5000 acres) and they are out ofbounds for the general public.•Alas the city of Pune – a major auto-hub and Detroitof India, IT and Bio-technology mega centre, theOxford of the East still lacks a Botanical Gardens.
  18. 18. GOVERNMENT PROJECTS• The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), & the forestdevelopment corporation are developing an oxygen park.The project has come up at a cost of Rs 2 crore, which thePMC had set aside in its 2010-11 budget• Besides the oxygen park, the PMC has enmarked Rs 50 lakhfor various other projects•Besides, another Rs 50 lakh has been allocated for plantingindigenous trees on government and semi-government landas well as on forest land.• A Rs 40-lakh lake park has also been proposed in a 10-acrestone quarry near Vetal Tekdi.
  19. 19. RECOMMENDATIONS  We should create general awareness about the rare plants.  We should plant the trees in our surroundings.  Schools should organize trips and activities related to the rare trees .  We should organize tree plantation campaigns.