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Why Before How: Developing Successful Social Media Strategy and Synergistic Integration


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The extremely high interest in social media is well-placed. Used correctly, social media can transform the relationship between brands and their customers. But, the social media gold rush has ushered in a largely tools-focused mentality, that dictates you "must get on Twitter immediately" (among other nonsense).

Social media is a long putt, not a tap-in, and crafting a reasonable, sustainable, measurable strategic plan is critical to maintaining sanity and success.

Perhaps more than any other component of communications, social media cannot stand alone. It is inherently impacted by all other marketing tactics. Thus, integrating your social media efforts closely with your email, search marketing, public relations, advertising, and other programs is essential.

In this timely, invigorating, 1/2 day workshop, participants learned precisely how to create social media strategic plans in 7 steps, how best to measure social media success, and how to create cross-marketing synergies between social media and other channels.

Led by Jay Baer, one of the country's foremost social media writers and trainers (and author of the Convince & Convert blog on social media strategy), this workshop featured real-life B2B and B2C case studies presented by social media and email experts from Blue Sky Factory, and from award-winning digital agency Mighty Interactive.

Jay Baer, Founder, Convince & Convert
DJ Waldow, Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory
Mike Corak, Director of Interactive Services, Mighty Interactive

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Why Before How: Developing Successful Social Media Strategy and Synergistic Integration

  1. Social Media Revolution<br />
  2. Why Before How: Developing Successful Social Media Strategy & Synergistic Integration<br />February 1, 2010<br />
  3. DJ WaldowDirector of<br />
  4. Mike CorakDirector of<br />
  5. Photo Credit: roadsidepictures<br />
  6. Photo Credit: mocambique<br />
  7. Social Audit Checklist<br /><ul><li>What are the current conversations about…
  8. Your Brand(s)?
  9. Your Executives & Key Players?
  10. Your Industry?
  11. Your Competitors?
  12. Where are those conversations taking place?
  13. What opportunities are present to engage the audience?
  14. Messaging
  15. Programs/Promotions
  16. Venues/Tools (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  17. What does success look like?</li></li></ul><li>“You can’t take something off the Internet. That’s like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool.”<br />- Joe Rogan’s character on Newsradio<br />
  18. Activity | Sentiment | Influencers | Impact<br />
  19. Listening Implications<br />
  20. Photo Credit: Frank Eliason<br />
  21. How Much Do You Suck? <br />(a volunteer please)<br />Photoby Emily Kreed<br />
  22. Social Media is an Ingredient First, an Entrée Second<br />
  23. Traditional Marketing Mix<br />
  24. Enter Social Media<br />
  25. Integrating Social Media<br />Attracting New Fans & Followers<br />
  26. Integrating Social Media<br />Encouraging those people to engage and/or buy<br />
  27. Integrating Social Media<br />Retaining previous customers or brand advocates<br />
  28. Social Media + Email<br />
  29. Social Media + Search<br />Blog<br />YouTube<br />Blog<br />
  30. Google Real-Time Search<br />
  31. Conversations ∞ Content<br />
  32. Search Drives Content Consumption<br />
  33. Blogging for Content & Commerce<br />
  34. Search From Social Outposts<br />
  35. Social Media + Events<br />
  36. Integration Tools & Tactics<br />
  37. Virtual Communication  Real Live Events<br />
  38. Social Media & Advertising<br />
  39. Social Media + Media Relations<br />
  40. 2. Public Relations<br />
  41. The New PR Pitch<br />140<br />
  42. Take a Break<br />
  43. Gather Data<br />Photoby Ansik<br />
  44. Creating a Social Media Strategic Map<br />
  45. The New Way: <br />Use Human Engagement and Dialog to Drive Preference and Loyalty<br />The Old Way:<br />Use Targeting and Interruption to Convince<br />
  46. A Successful Social Media Program:<br />Uses Humanization and Approachability to Create Kinship and Brand Preference<br />
  47. Social Media Isn’t a Conversation. It’s Where the Conversation Takes Place.<br />
  48. Tools Change. Always..<br />Share of Search, 1999<br />
  49. Worry About the Tools Last, Not First<br /><br />
  50. 7 Step Process<br />Listen<br />What’s the Point?<br />Analyze Audience<br />Find Your One Thing<br />Select Outposts<br />Pick Metrics<br />Make a Statement<br />
  51. 1. Listen<br />
  52. Listening Results<br /><ul><li>What’s Being Said
  53. About Us
  54. About Our Competitors
  55. Sentiment & Share of Voice
  56. Who’s Saying It?
  57. Where Are They Talking?</li></li></ul><li>Free Listening Worksheet<br />
  58. 2. What’s the Point? Awareness?<br />Sales? Loyalty?<br />
  59. Pick One<br />
  60. Photoby JamiesRabbits<br />3. Analyze Audiences<br />
  61. Who Are They?<br />Age<br />Gender<br />Geography<br />
  62. What Relationship Do They Have With Your Brand?<br />
  63. Pick Up to Two, Adjacent<br />
  64. How Does the Audience Use Social Media?<br />
  65. We’re Not All Spielberg<br />
  66. 1961 Entries<br />300 Entries<br />
  67. Map Demographics To Social Media Usage<br /><br />
  68. Determine Whom You’re Going to Reach <br />Select 2 to 3 Rungs <br />
  69. 4. What’s Your One Thing?<br />
  70. <ul><li>Your carefully crafted
  71. brochure copy
  72. filled with
  73. bullet points
  74. about
  75. product
  76. features and
  77. benefits
  78. Does NOT Make This Happen…</li></li></ul><li>Passion is the Gasoline of Social Media<br />Find Your One Thing And Build Around It<br />
  79. It’s Not About Ketchup<br />It’s About Where Ketchup Comes From<br />
  80. It’s Not About Clothes<br />It’s About the People Who Wear Them<br />
  81. Finding the One Thing Isn’t Easy<br />
  82. Brand Anthropology<br /><ul><li> Don’t Think – Listen and Observe
  83. Ask Your Customers
  84. Ask Your Agency</li></li></ul><li>How Will You Be Human?<br />
  85. Great Movements Are Made Up of Great People.<br />Social Media Lets You Prove It. <br />
  86. Sometimes It’s Better If the Employees are the Star. Or the Customers.<br />
  87. Maybe It’s Not Just One Star<br />
  88. The Greatest Story Ever Told<br />
  89. 5. Select Outposts<br />
  90. Photoby Compujeramey<br />Hit ‘em Where They Are, Not Where They Ain’t<br />
  91. 6. Measure Impact<br />
  92. Awareness? Sales? Loyalty?<br />
  93. Possible Metrics for Awareness<br />Web Traffic From Outposts<br />Social Mentions<br />Share of Voice<br />Followers, Fans, Friends<br />Search Volume Trends<br />Visits from Search<br />
  94. Possible Metrics for Sales<br />Social Connectivity of Customers/Prospects<br />Redemption of Social Media-Only Offers<br />Sales Funnel Actions by Social Referrers<br />Repeat Visits by Social Referrers<br />
  95. Possible Metrics for Loyalty<br />Social Connectivity of Repeat Buyers<br />Net Promoter Score, or Similar<br />Increase in Positive Social Mentions<br />Increase in Positive Ratings/Reviews<br />Reduction in Customer Service Touches<br />
  96. 7. Make a Strategic Declaration<br />Photo by U.S. National Archives<br />
  97. (Company Name)will drive (Awareness, Loyalty, Sales), by turning (People, Prospects, First-time customers, Repeat customers) into (Prospects, First-time customers, Repeat customers, Advocates). <br /> <br />Centered around (One Thing), we will use (Humanization approach) to make the company more human. <br /> <br />We will engage with (Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators), on our (Home Base) and on (Outpost) and (Outpost).<br /> <br />We will use (Metric), (Metric) and (Metric) to regularly measure the success of this social media strategy. <br />
  98. Who Owns Social in the Organization?<br />
  99. Build an Ark to Govern Social Media<br />Paintingby Mary Singleton<br />
  100. On the Ark<br />Marketing / PR Staff<br />Participate in Planning<br />Coordinate Goals & Strategy<br />Maintain Message Integrity<br />
  101. On the Ark<br />Customer Service Team<br />Answer Questions<br />Solve Problems<br />Provide Proactive Alerts<br />
  102. On the Ark<br />Web Technology Team<br />Production (Tools & Apps)<br />Contests, iPhone Apps, Games<br />Reference Social Media Outposts<br />Fulfill Social Media Promises<br />Deeper, More Detailed Information<br />
  103. On the Ark<br />Senior Management Team<br />Give It Up<br />Provide Content<br />Be Present<br />
  104. Do Not Use Force<br />Photo by floodllama<br />
  105. The Right People<br />Passion<br />Learn It.<br />Leverage It.<br /><br />Love<br />It.<br />Time<br />Knowledge<br />
  106. Set Timelines<br />
  107. Gather Data<br />Photoby Ansik<br />
  108. Data to Seek<br /><ul><li>Customer Characteristics
  109. Geography
  110. Age
  111. Gender
  112. Current Social Metrics (if any)
  113. Web Metrics
  114. Unique Visits
  115. Bounce Rate
  116. Referrers
  117. Business Metrics</li></li></ul><li>Gather Data<br />Photoby Ansik<br />
  118. Community Manager:<br />Your Online Mayor<br />
  119. Personal vs. Business Branding<br />
  120. Find Your Spheres<br />
  121. DJ Waldow<br />Email Marketing<br />
  122. Retweets<br />
  123. Lists<br />
  124. Software & Automation<br />
  125. Twitter Virality Tips<br />Afternoons<br />Thursdays - Sundays <br />“Please RT”<br />Minimal Posts<br />Previously Retweeted<br />Warnings, or Asking for Help<br />
  126. About Facebook<br />Communicate with Customers<br />Share & Elicit Content<br />Gain Key Insights<br />
  127. Facebook Page Tenets<br />
  128. Additional Facebook Page Tips<br />Develop a Content Schedule<br />But Allow for Flexibility<br />Elicit Content from All<br />But Keep a Watchful Eye (Quality Assurance)<br />Be Creative, Engaging & Different<br />But Know Facebook Limitations & Guidelines<br />
  129. Facebook Applications<br />
  130. Ecommerce on Facebook<br />
  131. Facebook Metrics<br />
  132. Facebook Fan Box<br />
  133. Facebook Advertising<br />
  134. Blogging: Your Online Magazine<br />
  135. Blogging = Traffic<br />
  136. A Volunteer, Perhaps?<br />
  137. LinkedIn<br />Your Digital Rolodex<br />Strictly Business<br />Fantastic for Networking<br />
  138. Your Smiling Face<br />Your Current/Recent Positions<br />Your Connections<br />Your Quick Summary<br />Your Interests<br /> - Blog Posts<br /> - Tweets<br /> - Presentations<br /> - Reading List<br /> - Etc.<br />Your Experience / Education / Groups<br />
  139. Invite People You Meet/Know<br />Upload Contact Lists<br />Follow Up After Meetings<br />Browse Connections’ Connections<br />Learn more about Prospects<br />
  140. Give (to Get) Recommendations<br />
  141. Join Groups<br />
  142. Ask & Answer Questions<br />
  143. Create Company Pages<br />
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