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DJ Waldow Interactive Resume


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DJ Waldow Interactive Resume

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DJ Waldow Interactive Resume

  1. 1. DJ  WALDOW   “It’s all about people” 2467 Kensington Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84108 919.943.9248 – DJWALDOW on
  2. 2. SUMMARY   My life path has allowed me to see the Michigan Wolverines win the National Championship during my senior year of college, live in Chicago while working as a consultant, spend almost a year in Kansas City trying to get a startup off the ground (2000 was not the best year to be a dotcom), substitute teach while working for a non-profit in Clearwater Beach, FL, teach 8th grade American History for 2 years in Rochester, NY after earning my Masters in Education and advise clients on email marketing best practices at Bronto Software in Durham, NC, and live, sleep, eat, and breath email marketing and social media as the Director of Community at Blue Sky Factory. Ive loved every minute of it. Every day continues to get better. SPECIALTIES   Social Media. Community Management. Email Marketing. I blog on Social Butterfly Guy ( and speak at email marketing, social media & community related events –
  3. 3. What’s  Next?  
  5. 5. Education  
  6. 6. Bachelors  of  Business  –  ‘98   Masters  of   Education   ‘03   MBA  –  ‘09  
  7. 7. Employment  
  8. 8. DIRECTOR  OF  COMMUNITY  July 2009 – July 2011 SOCIAL  MEDIA:     Strategy and Management NEW  BUSINESS:     Leads & Sales CONTENT:     Webinars, Blog Posts, Videos COMMUNITY:     Facebook & Twitter Click to view post
  9. 9. July 2009 – July 2011 Sales Associate Email Marketing Account Mgr Director of Best Practices & Deliverability2003 – 20058th Grade American History TeacherPre 2005Navigant Consulting
  10. 10. Writing  
  11. 11. 119 Blog Posts 93 Blog Posts 11 Articles 5 Articles(Click images to view samples)
  12. 12. Speaking  
  13. 13. Click to Watch all Speaking Videos & Presentations
  14. 14. Dozens of webinars, including Advanced List Building forSocial Media Marketers which generated over 1,000 leads– more than 2009 company-wide leadsOver 30 presentations on Slideshare. Topics include digitalmarketing, email marketing, social media andcommunity management.Gave a Keynote Presentation entitled Just a Click AwayTaught a full-day workshop, Social Media Exposed withJason Falls and Rick Calvert. Included Building, Engaging,& Managing Community.
  15. 15. About  DJ  
  16. 16. 5  Adjectives  Click to read the blog post Via
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  18. 18. Relationships   (Social Media)
  19. 19. Infectious  Enthusiasm  
  20. 20. The  Power  of  Social  Media   Watch my 15 seconds of fame here
  21. 21. Social  Media  Experiment:   Find a new job Hire DJ Details Here:
  22. 22. Designed by @Story_Jon
  23. 23. DJ  WALDOW   “It’s all about people” 2467 Kensington Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84108 919.943.9248 – DJWALDOW on