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Am I Hot or Not? An Email Critique


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Are your email marketing campaigns getting the results that you expect? Are you satisfied with your opens, click-thrus, and conversions? Is your boss demanding that you send more email to increase sales? Do you feel like your campaign is missing the mark? 

Join us as our panelists review a variety of emails - some that are hot, some that are not.
This will be an interactive session. Please submit a recent email campaign (with images off and on) that you have sent or has been sent to you. Engage live as our panelists dissect the good, the bad and the ugly. The team will break down the entire anatomy of the email from the subject line to the footer.
Marketers will be able to gather varying points of view on email marketing strategy and best practices from the diverse group of panelists.
Don't agree with what the panelists think? Raise your hand! Shout out what you think! (Don't worry, we won't agree on everything either.) This session is intended to be interactive. A discussion of email marketing among email marketers.

DJ Waldow, Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory
Loren McDonald, Vice President, Industry Relations, Silverpop
Stefan Pollard, Senior Strategic Consultant, Responsys
Tamara Gielen, Email Marketing Consultant

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Am I Hot or Not? An Email Critique

  1. Looking for this guy (Joel Book)? He’s next door<br />
  2. Am I Hot or Not<br />Tamara Gielen, Email Marketing Consultant <br />Loren McDonald, Vice President, Industry Relations, Silverpop<br />Stefan Pollard, Senior Strategic Consultant, Responsys<br />DJ Waldow, Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory<br />
  3. Who’s Who<br />Tamara Gielen<br />@tamaragielen<br /><br />Loren McDonald<br />@LorenMcDonald<br /><br />Stefan Pollard<br />@4Stefan <br /><br />DJ Waldow<br />@djwaldow<br /><br />
  4. Dissect & Debate<br />Welcome (Loren)<br />E-Commerce (DJ)<br />Newsletter (Tamara)<br />Transactional (Stefan)<br />Additional Attendee Entries<br />Q & A<br />
  5. Welcome Emails<br />
  6. Welcome Content Checklist<br />Email address was added<br />Add to address book<br />Web version link<br />Privacy assurance and link<br />Link and instructions on how to change preferences<br />How to get started<br />When first email will arrive<br />Resources, key links<br />“Your gift” incentive<br />Unsubscribe link<br />Reinforce value proposition<br />Upsell<br />Call to action/”offer”<br />
  7. Horrible<br />
  8. Not Much Better<br />
  9. Still, Not Much Better<br />
  10. Better…<br />
  11. But…<br />
  12. Images<br />Off<br />Images<br />On<br />
  13. Ecommerce / Promotional Emails<br />
  14. E-Commerce Email Checklist<br />Leads to an open, click-through and/or conversion<br />*Creates positive brand awareness<br />Is timely, targeted, & valuable<br />(Is viewable with images on & off)<br />Has a clear from name & subject line<br />Includes main call to action<br />Is simple & straightforward; clean design<br />Is shareworthy<br />
  15. From Name<br />BustedTees<br />Subject Line<br />It&apos;s not too late to order your Christmas gift...<br />**Sent 12/24/09<br />
  16. Newsletters<br />
  17. Newsletter Content Checklist<br />Main purpose: <br />Inform, entertain, educate, show expertise<br />Drive traffic to the website<br />Do’s:<br />Include a table of contents<br />Make them scannable<br />Allow users to share individual topics<br />Make titles stand out<br />Teaser copy with link to full article on web<br />
  18. From Name<br />National Geographic<br />Subject Line<br />New Series Premiere: Border Wars This Sunday on Nat Geo<br />
  19. Transactional / Notification Emails<br />
  20. Transactional Email Checklist<br />Transaction Occurs, or relationship message for service action items<br />Add to address book<br />Web version link<br />Privacy assurance and link<br />Preference center link<br />Branding and Navigation elements<br />Primary intent – transactional data, bypasses most suppressions<br />Strong personalization<br />Subscribe link included<br />Reinforce value proposition<br />Cross-sell / Upsell<br />Repeat purchase incentive<br />
  21. From Name<br />iTunes Store<br />Subject Line<br />Your receipt #M3NSFF1ZQ7<br />
  22. Attendees Entries<br />
  23. We Want You!<br />Subscribe to our FREE industry newsletter: <br />Become an eec member & join the world’s largest organization of email marketers.<br /> Save $100 with discount code EEC10<br /><br />
  24. Who’s Who<br />Tamara Gielen<br />@tamaragielen<br /><br />Loren McDonald<br />@LorenMcDonald<br /><br />Stefan Pollard<br />@4Stefan <br /><br />DJ Waldow<br />@djwaldow<br /><br />
  25. Extras<br />
  26. Subject:<br />Check your email for great tips and reminders!<br />
  27. From Name<br />National Geographic<br />Subject Line<br />Welcome to National Geographic Newsletters<br />