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3 Ways to Find and Engage New Email Subscribers with SMS [WEBINAR]


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On this jammed-packed 30 min webinar you will learn how to use text messaging (SMS) to find and engage new email subscribers. You will also learn:

1. Ways to use traditional media, events, and foot traffic to grow your email list through text message marketing

2. Tips on using a welcome email series to quickly engage new subscribers

3. Strategies for using email and SMS marketing together to maximize your campaign’s effectiveness

Watch presentation on YouTube:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

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3 Ways to Find and Engage New Email Subscribers with SMS [WEBINAR]

  1. 1. 3 Ways to Find and Engage NewEmail Subscribers with SMS#SMSEmail
  2. 2. With Your Hosts… The SMS Guy The Email Guy @JustinPGH @DJWaldow Justin Mastrangelo DJ Waldow Founder Founder & CEO JA Interactive & JA.TXT Waldow Social #SMSEmail
  3. 3. The Next 31 Minutes… §  How Does It Work? §  Where Does It Work? §  Why Would They? §  The Welcome Email §  Targeting New Subscribers §  Converting Subscribers §  Wrap It All Up #SMSEmail
  4. 4. How Does It Work?
  5. 5. Call-to-Action§  “For your chance to win...”§  “To get a coupon…”§  “To receive more information…” #SMSEmail
  6. 6. Texting-In TO: 69866 MESSAGE: Fox #SMSEmail
  7. 7. #SMSEmail
  8. 8. Ask For Email Address FROM: 69866 MESSAGE: To complete get your coupon just reply with your email address and we’ll send it to you now! #SMSEmail
  9. 9. Email Reply TO: 69866 MESSAGE: #SMSEmail
  10. 10. Confirmation FROM: 69866 MESSAGE: Your email has been accepted! Check your inbox soon for the offer! Visit to learn more about this product. #SMSEmail
  11. 11. Processing the Email Address§  Store in a database§  Push into email marketing platform #SMSEmail
  12. 12. It’s Twitter-rific!Add emails captured from SMS to your email marketing platform in real-time and send them a welcome email immediately. #SMSEmail #SMSEmail
  13. 13. Where Does It Work?
  14. 14. At Events #SMSEmail
  15. 15. On the Radio“For your chance to win text GIVEAWAY to 12345!” #SMSEmail
  16. 16. On TV #SMSEmail
  17. 17. In Print #SMSEmail
  18. 18. On cocktail napkins! #SMSEmail
  19. 19. In-Store #SMSEmail
  20. 20. On store windows #SMSEmail
  21. 21. Opportunities1.  Events2.  Traditional Media (TV, radio, print, outdoor)3.  Foot Traffic #SMSEmail
  22. 22. It’s Twitter-rific!Events, media, and foot traffic are the best places to capture more emails with SMS. #SMSEmail #SMSEmail
  23. 23. Why Would They?Will anyone do this?
  24. 24. The Incentive #SMSEmail
  25. 25. The Incentive - MAKE IT GOOD§  Giveaway§  Offer/Coupon§  Signup/Join§  More Information #SMSEmail
  26. 26. Avoid the “iPad Giveaway” #SMSEmail
  27. 27. The Promotion #SMSEmail
  28. 28. The Promotion§  Media - Make it the focus§  Events - Speaker, handouts, big signs§  Foot traffic - Get them when they sitting #SMSEmail
  29. 29. It’s Twitter-rific!Don’t expect someone to text you while they’re walking. Promote your SMS campaign where they sit. #SMSEmail #SMSEmail
  30. 30. The Welcome EmailContinuing the conversation
  31. 31. Welcome Emails“60 percent of companies did not send a welcomemessage to new subscribers, and 30 percent failed tosend any message at all within the 30 day studyperiod.” Return Path (2009)“The 30- to 60-day period after opt-in is typically themost crucial in the email relationship.” Loren McDonald #SMSEmail
  32. 32. Welcome Emails Flickr: kevinmarsh #SMSEmail
  33. 33. Welcome Emails Flickr: pinksherbet #SMSEmail
  34. 34. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  35. 35. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  36. 36. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  37. 37. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  38. 38. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  39. 39. Welcome Emails Think Onboarding Program Rather Than Welcome Message #SMSEmail
  40. 40. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  41. 41. Welcome Emails An email series allows you to: •  Answer questions and provide how-to info and FAQs on using your website, buying from you or setting up an account. •  Educate users on specific features of your service or website that they need to know in advance. •  Set email expectations. •  Present options for creating a highly personalized experience for each subscriber. •  Move subscribers closer to purchasing or becoming engaged users. Source: Loren McDonald #SMSEmail
  42. 42. The power of segmentation
  43. 43. The Secret to Email MarketingSend timely, targeted, valuable emails. #SMSEmail
  44. 44. Segmentation #SMSEmail
  45. 45. Segmentation #SMSEmail
  46. 46. Segmentation #SMSEmail
  47. 47. Converting subscribers into customers
  48. 48. Show me the $$! #SMSEmail
  49. 49. Show me the $$! #SMSEmail
  50. 50. Show me the $$! #SMSEmail
  51. 51. Show me the $$! Opt-In Welcome Series Targeted Emails Special Offers #SMSEmail
  52. 52. Wrapping It All Up
  53. 53. Where to Start First1.  Events2.  Traditional Media3.  Foot Traffic #SMSEmail
  54. 54. Outbound: Use SMS & Email Together§  Use SMS for last minute, reminders, alerts§  Use Email for longer-term, more content #SMSEmail
  55. 55. Placeholder, enter your own text herePre-order: #SMSEmail
  56. 56. Questions? DJ Waldow @DJWaldow Placeholder, enter your Justin Mastrangelo own text here @JustinPGH#SMSEmail