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Social Media for small business


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Workshop at Microsoft Flux in Helsinki, Finland.
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Social Media for small business

  2. 2. Digital Customer Journey *Social selling: techniques to influence buyers and changemakers by Tim Hughes **Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College Survey 2016 ***CEM 2011 75% of B2B buyers are influenced by information found on social media** YouTube Videos Online search Social Media Reviews CONSIDERATION AWARENESS PURCHASE EVALUATION EXPERIENCE LOYALTY ADVOCACY 1 PLANNING 2 PRE-SALE 3 SALE 4 POST-SALE KEY INSIGHT: We must be present throughout the customer’s journey to purchase, so that when they’re ready to purchase, we are top of mind in a positive way. Before purchase After purchase Customer journey Sales & Marketing Experience shared becomes next prospect’s ZMOT When buyers research online, they’re 80% of the times on salesperson avoidance mode* 67% (~85%) of B2B buyer’s journey happens online, before they talk to a sales person***
  3. 3. Define the role of Social Media Increase teams productivity Increase loyalty and foster brand advocacy Deliver a seamless customer experience Customer service is the new marketing Engage customers on their channel of choice Reduce customer churn
  4. 4. How does Social Media work? Photo by Ricardo Carreón • We humans are social beings, sharing our experiences is part of the social interaction • We are influenced and motivated by each other to do things • Influence through conversation • Low consideration vs high consideration purchases • Influence marketing
  5. 5. Understand your customers • How long they use the platform? • What do they specifically do on it? • How do they interact with others? • Find out the “place of influence” • Where they make they purchasing decisions? • Where they get influenced by others? • Where they observe how their friends are buying / discussing purchases
  6. 6. Photo by Benny Bnut Research the platform • Social dynamics • Marketing possibilities: • Display ads • Sponsorships • Influencer marketing • Apps & widgets • Brand pages • Other
  7. 7. • Track every KPI relating it with your business objectives • Traffic & leads generated by Social Media • Compare metrics with your increase in leads & sales • Every effort should focus on how to influence final consumer • Commit your team members to take initiative on conversations • How the target can share or discuss with others your content • Very specific • Where the activity will develop • Whom you are targeting • How it synchronizes with offline activities • Define KPI’s and how will be measured • How they will work together • Who will implement and manage them • Measurement process Define objectives Developing your strategy Choose tactics & tools Execute for engagement Track results
  8. 8. Measuring Success Action Company launches Digital Marketing & Social Media initiatives Reaction People respond positively to this Non-financial Impact 30k ppl like page +20% website traffic 3x brand mentions Investment Financial Impact 3,000 new customers +25% sales
  9. 9. KEY TAKEAWAYS Social Media is not free it costs time, effort & money 1 Execute for engagement and focus on building relationships 3 If your content doesn’t add value it’s just noise 2 Correlate SoMe metrics with your business metrics 4
  10. 10. @djvassallo /in/delfinvassallo Shoot questions! Hiring now!