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Microsoft Devices Group Social Customer Service Frankfurt


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Microsoft Devices Group Social Customer Service Frankfurt

  1. 1. Delfin Vassallo - @DJVassallo Social Media Operations Manager Microsoft Devices Group Set. Ready. Go! Social Care Implementation Challenges
  2. 2. What our customers say?
  3. 3. 2013 First Facebook direct support in Argentina Facebook support in APAC Baidu Sina Weibo Forum in Arabic + @NokiaCareArabic Facebook support in LTA, IMEA, Europe Forum in Vietnamese Yandex Vkontakte Tencent 2014 Forum in Bahasa Indonesia + @NokiaDukungan + 16 Twitter handles from marketing More to come…
  4. 4. Social Media Tools Technical limitations of social platforms (APIs, post limits) Think Needs First Engagement vs Monitoring Knowledge Management Tools Central Knowledge & Intelligence Management The perfect tool does not exist You end up with 2, 3 or 4: engagement, tracking, CRM, ERP
  5. 5. 23% 42% 6% 5% Nokia Support Discussions
  6. 6. @NokiaHelps 3rd place globally for Response Rate (72%) - just behind Ford and Nike Interbrand Top 100 March 2013 @NokiaCareFR “Impeccable service from every angle. A model of speed and efficiency” French Magazine 01Net April 2013 @NokiaSoporte Socially Devoted 82% Response Rate 45 mins Average Response Time Social Bakers Q3, Q4-13, Q1-14 @NokiaPomoc Socially Devoted 89% Response Rate Social Bakers Q3, Q4-13, Q1-14 @NokiaHelps 2nd Most Responsive Brand across all industries (70%) Simply Measured April 2014
  7. 7. I’m impressed with the efficiency of the replies, congrats! We needed this service since long time ago! Great! Really happy for your answer! This proves you’re serious with this page Congrats! Ah and thank you very much! Before I forget this, Ib ant to thank you for the super kind and friendly Support. Other companies should use you as an example for great customer support. Thumbs up. :)