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  1. 1. SMS feedback service SFS
  2. 2. KEY ISSUESWhat is the biggest problem of every service provider orthe manufacturer of the product? Of course the biggest problem is a disgruntled customer.
  3. 3. KEY ISSUES As owner of the service/product themost important is satisfied customer, so direct communication with thecustomer is very important because you are there for the customer.
  4. 4. KEY ISSUES How to get feedback from users?
  5. 5. KEY ISSUESRewards them!!
  6. 6. KEY ISSUESAnd it will cost you a lot?
  7. 7. KEY ISSUES Let someone else reward yourcustomers and you get feedback FOR FREE .... It would be best for all ...
  8. 8. KEY ISSUES How???
  9. 9. About project Leave it to SFS!
  10. 10. About projectSFS is SMS service thoughtful as a help for firms tomeasuring the quality of services or product by SMS.Namely, positive or negative, remark or compliment the sellers,waiters or the quality of the food product which was on sail,restaurant ambience, wellness package etc. Which could user(customer, guest of restaurant, hotel, bar etc) services/productssend by SMS, and in a return he could get bonus discount orproduct in the same object or at other firm whuch would be doingmarketing at this way.
  11. 11. About project CompetitionUnlike the mistery shoppers which needto be recruited individually, and previouseducated, this concept is a very simpleway of turning simple customer inevaluators quality of services/product.
  12. 12. About projectWho are the target groups?Every user of service or customer of the products faced with the frustration orenthusiastic to change (improve) paid service/product, but he didnt have theway to contact directly to a person who could influence on that andsuggestions which favors. Just SFS wants to be a link that would conect userwhit manufacturer of te product or services. SFS would quaranteaconfidentiality of a person which judged the quality of sefrvice/productbecause the user could choose if he wants to leave the personal informationsor being identificated by the number of mobile phone which the message wassent. In this way the owner of tjhe company whih is rated service/productwould get just the letter grade, and the number would remain in the SFS andcould not be misused.
  13. 13. About projectExpected applicationIn the hotel - if a hotel guest is dissatisfied with the service provided by the hotel staff,clean rooms, or service, would send a text message to SFS service, and in a return wouldget a 10 % discount on massage at the hotel, a discount on a boat trip, ticket to a nightclub, a discount on suppers in local restaurant, a discount on hairstyles in the newlyopened salon etc..The caffe bar - for assessment services via SMS (SFS service) in return gain: discountmovie tickets, discount at a local salon, a discount on a taxi ride.The supermarket - for assessment services or product via SMS (SFS service) in a returngain: discount on particular product, advertising eco bag, discount on a coffee at the mall,discount on washing car in laundry, discount on products from stores which are located inthe shoping center etc.
  14. 14. About projectExpected applicationAt gas stations – to review service throught SMS (SFS service) customers are offered adiscount on a coffee in a coffees bar located in gas station etc.The product- to assess the quality of product through an SMS (SFS service) in return gain:a discount on buying an other product from the same manufacturer buyed in the samesupermarket.At the bank for the information about the new type of loan and satisfaction of the periodof realization, the user could get cheaper service internet banking etc.In private health clinic for evaluation of service could get a discpunt on medicaltreatment.Rating services/product via SMS is aplicable to various types of commercial or serviceindustriesand its ability to implement the activities of the other brunches is unlimited.
  15. 15. About projectWhat SFS gets?SFS project would be financed by percentage of the received SMS mesages (nuberrented from SMS provider), and later throught a communication between the userSFS services and companies which SMS marketing communication.
  16. 16. About projectWhy SMS?SMS can be sent from any mobile phone.How to inform the user of the service?SFS service users would be familiar with the ability to the sales/ servicelocations in the form of leaflets, on the products, through the website,Facebook..
  17. 17. SFS Finalist of Startup Camp Vis, Croatia (sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Zagreb), August 2012.
  18. 18. TeamDragan Jurjevic , FounderEngineer of electronics-telecommunicationsCharge of the technical issues and the creative part of theteamMate Odzakovic , Co-founderTransport Engineering DegreeResponsible for marketing and logistics issues