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Bentley Academic Program

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  • Bentley’s mission is Sustaining Infrastructure.
    We provide solutions to Design – Build – Operate the world’s infrastructure ,with the goal of sustaining infrastructure by:
    Sustaining our society
    Sustaining the environment
    Sustaining the professions

    Bentley’s Academic Programs focus on the third aspect of Sustainable Infrastructure: the sharing of our knowledge about how to create, maintain and improve these systems.

    We must attract and educate the next generation for their careers in Infrastructure, thus sustaining the professions.

  • Who is Bentley? What do we do and what do we offer?

    Bentley’s offerings span the infrastructure lifecycle-- from buildings to bridges, transit to utilities, offshore or underground. Here you see our ‘playlists’ of applications comprising the best mix of software for their respective disciplines on a given project.
  • Some of the world’s best-known companies and organizations are ELS subscribers.
  • Benefiting educators:

    Often, educators are stretched for time in the classroom. There is much to cover with not enough time to do so. The program allows learning to continue outside of the classroom where students can follow personalized learning paths, and complete the paths and assignments at their own pace.

    We offer a single procurement with academic pricing. In the end, educators will save money, better utilize their time, and can continue lessons outside of the classroom via Bentley’s online resources.

    Benefiting students:

    Students tend to be stretched for time during the semester when they’re juggling course loads for multiple classes. The Academic SELECT Program allows them to prepare for class in advance and to spend less time doing assignments that utilize technology--while still doing great work and achieving good grades. Additionally, the program allows students to save money and not have to invest in expensive school materials.

    Ultimately, with the use of the subscription, students become better job candidates when it is time to enter the work force. They can showcase their capabilities to potential employers through impressive project portfolios and training transcripts. Overall, they are better prepared and have a level of experience with the industry as well-rounded students.

    Benefiting Bentley users:

    Industry professionals experience difficulties finding graduates who are job-ready with the necessary technical skills. The Adopt-a-School program offers Bentley Users the opportunity to build partnerships with schools where they can recruit better job candidates. These partnerships allow professionals to recruit graduates who have exposure to the technology that future employers require. Users also provide guidance to schools regarding relevant product knowledge and other skills necessary to accomplish particular job tasks. With that, user organizations can create a visible pool of potential hires and identify talent early to hire the best candidates.

  • What exactly is available to you through Bentley’s Academic Programs?

    The Academic SELECT subscription offers access to 50+ software applications across infrastructure disciplines for use in classrooms and in labs. Personal subscriptions are available for educators that include Live and On-Demand training.

    The Academic SELECT subscription allows student access to STUDENTserver as well. They will have access to a comprehensive portfolio of applications, for use on their personal machines. They will also receive free personal subscriptions to access On-Demand training- any time, any where. After they successfully complete training, they can access training transcripts and send them to educators and prospective employers.

    The Adopt-a-School program is available to Bentley users. This program allows users to build relationships with schools so that when students graduate, organizations and companies can recruit them for infrastructure careers.
  • Bentley’s Academic SELECT subscription offers this comprehensive portfolio with access to more than 50 applications across infrastructure disciplines.

    These applications can be shared among various departments or programs, to facilitate multi-disciplinary study.

    Furthermore, this portfolio of proven products supports collaboration, via the key element of interoperability, so educators and students can use both Bentley products and third-party products together.
  • Via STUDENTserver, students and faculty at subscribing schools can download software, take Online training, review transcripts of completed training and visit Be Communities.

    Self-registration is easy; you just need to click the “Join Now” button and enter the unique School Code, along with some information to set up your personal account.

    The right hand side of STUDENTserver displays a news feed that will let you know when new software and training is available, if there are competitions in the pipeline, and other valuable news information.
  • Presenter: Please give live demo of STUDENTserver if possible. If not, use the descriptions provided for slides 9 through 11.

    After joining STUDENTserver (using the school’s unique School Code) you can log in.
    Click on the Download Software section, and you’ll see this page.
    Simply select a product category on the left, and click in the box next to the product name to choose a piece of software.
    Next, Click the blue “Update Download Queue” button.
    When you have selected all of the desired categories and products, click the green “Download Queue” button at the top and follow the prompts.
    Grab the activation code at the top, and you’re all set!
  • Clicking the “Learning” tab will bring you to this page.
    From here you can select a product category, and click on a product name to access recommended Student Learning Paths.
    Once you click on a product name, you will be brought to the LEARNserver, to access on-demand training materials.
  • Students can review their transcript of all completed training, at any time.
    They also have the option to either Email their transcript to educators and prospective employers, or they can print it to include with their resume for internships and jobs.
    By clicking on the certificate symbol to the right of any particular course, they can print or save a certificate of completion for that piece of training.
  • Reference books are available to educators and students for purchase and use from Bentley Institute Press. BI Press covers a range of topics including Hydraulics, Architectural Modeling, Structural Modeling, and many more—for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

    Bentley Institute Press also offers special academic pricing on various titles.
  • Bentley Academic Programs is on Facebook, Twitter (Bentley corporate account), Pinterest, YouTube, and Be Communities.
  • In conclusion, educators, students, and Bentley users benefit from Bentley’s Academic Programs. The programs offer resources and benefits that allow the infrastructure industry to thrive, sustain, and experience continual growth.
  • Bentley academic program

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    6. 6. Bentley Academic Programs Educators Academic SELECT: – Access to 50+ software applications across AECO disciplines, for use in classrooms and labs – Personal subscriptions for faculty that include Live and On-Demand training – STUDENTserver enables your students to continue learning outside of the classroom –with free access to software and training Students Bentley Users Academic SELECT: STUDENTserver, a free benefit of the school’s Academic SELECT subscription, includes: – Access to 50+ software 6 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM | © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated applications, for use on personal machines – Free personal subscriptions for students to access On-Demand training—any where, any time! – Access to training transcripts to send to Adopt-a-School: – Recruit graduates who are prepared with the proper technical skills – Foster relationships among stakeholders in technical education
    7. 7. Bentley Academic SELECT Software Available Software 2D & 3D CAD Design & Modeling MicroStation, MicroStation PowerDraft Architecture & Architectural Engineering AECOsim Building Designer, GenerativeComponents, Bentley Navigator, promis•e Professional, AECOsim Energy Simulator, Hevacomp Mechanical Designer, Hevacomp Electrical Designer, Hevacomp Simulator 3D Imagery, Pointclouds, Mapping & Geotechnical Bentley Descartes, Bentley Map Enterprise, gINT Professional On Campus use only: Bentley Pointools United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia & UK only: GeoStructural Analysis Road, Bridge & Rail InRoads Suite, GEOPAK Suite, Bentley MXROAD Suite, Power InRoads, Power GEOPAK, Bentley PowerCivil for Country, Bentley PowerSurvey, LEAP Bridge Enterprise Bentley Rail Track, Power Rail Track, Power Rail Overhead Line On Campus use only: RM Bridge Advanced Brazil only: Bentley topoGRAPH Structural Engineering STAAD.Pro, STAAD Foundation Advanced RAM Structural System, RAM Elements, RAM Concept, RAM Connection ProStructures, Bentley Rebar, Bentley Power Rebar Hydraulics & Hydrology WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, HAMMER, SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, CivilStorm, StormCAD, PondPack, CulvertMaster, FlowMaster Offshore & Naval Engineering Maxsurf Enterprise On Campus use only: SACS Marine Enterprise, SACS Offshore Structure Enterprise, MOSES Advanced Plant Design & Operation Bentley OpenPlant Modeler, Bentley OpenPlant PowerPID, Bentley OpenPlant Isometrics Manager, AutoPLANT Modeler, AutoPLANT P&ID, Bentley AutoPIPE 7 | WWW.BENTLEY.COM | © 2012 Bentley Systems, Incorporated
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