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Kate Paterson DofE Mb Division

  1. 1. Manitoba Division
  2. 2. How the Award Began…  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was started in 1956 by H.R.H Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh.  It was brought to Canada in 1963 and it operates in all 10 provinces and 3 territories, with over 40,000 participants involved.  The Award also operates around the world in over 143 countries and is known as The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.
  3. 3. About the Award • Open to all young people between the ages 14 – 25 • Non-Competitive – Not a limited number of Awards presented per year • Flexible – Designed to meet the needs & interests of all young people • Voluntary – Participation in the Programme is a choice & activities must occur on voluntary time • ‘Choose you own Adventure’
  4. 4. 3 Levels & 4 Categories Bronze Silver Gold • • • • • Community Service Skill Physical Recreation Adventurous Journey Residential Project (5th for Gold only)
  5. 5. Community Service • To voluntarily provide assistance where needed in the school, or community. • Can be organized or informal (ex. Winnipeg Harvest or Tutoring) For Bronze: Minimum 3 months (13 weeks) 1 hr/week
  6. 6. Skill • To learn to use leisure time productively. • Examples: music, marksmanship, public speaking, art • For Bronze: Minimum 3 months (13 weeks) 1 hr/week
  7. 7. Physical Recreation • Develop healthy lifestyle choices! • Can be individual or organized • Examples: Sports teams, individual fitness, running, swimming, etc. • For Bronze: Minimum 3 months (13 weeks) 1 hr/week
  8. 8. Adventurous Journey • Experience the outdoors through fun, adventure and exploration. • At the Bronze Level:    Preliminary Training Practice Journey - 1 day Qualifying Journey - 2 days and 1 night
  9. 9. Additional Qualification • Do an additional 3 months in your choice of: Service Skills, or Physical Recreation • For Bronze: Minimum 3 months (13 weeks) 1 hr/week
  10. 10. Residential Project (5th Requirement for Gold Only) • Can only be done after 16 years of age and counts towards the Gold Award. • Participate in a project or training while working with people who are NOT your everyday peers. • 5 days and 4 nights • Examples: Encounters with Canada, Exchange Trips, Provincial or National Sport Camps, or Counselor-in-Training Programs.
  11. 11. Minimum Timescale for Each Level Level Bronze Silver Gold Min. Age Service Skills Physical Recreation 13.5/14 3 months 3 months 3 months All Participants do an 2 days + extra 3 months in either Service, Skills or 1 night Physical Recreation 6 months Non Bronze holders must do an extra 6 months in either Service, Skills or Physical Recreation 15 6 months 6 months Plus…. Adventurous Journey 3 days + 2 nights Non Silver holders must do an extra 6 4 days + 12 12 12 16 months in either months months months 3 nights Service, Skills or Physical Recreation * Plus additional requirement of 5 days & 4 nights Residential Project for Gold
  12. 12. The Record Book ‐ After you register, the record book is sent to you ‐ Full of helpful information ‐ Record your time ‐ Pick your Assessors
  13. 13. Benefits of the Award Award Ceremonies Resumes and Applications • Bronze ceremonies are held within the community or youth group. • The Duke of Ed is excellent to put on resumes and applications. • Silver Awards are presented by the Lieutenant Governor at a ceremony held at Government House. • Sets you apart from other applicants • Gold Award Certificates are presented by a member of the Royal Family or Governor General of Canada at a ceremony held every few years in the province. • You receive a pin and certificate in recognition of your achievement. The Award Pin can be worn on the Cadet Uniform. • Demonstrates goal setting, willingness to take on a challenge and ability to complete a task.
  14. 14. Any Questions? Feel free to contact me at: (204) 988-3017 OR kpaterson@dukeofed.org Check us out at: (Website) dukeofed.org/mb (Facebook) www.facebook.com/DukeofEdMB (Twitter) @dukeofedMB
  15. 15. Getting Started… Fill out a registration form and return it to our office. Or go to: www.dukeofed.org/mb to register online. You will receive a Record Book by mail when you register. This is where you will keep track of all the activities you do for The Award.