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Gem county community & business expo

  1. 1. Social Media ForThe Valley Of Plenty
  2. 2. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyDennis J. Smith  Lives in Caldwell, Idaho  Self-Published Author  Amazon Bestseller  Talk Show Host  Public Speaker and Webinar Presenter  Social Media and WordPress Trainer  Winner of Top 50 Authors in Idaho Award 2011  On Facebook and Twitter since 2007 Dennis J. Smith
  3. 3. Social Media For The Valley Of Plenty Why Social Media? Can be less expensive than traditional marketing (i.e. TV, Newspaper) Connect with your customers and build relationships with them Meet other business owners (Chamber of Commerce Fan Page) Business groups and Fan Pages on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Run Highly Targeted Ads Reach millions outside your local area Because others are doing it! Don’t get left out! Dennis J. Smith
  4. 4. Social Media For The Valley Of Plenty Social Media By The Numbers Studies show that nearly 80 percent of US internet users spend time on blogs and sites like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has more than 1 billion active users. More than 50 percent are logged on to Facebook in any given day. 163, 071, 460 million US Facebook users.  Idaho – 789,720  Boise – 353,180 within 50 miles  Emmett – 363,300 within 50 miles, 277,560 within 25 miles, 5,900 within 10 miles. Population of Emmett - 6,537 - Jul 2011 488 million users regularly use Facebook mobile.  Leveraging location-based applications and social media platforms can be a great way to engage with and capture a mobile audience of prospects.• There are 175 million tweets sent from Twitter every day in 2012.• Pinterest is now ranked #3 for top social networking sites.• The USAs 141.8 million accounts represents 27.4 percent of all Twitter users. Sources: Facebook Stats, Facebook Ads,,,,, All Facebook, All Twitter, Infographics Labs Dennis J. Smith
  5. 5. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyTop Social Media Sites Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn WordPress YouTube Dennis J. Smith
  6. 6. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyFacebookWhy Facebook? Free – It doesn’t cost you a dime to be on Facebook Connect with your customers Create Business or Product Fan Pages Let your customers leave reviews Let customers discuss your products Build a relationship with your customers Research your competitors Sell your merchandise right from Facebook with Ecwid, StoreYa or other Facebook ecommerce apps Highlight employees, best sales person, customers, product Share product video and other promo materials with your customers Announce new product or sales to your Facebook followers first Announce job openings – your best customers could make great employees Facebook Ads – Target your audience, over 1 billion users on Facebook! Dennis J. Smith
  7. 7. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyFacebook Fan Page Dennis J. Smith
  8. 8. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyTwitterWhy Twitter? Promote your business in 140 characters or less Follow your suppliers Research local and national competitors Search for positive or negative Tweets Connect with others in your industry Promote your upcoming sales or new product Promote special offers to Twitter followers Send out links where to purchase your product 500 million registered users as of 2012 Dennis J. Smith
  9. 9. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyPinterestWhy Pinterest? Fastest growing social networking site Popular with females Pinterest is most popular with women aged between 25 and 35 Create Promotional campaigns to get others to “Pin” and share your product Driving lots of traffic to websites Very visual – Users “Pin” items to a board(s) that looks like a checkerboard of photos. Simple to learn Dennis J. Smith
  10. 10. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyPinterest Dennis J. Smith
  11. 11. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyGoogle+Why use Google+? Been around almost 2 years It’s ran by the world’s largest search engine company Hangout with customers via video chat Control who you share information with Business Pages with focus on local business 150 million monthly active usersThings to keep in mind with Google+:  No Ads to deal with  Not as many users as Facebook, Twitter so your friends, family and customers might not be on Google+ yet  Have to learn how Google+ works Dennis J. Smith
  12. 12. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyGoogle+ Dennis J. Smith
  13. 13. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyLinkedInWhy use LinkedIn? Connect with other business owners Hire new employees Business groups on LinkedIn Create a Company Page LinkedIn Ads to promote your business 34 million users Dennis J. Smith
  14. 14. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyWordPressWhy use WordPress? Inexpensive website solution. Less than $20 dollars a month! Your own domain name I.E. Easier to set-up and maintain than a standard website Optimizes well with Google to get better search results Great way to promote your businesses products Sell your product right from your website without expensive software Set-up newsletter to maintain contact with your customers and notify them when you have new product or sale. Blog post can automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media sites. Over 57 million sites are using WordPress around the world! Dennis J. Smith
  15. 15. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyWordPress Website Dennis J. Smith
  16. 16. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyWordPress Website Dennis J. Smith
  17. 17. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyYouTubeWhy YouTube? Video ranks high in Google Searches Create and upload product video or even short commercials Great way to promote your business Videos can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sitesTools  Any Video Camera or Flip Cam  Windows Live Movie Maker – From Microsoft or any other video editing software will do. Dennis J. Smith
  18. 18. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentySocial Media Tips Post on a regular schedule(1-3 times a day) Post during peak times  Best time to post is 10am to 4pm with concentrations from 8am to 11am  Thursday, Friday and holidays are the best days to post Post relevant information Post photos and video Post as your Fan Page Share! Share! Share! Encourage others to Share! Respond to your customers Be genuine and be yourself! Don’t use all CAP! Don’t make spelling or grammar errors Have fun with it! Dennis J. Smith
  19. 19. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyReminders Keep same look and feel across all platforms Keep your content fresh Use social media management tools like HootSuite, RSS feeds sparingly or not at all Monitor your pages for comments Check your Facebook Insights (Fan Page Statistics) Keep up on social media. It’s always changing! Dennis J. Smith
  20. 20. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyResources – WordPress and Website Hosting – Blogging resources – Online marketing advice – Social Media Expert – Social Media News, Advice and Information – Social Media News – Social Media News Google and Bing – Search Engines The Social Media Report - Q3 2011 - Facebook Ads Dennis J. Smith
  21. 21. Social Media For The Valley Of PlentyService Offered Custom Facebook Fan Page for local businesses Custom Facebook Fan Pages for multi-level marketers Squeeze Pages Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Social Media Tutoring Online Tutoring via Google+ Social Media Consulting WordPress Website Set-Up and Hosting Public Speaking Talk Show Thursdays at 1 PM MT on Blog Talk Radio Monthly Newsletter Dennis J. Smith
  22. 22. Social Media For The Valley Of Plenty Contact Dennis  Find Dennis and up-to-date information on Facebook at:  Twitter  LinkedIn  Pinterest  Blog  YouTube  Mobile Phone 208-440-2678© 2013 Dennis J. SmithSlides, PDF or any other training material may not be distributed without written Dennis J. Smithor electronic permission of Dennis J. Smith .