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School Doesn't Have to Stink

MURSD's Technology Integration Presentation at MassCUE18

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School Doesn't Have to Stink

  1. 1. School Doesn’t Have to Stink: Connected Learning Through Compost, Weather Balloons & Other Projects David Quinn Mendon – Upton Regional School District Slides & Other Resources
  2. 2. Standing Survey I believe that learning happens most deeply and powerfully when….
  3. 3. Source: The Connected Learning Alliance
  4. 4. Our Why
  5. 5. If you take nothing else away from this presentation, please know that … • Connected Learning is possible in public schools. • There’s a growing recognition, especially in Massachusetts that schools need to modernize to make learning more relevant experiences in school districts. • While the “why” is understood, the “how” can be challenging for both teacher leaders & district leaders. • Teachers need opportunities for connected learning as much as the students. • Every school needs community partners. Sometimes they hard to come by. It takes effort and outreach from both the community & the schools to make connected learning possible in schools. • I’m interested in learning what YOU do in your classrooms/schools/districts.
  6. 6. Photo by Courtney Baucom on Unsplash MURSD Our Connected Learning Stories
  7. 7. Connected Composting: An Entrepreneurial Approach Connected Learning
  8. 8. Connected Clean Energy: A Community Approach to Clean Energy
  9. 9. Stratosphere: Students Launch a High Altitude Balloon and Payload Experiments
  10. 10. Stop Part II: What’s been your biggest tech EPIC fail?
  11. 11. Stratosphere II: Nipmuc, we have a problem…
  12. 12. Other Projects to Connect Learners
  13. 13. Connecting Students & Families Through Maker Mondays
  14. 14. Connecting the District Through the Marshmallow Challenge
  15. 15. Connected Civics: Raising Awareness Through PSAs & Action
  16. 16. Connecting Grade-Levels Through Hummingbird Robotics
  17. 17. Connecting the Community Through 21st Century Learning Conferences
  18. 18. Connecting Educators Through The Inspired Learning Project
  19. 19. Getting to the “HOW” of Connected & Inspired Learning
  20. 20. Photo by Matthew Garoffolo on Unsplash Remaining Barriers to Connected Learning
  21. 21. Current Obstacles • School Schedules: hard to align the sustained project with working professionals due to rotating class blocks. • Timing: A community member’s offer to help may not link up with any existing or current work. Schools need databases. • Student Schedules: Students already have numerous after-school & weekend commitments. • Game Change: shift in learning design may be unfamiliar to both teachers & students, especially those who have mastered the game of school. • Inequitable Resources: We’re fortunate to have a solid wireless infrastructure and abundances of devices. This is not the case for all public school districts.