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Media data Master And More 2012


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With our MASTER AND MORE campaign, you can efficiently and effectively communicate with the target group of bachelor students and graduates interested in postgraduate studies. Via different online and offline channels you present your master programmes to German and Austrian students.

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Media data Master And More 2012

  1. 1. MASTER AND MORE Media Information Data 2012 Graduate Student Recruitment in Germany and Austria Fair locations 2012 Berlin, Münster, Stuttgart and NEW: MUNICH & VIENNA
  2. 2. MASTER AND MORE - Index Graduate Student Recruitment in Germany and Austria 3 The Campaign Strategy 4 MASTER AND MORE – Web 5 MASTER AND MORE – Guide 9 MASTER AND MORE – Event 10 Prices 14 Contact 16 2
  3. 3. Graduate Student Recruitment in Germany and Austria The German education marketGerman universities do not offer enough capacity in graduate programmes for all interested students. This givesinternational universities the opportunity to increase the influx of German students to their master programmes.Germans are very mobile as far as their education is concerned. Therefore, many students who will receive theirbachelor degree in the coming one to two years are already looking for alternatives in other countries. Theinternationalization of postgraduate programmes is very important to most international universities, and theGerman situation is very promising for the success of marketing effortsin the field of student recruitment for master programmes. Its the mix that countsIt is recommended using more than one channel in your communication strategy. Although the internet has becomeincreasingly important over the last few years, the target audience uses additional channels of information. Numerousstudents read magazines for information about obtaining a second degree. In addition, personal contact with studyadvisors or students of a specific university is essential to them before deciding on a master’s programme. A combinationof the three channels (internet, print and recruitment fair) is therefore crucial to a successful recruitment strategy. MASTER AND MORE – Cross-media graduate recruitmentThe MASTER AND MORE campaign offers you a suitable mix of channels for the German-speaking market.You can take advantage of the synergy resulting from communicating through complementary channelsconnected to social media. 3
  4. 4. MASTER AND MORE – The Campaign Strategy Its the mix that counts: Integrated cross-media communication! Different communication channels: Efficiently connected with each other! Integration of social media: The network of your target group! Personal consultation: Increase commitment of the prospective master student! 4
  5. 5. MASTER AND MORE – WebDYNAMIC AND INFORMATIVE –THE MASTER AND MORE WEBSITE Better visibility on the internet for your institution Modern communication through social media Target group oriented information and design Comprehensive search function Wide reach across Germany Attractive price-performance ratio Facts and Figures* Visits: 24,905 Diverse options for presentation of universities: Page impressions: 128,871 • University profiles Ø visiting time: 4 min. 38 sec. • Course/ study programme profiles * Figures on monthly basis: January 2011 • Testimonials (video or text) • Promotional videos • Banner (skyscraper) • News-Service 5
  6. 6. MASTER AND MORE – Web Skyscraper banner SEARCH ENGINE WITH 6,000 STUDY PROGRAMMES (120x600px) • Displayed on all sites • 60,000 page impressions guaranteed within fourComprehensivesearch function weeks for each banner Clearly indicated search results Good visibility of common social media 6
  7. 7. MASTER AND MORE - Web Logo of theUNIVERSITY/ STUDY PROGRAMME PROFILE institution Comprehensive portraits of your institution and your study courses Your portraits appear among the first search results on MASTER AND MORE Depiction of your logo in a streamer on the front page Integration of video and Individual tabs pictures Edited information texts & photos Keyfacts on the institution & linkage to social media 7
  8. 8. MASTER AND MORE – Web News-ServicePUBLICATION OF PRESS RELEASES AND NEWSUniversities can make use of the MASTER AND MOREmedia to publish reports, press releases or announcements. Top NewsThese are published: in the news area (top news) on and various sub-sites as a post on the Facebook-Fansite as a tweet on the Twitter channel in the event calendar of the web portal (applies for event announcements) Posts on ourWe guarantee 30,000 impressions for each MASTER ANDpublished post! MORE facebook fansite with more than 2,500 fans 8
  9. 9. MASTER AND MORE - GuideTHE STUDY GUIDE FORBACHELOR STUDENTS Germany‘s only printed magazine for prospective master‘s students Youthful design and high quality Minimal waste coverage through targeted distribution, inter alia, by our own promotion teams Complementary to Web and Event Appealing advertorials instead of classic advertisement Facts and figures Target group: Bachelor students Target areas: University towns throughout Germany Size: A5 Oversized (16.5 x 22.5 cm) Circulation 50,000 copies Realease date: October 2, 2012 Deadline for submission: September 17, 2012 Download the latest guide: 9
  10. 10. MASTER AND MORE – EventIMPRESSIONS OF THE FAIR IN MÜNSTER IN JANUARY 2011 How satisfied are you with the efficiency of the MASTER AND MORE fair in Münster? * Very Very satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied I dont know. dissatisfied Number of 66.7% 21.4% 9.5% 2.3% 0% 0% visitors Interest of the 45.2% 45.2% 7.1% 2.3% 0% 0% visitors Quality of the 47.6% 33.3% 14.2% 4.7% 0% 0% conversations *Results of the exhibitor survey 10
  11. 11. MASTER AND MORE – EventMASTER AND MORE FAIRS EXCLUSIVE FAIR CONCEPT Approximately 50 selected exhibitors TARGET GROUP: BACHELOR STUDENTS Students can register online before visiting the fair. 2,000 - 3,000 students receiving their bachelor degree in the near future are expected to attend. INTERESTING LECTURES AND SEMINARS Universities and guest speakers provide information about: (special) master programmes, master programmes abroad, salaries, ranking and more IDEAL LOCATIONS Vienna, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin and Münster have been chosen as fair locations based on the large number of students in the cities and the surrounding areas 11
  12. 12. MASTER AND MORE – Event BerlinTHE FAIR LOCATIONS 2012 140,000 students in the city 190,000 students in surrounding areas Münster 47,000 students in the city 269,000 students in surrounding areas Stuttgart 44,000 students in the city 275,000 students in surrounding areas Munich 100,000 students in the city 80,000 students in surrounding areas Vienna 180,000 students in the city 70,000 students in surrounding areas 12
  13. 13. MASTER AND MORE – Event SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS Prior to the fair visitors can schedule appointments for in-depth consultation with their preferred institutions LECTURES AND SEMINARS Exhibitors have the opportunity to hold a presentation of 20 minutes about their institution or their courses PROFILE IN THE INDEX OF EXHIBITORS Each exhibitor will be mentioned in the index of exhibitors including a profile and logo YOUR BOOTH 9 sqm (3x3m) or 18 sqm (6x3m) Stuttgart Date Nov 27, 2012 EQUIPMENT Munich Time 9 am - 5 pm Date Nov 22, 2012 Table, counter, 2 chairs, waste bin, power supply,Vienna Location Liederhalle Time 9 am - 5 pm WiFi, catering for 2 persons, space for yourDate Nov 20, 2012 Location Kleine Olympiahalle banners or an electronic display; doubleTime 9 am - 5 pm equipment for 18 sqm boothsLocation Messe Wien Münster Date Dec 08, 2012 Berlin Time 9 am - 5 pm Date Dec 06, 2012 Location Mensa am Ring Time 9 am - 5 pm Location Postbahnhof 13
  14. 14. MASTER AND MORE – PricesPACKAGE PRICES 1. FAIR PREMIUM 3. CROSS-MEDIA PREMIUM 3 Fairs (9 sqm) Web (5 profiles) 3 Presentations (20 minutes) Guide (1 page) Regular price: 8,250 € 1 Fair (9 sqm) PACKAGE PRICE: 7,500 € 1 Presentation (20 minutes) Regular price: 5,915 € 2. FAIR COMPLETE PACKAGE PRICE: 5,500 € 5 Fairs (9 sqm) 5 Presentations (20 minutes) 4. CROSS-MEDIA COMPLETE Regular price: 13,750 € Web (10 profiles) Guide (1 page) PACKAGE PRICE: 11,900 € 5 Fairs (9 sqm) 5 Presentations (20 minutes) Regular price: 17,260 € PACKAGE PRICE: 14,500 € All prices are subject to German value added tax of 19%. All prices are valid until June 2012. 14
  15. 15. MASTER AND MORE – Prices SINGLE PRICES Web Prices 1 profile € 300 /profile /year + technical processing costs of € 45 /profile 2 – 9 profiles € 168 /profile /year + technical processing costs of € 45 /profileWEB 10 – 19 profiles € 96 /profile /year + technical processing costs of € 45 /profile 20 – 39 profiles € 84 /profile /year + technical processing costs of € 45 /profile More than 40 profiles € 72 /profile /year + technical processing costs of € 45 /profile University /study programme of the week € 250 /week Banner (skyscraper) € 250 /week (minimum booking period: 4 weeks) Web news service € 250 /report (press release, announcement) Website/banner statistics € 12 /reportEVENT Event (Fairs in Vienna, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin and Münster) Preise 9 sqm booth, counter, table, 2 chairs, waste bin, power supply, WiFi internet access, 2,500 € /fair entry in exhibitor list (online and offline), catering for 2 persons 18 sqm booth, 2 counters, 2 tables, 4 chairs, waste bin, power supply, WiFi internet access, 4,500 € /fair entry in exhibitor list (online and offline), catering for 4 persons Presentation (20 minutes) 250 €GUIDE Guide Preise 1 page 2,100 € double-page spread 3,500 € All prices are subject to German value added tax of 19%. All prices are valid until June 2012. 15
  16. 16. MASTER AND MORE – ContactInterested? Questions or suggestions?Please contact our MASTER AND MORE team! CONSULTINGWe advise you on selecting the right measures for the recruitment ofyour future master students.This includes the participation in the MASTER AND MORE campaignas well as your individual projects. Mr. Sjaik Djorai T: 0049 2562 99 38 112 ADRESS E: s.djorai@borderconcepts.bizborder concepts GmbHBahnhofstraße 4048599 GronauGermanyT: 0049 2562 99 38 0 I: 16