How to send 10000 visitors to your site in less than 3 hours


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In this Report you will Discover How to Send over 10,000 Visitors to Your Site in Less than 3 Hours.

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How to send 10000 visitors to your site in less than 3 hours

  1. 1. How To Send 10,000 Visitors To Your Site In Less Than 3 Hours with ClixSense By: Demond Johnson
  2. 2. In this report you will discover How To Send 10,000 Visitors To Your Site In Less Than 3 Hours with ClixSenseSo without further delay, Let’s Get Started.
  3. 3. ClixSenseFirst Open an Account at This is the site that will send a “Massive” Number of Visitors to your referral link or Landing Page.
  4. 4. ClixSenseThose visitors that are interested willsignup and become your new referral(s).
  5. 5. ClixSenseOnce you have signed up , and confirmed youremail , Write a short description of your sitetelling visitors about the Benefits of YourProgram.
  6. 6. ClixSenseThis will send visitors to your referral link/Landing page with the goal of signing upreferrals.
  7. 7. Getting Traffic to your Link/Landing Page with ClixSense. Once You Log onto ClixSense, Click on the Advertise Tab , and, Select the Manage My PTC Ad Option.
  8. 8. 1When On this page, Click on ADD (1). This is where you willbe asked to write your Ad, which will bring up a box thatlooks like this (2). 2
  9. 9. Earn Money Online in Next 24 Hours & Get a Free 10$ Position. Your Title will go here. Note: You can shorten this link at bitly.comYour Splash Page link will go here You Earn up to2% per Day. Compounding & Daily Withdrawals . One And your Ad Will go of the easiest and best Here ways to earn Money. (this is an ad I use when I send Visitors to my site) When Done, Click Submit.
  10. 10. Your Ad is Now Complete. It will look like this and will be submitted for approval from ClixSense. The approval time varies, but once that ad is approved, you will be sent confirmation via email.
  11. 11. Now Let’s Pay for the Campaign . Click Sense accepts Pay Pal, Alert Pay, and Liberty Reserve. You can send between 1000 visitors 500,000 visitors to your site depending on your budget($2.40 [low] toPrices shown Above. $690[high].) I normally send 10,000 visitors to my site when I do an ad campaign.
  12. 12. Final Steps: Assign Ad Credits and Send Traffic.Now you will See Your Ad. Click on the Assign Ad Credits to this Advert link.
  13. 13. This Box will Come Up. When I assign the credits, I send 10,000 visitors to my splash page for 3 seconds each, as Quickly as possible. If you would like to do the same, set the options in the Box like this (feel free to switch the options to your liking.). *Once you Click Submit, Traffic will start to be delivered to your link with in minutes.
  14. 14. Results For This Year So far 230,676 Visitors have been sent to my personal landing page. This Resulted in 327 sign-ups, 126 out of I Sent 88,500 327 are looking at JSS- Tripler. And 90 are active participants in the program.
  15. 15. Results For July 28th, 2012 Yesterday I sent 11,000 Visitors to my personal landing page. This Resulted in 12 Opt-ins, 7 out of 12 Signed of to my Primary program. And 2 referrals became active participants in the program.
  16. 16. Snap Shot of my landing Page For every 1000 visitors that go to my landing page, at least 1 vistor has converted into an Opt-in. Your Results may be the same, worse, or far better depending on what your site or traffic. Good Luck. If You would like to get started please Click Here.
  17. 17. In this report you have discovered How To Send 10,000 Visitors To Your Site In Less Than 3 Hours with ClixSense Thank You For Viewing This Report. By: Demond Johnson