Syllabus dp1 fall2010


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Syllabus dp1 fall2010

  1. 1. Drawing & Painting 1 Teacher: Ms. Munson –; Room 410; 404.847.1980 ext. 272 Prerequisite: successful completion of Intro to Art OR Art History Course Description: Drawing & Painting 1 will instruct students in fundamental drawing skills and prepare them to make the transition to painting. Course work builds on drawing skills introduced in Introduction to Art. Drawing approaches include contour, value to model form, gesture, perspective and color; students work with drawing media such as pencil, charcoal, conte, oil pastels. Art history, criticism and aesthetics are incorporated with studio production of drawings and paintings. Course Objectives: • Explore an intermediate progression of drawing and painting techniques • Create a visual verbal journal in which to keep the semester’s ideas and lessons • Become proficient in drawing and painting techniques • Explore contemporary ideas and express them in works • Become familiar with contemporary and historical artists and their works • Demonstrate proper and safe use of materials and tools Textbook: Creating & Understanding Drawings. Mittler, Glencoe Publishing. It will be kept at school, however all students are welcome to take the book home to complete assignments or on days prior to a test. The book will be returned in good condition at the end of the semester or fines will be assessed. Replacement cost: $43.98 Student Responsibilities: (Students are responsible for supplies on the attached list.) 1. Each student will come to class prepared with assignments ready for the days work. 2. Each student will clean his or he own work area as well as any tools before the end of the class. Students who fail to do so will receive detention. 3. Keep and notebook/folder containing all tests, handouts, and notes taken on reading assignments, lectures, films, and demonstrations. 4. All Visual Verbal Journal assignments are expected to be creatively completed on time. 5. All students are expected to fulfill a level of professionalism within the class and demonstrate a desire to learn the subject. Grading Criteria: Students will be will graded on: craftsmanship, technique, and completion of the project; as well as proper use of tools, materials, and time; and participation in class discussions and critiques. All incomplete assignments will be averaged as a “0.” The total semester grade will be an average of the following parts: 50% Studio Assignments completed in class. 15% Mini-labs, Classwork, and Homework 15% Visual Journal assignments 10% Final Exam 10% Tests, and Quizzes Fulton County uses the following grading scale: 90-100 = A 80-89 = B 70-79 = C 69-Below = F The recovery policy is explained on the back of this page. ASSIGNMENT COMPLETION AND DUE DATES: Students will be given time to complete each studio assignment and will be given advance notice of due dates for both homework and class work. • Studio and Journal assignments not turned in on the due date will receive a 10% deduction each day the assignment is late. Late work turned in 5 days or more after the assigned due date will receive a 50% deduction. Unfinished work will receive only partial credit, 50% or less of the total points possible. • Homework assignments not turned in on the due date will have a 10% deduction if submitted by the following class. Beyond that point assignments will be accepted for 1 more class with a 50% deduction. • Folders will only be accepted late one class period after the due date for a 50% deduction. Parents will be notified by phone or email after 2 zeroes are recorded and/or when the student is in danger of failing. Please consult the Student Handbook for the recovery policy. Studio Time/Teacher Office Hours: The studio is open at 8am every morning for students needing extra time to work on assignments. The teacher is available at that time, but appointments are encouraged if the student knows he/she will need the teacher’s help. You can also set up additional time in the afternoons by a pre-arranged appoint with at least one day’s notice.