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Self portrait-nose structure


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Self portrait-nose structure

  1. 1. facial features Drawing the Nose
  2. 2. Noses are really all form with the exception of thelower portion – nostrils and the outside of the nose.
  3. 3. All about the VALUES!
  4. 4. First look at the shapes…
  5. 5. Use your EYE length to measure how long your nose from the tear duct.Make as many measurements as you can. Also use ANGLES – from your corner of your eyes to your middle of your nose. How many EYEs across is your nose at the bottom?
  6. 6. The shadow under your nose is the most important way to showthe form of the nose.Really focus on the shape and different values of the shadow.
  7. 7. Do NOToutline! (it will make your noseappear flat)
  8. 8. tch?v=_6RFCfp7d2Y
  9. 9. Keep building up value until you create the form of your nose. Remember to take the line and shade into the value of the area around your nose.
  10. 10. Use lighter values to create the form of the outside of your nose.Use some white chalk to highlight the lightest areas.Look for the lines from the edges of the nose to help line up the lips.