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Graphite reduction


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Graphite reduction

  1. 1. Graphite ReductionDrawing with a Focus on Shape & Value
  2. 2. What do the students •Draw by large shapes based on values. learn from this •Sensitivity to light and dark values. technique?
  3. 3. Begin with Mini-Labs VALUE SCALES
  4. 4. Learning Goals forthe Value Scales:• Coating the paper evenly and to a medium-dark value• How to create darker values that match the texture• How to create light values• How to make lightest two values
  5. 5. Mini-Lab 2 VALUE SPHERE
  6. 6. Learning Goals forthe ValueSpheres:• Working from a sketch• Beginning the drawing using shapes of the lighter values• Darkening the darker values• Cleaning up edges without using dark outlines• Shadows have multiple values• Adding whites and highlights
  7. 7. Show how fortune cookies are actually made and talk about the cultural influence of fortune cookies.
  8. 8. Each table has its own mini-still life. There is more control over the still life and it can be stored for thenext class easily.
  9. 9. Have the students focus on erasing away for the white mat board.
  10. 10. Try to have the students avoid just drawing with the eraser in a “reverse sketch.”
  11. 11. Once the values are shaped correctly, the dark values can be tackled.
  12. 12. Once the light values are erased down and the dark values darkened, then focus on using a hard eraserto make the edges crisper.
  13. 13. Forms start to come into focus as the students use their hard erasers.
  14. 14. Clean up the edges by using a pencil line and then incorporating the line into the shadows to preventhard outlines.
  15. 15. Add the white chalk for the lightest values as late as possible so the chalk doesn’t mix too much with thegraphite. Use a dark pencil to add finishing details.