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Gaea collage.fall11


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Gaea collage.fall11

  1. 1. a p u b l i c a t i o n o f t h e f a l l 2 011georgia art education association collagew w w. g a e a a r t f o r a l l . c o mThe true locus of creativity is not the genetic process prior to the work but thework itself as it lives in the experience of the beholder. -Monroe Beardsley creativity everyday
  2. 2. editorsLETTER FROM THE Maxine Green (1995/2000) says that it is our educative task to “create situations in which the young are moved to begin to ask...Why?” (p.6). She encourages us to look at the process of human call for submissions questioning, to respond to the blank spaces in experience, and to resist meaninglessness. We feel this is what is meant when we say creativity everyday. It is a dedication to exploring the world through our • Spring 2012 Collage theme will be senses and through the process and product of the i ♥ art: Technology in Art visual arts. Education. We are looking for articles, lessons, works of art, and Being creative does not necessarily mean creating narrative pieces that encourage everyday, but we feel it means being actively engaged and exemplify technology in the in the world around you. Creativity is looking at art classroom. objects for their form, rather than just their function. Creativity is imagining others’ reality and taking the time to examine our own experience in relationship • Email your document labeled with to theirs. Creativity is making the unseen visible. a title and your name EXAMPLE: or docx We hope you will join us in this fall’s conference where the theme Creativity Everyday will be explored and expressed through member’s artwork and learning sessions. Have a creative day! Green, M. (2000). Releasing the imagination. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. (Original call for publication in 1995. student artwork • Artwork may be submitted throughout the year and Amber showcased in our student gallery Amber Whelchel Arnold spread. In your email, please give Level Creek Elementary student name, age/grade, school, and art teacher. In the picture title, give student name and school EXAMPLE: frida.student_grade3_westsideschool.jpeg karinna Karinna Riddett-Moore, Ph.D. Notre Dame Academy, Pk-8th
  3. 3. contents TABLE OF events and updates 6 GAEA AWARDS 9 CAPITOL ART EXHIBIT 16 FALL PROFESSIONAL LEARNING CONFERENCE 19 YOUTH ART MONTH 24 AIRPORT EXHIBIT 30 HELEN FLEMMING STONE SCHOLARSHIP AUCTIONphoto 34 SPRING CONFERENCEMiranda P. articles8th grade,NotreDameAcademy 12 THE FERNBANK ELEMENTARY “MUSEUM”collageWalker C. PROGRAM by Jill Brown5th gradestudentLevel Creek Elementary 25 LIVING EVERY DAY, CREATIVELY by Katherine Inguie fall professional 29 TREASURER’S TIPS learning conference by Kelli Shadwell Hilton Hotel and in every issue Conference Center 20 DIVISION REPORTS Marietta, Georgia 23 MEMBERSHIP INFO October 20-23 32 DISTRICT REPORTS FALL 2011 collage 3
  4. 4. left, Kensie Sears University of Georgia below, Allie H. and Dani S. 8th grade, Notre Dame Academy Conditions of creativity are to be puzzled; to concentrate; to accept conflict and tension; to be born everyday; to feel a sense of self. - Erich Fromm4 collage Fall 2011
  5. 5. president MESSAGE FROM THECreativity Everyday…isn’t that the goal of every obvious and ordinary solutions. I constantly askartist!? But oh, how elusive can that creativity be in my students to step beyond the ordinary way ofthis busy, hurry-up-and-wait world we live in? In looking at a project and to view it in anthis fast paced world were internet and emails are extraordinary way, making a statement with theirsupposed to keep us in touch with the world and creativity rather than following blindly along withmake our lives easier, I find that I am so bogged the crowd.down with the mundane, the must-do-right-nowactivities and the “didn’t-you-get-that?” requests As artists and teachers we must set aside the timethat it seems I have little time to be creative. My, to be creative ourselves! We must reflect on thewhat a vicious cycle can develop if we let it! past in order to get a clear picture of the present and use that thought process to develop our ownI always feel energized when the new school year creativity in our art and our personal world.rolls around with so many plans for how I want to Taking the time to be creative is the truly hard partinspire my students and myself - then the classes because we are often the last on our lists of things-start and I am quickly overwhelmed with the to-do, and we run out of time to just sit quietly andoutside influences that demand so much time and let inspiration catch up with us!eat away at my enthusiasm. I have to constantlyremind myself how important it is to let students If you need a jolt of inspiration to jump-start yourdevelop their own creative process, and that I am creativity, then you need to make plans to attendthe facilitator in that process. I continually the GAEA Fall Conference on October 20-23, 201.commit myself to present an atmosphere of The workshops and registration are listed on thecreativity everyday trying to show my students the GAEA website. ( The list ofimportance of thinking past the mundane, past the workshops alone is an inspiration! Come join other like-minded teachers and artists and place yourself at the top of that to-do list! I guarantee Creativity can be you will leave the conference with a new enthusiasm and a goal to make creativity an described as letting go of everyday process! certainties. - Gail Sheehy Debi Debi Davis GAEA President Lowdens Middle School FALL 2011 collage 5
  6. 6. award winners CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GAEA Elementary Art Educator of the Year Tracy KuzminskyIt has been a busy time working on GAEA Awards Middle Level Art Educator of the Yearand Elections. We had 41 Award Nominees and Dr. Karinna Riddett-Moore26 nominees for elections! In the end, the awardscommittee chose 13 award winners and the Secondary Art Educator of the Year nominations committee narrowed the field downto 14 candidates. I would like to thank everyone Steve Schetskiwho has been involved in these processes. Thisincludes the nominators, those willing to run for Higher Education Art Educator of the Yearoffice and serve if elected, those who wrote the Susan Krauseletters of support, those who read the packets forawards and the vitas for elections and who made Supervision/Administration Art Educator ofthe entire process run as smoothly as possible. the YearYou made a huge task much easier! Betsy Eppes Museum Art Educator of the YearLet me end by saying what a privilege it has beento serve GAEA through the presidential offices Annette Cone-Skeltonfor the past six years and on the board for the last14 years. I have gotten to know so many of our GAEA Art Educator of the Yearleaders and members and will cherish thesefriendships always. I have the utmost respect for Jackie Ellettall of our GAEA leaders who put in countless National Art Honor Society Sponsorshours on a volunteer basis to move ourorganization forward and make us the best that we Debi West and Dr. Bruce Bowmancan be. If you are not involved as a GAEA leader,I encourage you to become involved; I know that Retired Art Educator of the Yearyou will find it as rewarding as I have! Dr. Deb Lackey Wilson kirby Kirby Meng, Past President Outstanding Service within the profession Union Grove High School Dorothy Eckman Outstanding Service outside the profession Arts Now and Young Audiences 6 collage Fall 2011
  7. 7. Many thanks to the volunteers who serve on the board! Pictured are the current reps, unless otherwise denoted. Elect members (those serving after FallMEET THE board Conference) are indicated with an asterisk*. To find out more about how the Board serves GAEA, see the cont. section or meet a member at the conference. PRESIDENT MUSEUM ED Debi Davis Carissa Dicindrio Lowdens Middle School Georgia Museum of Art Shannon Morris* Georgia College Museum PRESIDENT ELECT ADMINISTRATION Dr. Stephen Lahr* Betsy Epps Valdosta State University Dekalb Co. Schools Jessica Booth* Fulton Co. Schools PAST PRESIDENT HIGHER EDUCATION Kirby Meng Diana Gregory, Ph.D. Union Grove High School Kennesaw State University Kevin Hsich* SECRETARY Georgia State University Cathy Heller Perry High School committees FALL CONFERENCE 2011 TREASURER Diana Gregory, Ph.D. Kelli Shadwell Kennesaw State University SPRING CONFERENCE 2012 Alisha Montgomery (right) & division reps Jeff Davis ELEMENTARY Shannon Finley AIRPORT EXHIBIT Tracy V. Kuzminsky* Carol Mohor, EdS, NBCT, retired, (right) MIDDLE LEVEL Aimee Burgamy, Emily Holton Ph.D. (left) Loria Crews* Trickum Middle School SECONDARY Kathy Jackson (cont. on page 10) Hope Steele* FALL 2011 collage 7
  8. 8. 8 collage Fall 2011
  9. 9. art exhibitCAPITOLJohn & Wanda KinnamanJamie Scott, B.F.A. Art EducationGolden Isle ElementaryNo better time like the present to advocate for theimportance of art for Georgia’s students! Policy-makersand school systems across Georgia making difficultfinancial decisions debate whether art is essential forstudent success. As art educators, we see the multipleapplications of creativity every day, and we know that Art critique and group work submissions have beenstudents benefit from the process and exposure to art. eliminated due to space availability and expense. SeeThis is your chance, as their art educator, to help bring the GAEA website for details.student creativity before the eyes of our lawmakers.Get involved! It’s easy! Each GAEA member is The purpose of the Capitol Art Exhibit is toallowed to submit 2 student artworks. This year’s goal share with our legislators and the public theis to have 300 student works on exhibit. Please note exceptional creative ability of Georgia’sthat a few changes have been made to this year’sexhibit. students. Important Dates: December 13, 2011 – Electronic entry due January 13, 2012 – Artwork to Regional Representatives due January 28, 2012 – Exhibit setup February 8, 2012 – Reception February 25, 2012 – Take down exhibit Laura & Sen. Jeff Chapman photo by Jamie Scott FALL 2011 collage 9
  10. 10. board MEMBERS CONT. YOUTH ART GALLERY committees cont. MEMBERS-AT-LARGE Martha Arrington Richard Siegesmund, Ph.D.(left) STUDENT CHAP SPONSOR University of Georgia Rebecca Williams Katie BurnettJoe Emery (right)Gainesville High School YOUTH ART MONTH Katie Harrison (top) BUSINESS REP Pam Morgan Amy Johnson Whitney Riker (right) JJ Harris Charter Elementary district presidents HFS SCHOLARSHIP/ HISTORIAN see section or website for district details Dan Defoor district 1: Denise Marsh Shorten University & Delta State district 2: Pam Morgan University district 3: Devi Knapp & Lauren Phillips 1GOVERNOR’S EXHIBIT district 4: MollieHank Mergeson Spardello district 5: Brooks Dantsler & PollyHIGH MUSEUM ATL HS/MULTIETHNIC SheehanCONCERNS district 6: Ivey ColmanRenee Gaither district 7: Alisa Hyde & Jessica Rice district 8: Emily Holton & ErinCAPITOL ART EXHIBITJohn & Wanda Kinnaman 4 Mathis district 9: Tamara Daughtry & AlishaJamie Scott (right) 3 MontgomeryGolden Isle ElementaryWhitney Riker 6POLICIES& PUBLIC RELATIONSDr. Deborah Lackey Wilson 9 8RETIRED EDRosanna Stutts 10 collage Fall 2011
  11. 11. VOTE President Wanda Kinnamon Kelli Shadwell NOW Elementary Division Director Elise Dotson Devi KnappDIVISION ELECT FOR 2013-2014 Middle Level Division DirectorWe recently voted to change our bylaws so Dr. Aimee Burgamythat we can vote electronically for our Kristi Harveyelected offices. This fall is our firstopportunity to take advantage of this! Secondary Division DirectorGAEA Elections are ongoing and memberscan vote online from Dana Jung Munson Noelle Petersen September 15 - October 15 at: Administration/Supervision Director &eid=3611769562828471 Greg BaileyYou will be required to type in your Raymond Veonmember number to vote. Each member canvote for GAEA President and also for thedivision director in the ONE division in Higher Ed Division Directorwhich you spend at least 50% of your time. Dr. Chris DockeryVoting in more than one division will Dr. Paula McNeildisqualify your vote. You can viewinformation about and a picture of eachcandidate on the site prior to voting. This Museum Division Directoryears slate includes: Emily Hermans Melissa Rackley vote online DEADLINE OCT 15 FALL 2011 collage 11
  12. 12. THE FERNBANK ELEMENTARY“museum” programby Jill Brown school. Accompanying their artwork is a fine artFernbank Elementary print, signage identifying the artists and nativeAtlanta, GA countries, the date of the artwork and a brief explanation about the art. We then created a guide for parents and visitors to be able to tour the school and find the artwork. The exhibit is a big success and the students are thrilled and proud of their artwork. In addition, we have taught the students about museum etiquette and a big poster of the High Museum hangs outside the art room. When I read that "Picasso to Warhol: Twelve Modern Masters" is coming to the High, I thought how exciting it might be to develop a curriculum based on the works of this show in the same manner that the Fernbank exhibit was developed. I am planning this program for this Fall for my school and plan to take the students to the High to see the exhibit.Beginning in the Fall of 2010 and into 2011 at Fernbank Elementary School is an InternationalFernbank Elementary School, the walls are alive Baccalaureate School and the arts play a significantwith glowing art representing a new curriculum, role in our curriculum, and our Museum exhibit“Fernbank Goes to the Museum.” On exhibit is reaffirmed the importance of our fine art programartwork by all the students involving the study of for the students and the community.more than a dozen mostly contemporary artist,including Monet, Warhol, Johns, Kandinsky, Miro,Haring, Klee, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Mondrian,Munch and more!The Fernbank students studied the many artistsstyles and their contributions to the art world.They created artworks in the style of these artistsand we have exhibited their work throughout the 12 collage Fall 2011
  13. 13. Georgia OʼKeefe inspired studnet work 5th Grade Students at Fernbank ES “The museum should be seen not so much as a place where knowledge is transmitted, but rather as a place where knowledge is produced.” - Rita Burnham & Elliott Kai-Kee Burnham, R. & Kai-Kee, E. (2011). The art of teaching in the museum. In Teaching in the art museum: Interpretation as experience (pp. 759-66). J. Paul Getty Museum: Los Angeles. 2nd Grade Student working onGustav Klimt inspired portrait (above) Kandinsky inspired student work (right) FALL 2011 collage 13
  14. 14. studentsINSPIRED BY Owen, 3rd grade Banks County Elementary Katie Harrison, Ed.S. 1st grader Repeated Shape Design Zebra Collage, 5th grade students Nesbit Elementary, Lauren Phillips, MAEd South Columbia Elementary Ivey Coleman, MSEd, TSS14 collage Fall 2011
  15. 15. The worst enemy tocreativy is self-doubt. -Sylvia Plath Ceramic Vessel, IB Student Druid Hills High School Anastasia Fink Josiah, Kindergarten (right) Ezra, 2nd grade (below) Greenfield Hebrew Academy Devi Knapp Fall 2011 collage 15
  16. 16. fall conference highlightsARTICLE TEXT HERE Keynote Speaker: Enid Zimmerman Enid Zimmerman has published over 90 articles, 15 book chapters, and co-authored 22 books and monographs including Educating Artistically Talented Students and Programming Opportunities for Students Talented in the Visual Arts. She is Professor Emerita and current Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Programs at the Indiana University School of Education. In addition to being our keynote speaker for our Gala Dinner, she will be signing her books on Saturday evening beginning at 6:00 pm. Visit the High Museum for Free! View Picasso to Warhol: Fourteen Modern Masters Thursday 3:30-7:00 pm Transportation to and from the Marietta Hilton will be provided by the High for the first 110 attendees who register for this event. The High Museum buses will leave the conference center at 3:30 and return at 7:00.L&L Computer Kiln GiveawayOpen until Friday, October 14th at 5pm.Deanna Ranlett, owner of Atlanta Clay, is working with L&L Kilns Manufacturing to giveaway a brand new, computerized kiln to a GAEA member at our 2011 Fall Conference. Thekiln will also be delivered to your home school and set up for free!! If you are unfamiliarwith the L&L Brand, then take a moment and must be a GAEA member and you must be registered for our 2011 Fall Conference inorder to be eligible to win the Kiln. Atlanta Clay will select a winner from the entries 16 collagesubmitted and the winner will2011 FALL be announced at the Saturday night Gala Dinner.
  17. 17. PLU credit atconference over view fall conferencethursday 10.2011:00-4:00 REGISTRATION ARTICLE TEXT HERE “Creativity Everyday” at the Hilton Hotel and11:00-5:00 MARIETTA/COBB MUSEUM (free entry w/GAEAbadge) Conference Center in Marietta, Georgia, the3:00-5:00 WORKSHOPS Georgia Art Education Association (GAEA) fall3:30-7:00 HIGH MUSEUM TEACHER’S EVENING professional development conference October(transportation provided for first 110 members) 20-23, 2011, is a great opportunity to earn7:00-9:00 CLOSING RECEPTION FOR GAEA MEMBER’S Professional Learning Unit (PLU) credit. This yearEXHIBIT & PRESIDENT’S RECEPTION (cash bar at 7:00) there are over 120 workshops including special workshops in painting, drawing, digital collaboration, glass fusion, and bookmaking.friday 10.21 During this 2½ conference you can earn 1 PLU8:00-4:00 REGISTRATION credit with 10 hours of training or 2 PLU credits8:00-9:00 BREAKFAST (HOT) with twenty hours of training by either: 1) using the9:00-5:30 WORKSHOPS and KSU FACULTY DEMOS prior approval form posted on the GAEA website10:00-5:00 VENDORS MARKET OPEN ( to secure PLU credit from11:00-4:00 HIGH MUSEUM (free entry w/GAEA badge) your county or school district office; or 2)11:00-4:00 GAEA MEMBER’S EXHIBIT- KSU Sturgis Gallery submitting your PLU information and a $2511:00-5:00 MARIETTA/COBB MUSEUM (free entry w/GAEA application fee to Dr. Diana Gregory at Kennesawbadge) State University (KSU) no later than the January 27,12:00-1:50 CREATE Luncheon honoring GAEA 2010 Award 2012 deadline.Winners2:00-2:30 VISIT VENDORS If you choose to use the Prior Approval method,7:00-10:00 GAEA Awards Celebration Dinner/NAHS Auction pick up the PLU sign in sheet at the registration(cash bar at 7:00) desk at the conference to use as verification of the workshops you attend. Be sure to check with yoursaturday 10.22 county or school district regarding specific rules for8:00-noon REGISTRATION earning PLU credit. If you choose to obtain PLU8:00-9:00 YAM BREAKFAST credit through the KSU option, you need: 1) to pick9:00-10:30 CREATIVITY OPEN FORUM with Enid Zimmerman, up a PLU sign in sheet to verify the workshops youMark Runco, Raymond Veon, Melody Milbrant, Lanny Millbrant, attend; 2) submit lesson plan(s) based on one orTraci Costantino, and Richard Siegesmund more presentations and visual examples of work9:00-5:00 WORKSHOPS created by students, samples can be digital images,9:00-3:00 VENDORS MARKET OPEN samples of writing, or other appropriate11:00-4:00 GAEA MEMBER’S EXHIBIT- KSU Sturgis Gallery documentation, to Dr. Diana Gregory, Kennesaw(closes at 4:00pm) State University, Visual Arts Department, 100012:00-1:50 DIVISION LUNCHES Chastain Road #2901, Kennesaw, GA 30144; and 3)2:00-3:00 HELEN FLEMING STONE DESSERT RECEPTION, send a $25 application fee payable to KSUTopiary Garden Continuing Education with your lesson plan(s).5:00-6:00 EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING Earning PLU credit at the conference is an6:00-7:00 BOOK SIGNING WITH ENID ZIMMERMAN important option for art educators, one that the7:00-10:00 GALA DINNER EVENT WITH KEYNOTE (cash bar conference committee is proud to offer. The Priorat 6:00) Approval Form and the KSU PLU process are both listed on the GAEA website at:sunday 10.23 www.gaeaartforall.com8:00-12:00 FULL BOARD MEETING10:00-3:00 PICK UP MEMBER’S EXHIBIT diana Fall 2011 collage gregory dr. diana 17 Kennesaw State University
  18. 18. studentsin processright, drawing and painting students fromAlpharetta High SchoolKathy Jacksonbelow, AP students draw from a modelAlpharetta High SchoolKathy Jackson 18 collage Fall 2011
  19. 19. georgia art education association2011 Member Exhibition ARTICLE TEXT HERE K E N N E S A W  S T A T E  U N I V E R S I T Y  | A R T  MU S E UM  &  G A L L E R I E S Unmasking Crea=vity: Process & Product Kennesaw State University Sturgis Gallery  August 31 – October 22, 2011  Although crea=vity is a mul=dimensional, mul=faceted complex of ideas, the inspira=on and illumina=on for artworks is oUen found in the mundane and the ordinary. The works chosen for Unmasking Crea=vity: Process and Product were evaluated not only for their aesthe=c produc=on, but also for the explana=on of their crea=ve process. Providing a glimpse into what mo=vated the ar=st’s choices offers the viewer a deeper understanding of the work. Closing Recep=on  Hilton Hotel and Conference Center MarieZa, Georgia FALL 2011 collage 19 Thursday, October 20, 2011 7‐9 pm 
  20. 20. WHAT’S HAPPENING IN GA?division news elementary shannon finley & tracy kuzminsky School is back in session! As we are returning to school, I want to remind all of you of our upcoming Fall Conference, “Unmasking Creativity: Process and Product,” October 20-23, 2011 at the Hilton Marietta Hotel and Conference Center. I am looking forward to seeing you all there! I have heard from a few of our elementary members that they have, and are participating in, charitable events like “Pinwheels for Peace,” origami paper crane donations (Osh Kosh Clothing) for the victims of the exhibit “Warhol to Picasso,” it seems appropriate to tsunami in Japan, and “Empty Bowls.” What a share lessons that pertain to modern artists. Maybe wonderful way to teach our children compassion, you have an art lesson that combines modern artists, generosity, and ART!! If you are planning an event like like Andy Warhol, with techniques that that artist one of these, please email me the details and pictures didn’t normally employ, like sculpture, teaching so I can share them with our fellow art educators. students to create a portrait with clay rather than painting or printmaking. Or, maybe you have Preparing for the division luncheon has already begun. something more traditional with the lesson focusing on Tracy and I would love to include one of your art one artist and their main technique of producing art. lesson plans to share with fellow art educator luncheon Either way, we would love to have your lesson plan attendees. The lesson plans will need to be sent via submission to share with the luncheon attendees! email to Tracy Kuzminsky or me by September 30th. This will allow enough time to compile and burn cds On a personal note, it has been an honor to serve my to be distributed at the luncheon. Also, I would really fellow GAEA members as Elementary Division Chair like to have volunteer speakers to present at the over the last four years. I will miss holding this luncheon. We usually have at least three. If you feel position very much! However, I leave you in the very comfortable presenting one of your art lessons during capable hands of Tracy Kuzminsky. She is not only a the luncheon, then please send me that information very talented teacher, but also a dedicated, when you send a lesson plan. Be sure to bring approachable leader in our profession. Thank you for completed examples of your lesson to display. allowing me the opportunity to be your division chair. It’s been a blast! The theme for the luncheon is “Modern Art Mash- ups.” In honor of the High Museum’s upcoming 20 collage Fall 2011
  21. 21. youth art monthMARCH CELEBRATES YAM: We are now looking ahead to fall conference where we hope to see all of you at the YAM breakfast. We will be discussing our new theme for 2012… I <3 Art! This theme is all about how art and technology come together, so we have used the well-known text symbol <3 for a “heart”. Whether it’s teaching art using technology or art that uses technology to be created, we hope that you will celebrate this YAM theme with us come March, and let the nation know what you are doing in your classroom by submitting YAM documentation. <3, the YAM Girls! I <3 Art!Hello to all our fellow YAM teachers! Yourparticipation in the past Youth Art Month wasdocumented in our digital state report, and wereceived the Award of Excellence! We had 57teachers participate this year, that’s a 14% increase.Above is a map of the counties that wererepresented by teacher participation. Please helpYAM celebrations spread throughout the state nextyear by participating and encouraging your friendsto do the same!This year we welcome Whitney Riker on board as anew YAM co-chair. Whitney is a 2010 UGAgraduate and is currently teaching at JJ HarrisElementary School. FALL 2011 collage 21
  22. 22. studentsMORE INSPIRATION FROM Students working at North Gwinnett High School Debi West, Ed.S, NBCT Laura with Empty Bowls Song Kang, Congressional Award Winner Golden Isles Elementary Union Grove High School Kirby Meng 22 collage Fall 2011
  23. 23. WHAT’S HAPPENING IN GA?membership news president electThe First Day of School. We are off andrunning at the beginning of a new schoolyear. I love Harry Wong’s book, The First Dayof School: How to be an Effective Teacher.He firmly believes that the first day of schoolis most important day of the year for every stephen lahrchild. He personally greets each child at thedoor, introduces himself and asks their name, making on that bandwagon in Georgia. We need to gently tellthem feel important and welcome. The last issue of those art educators who are not members what they areSmithsonian had an equally intriguing article on the missing by not joining. Our membership roster issuccess of schools in Finland. It seems that when they almost flat from year to year. It ebbs and flows with thedo test, which is not often, students score higher in time of year, fewer members in the summer and morealmost all subjects than any other country in the world. members in the fall. The numbers over the past coupleThe issue is September (pp. 94-102) and the article is of years remain the same from month to month“A+ For Finland”; the article details an over 40 year ranging from around 640 to 750. But, if we all work ateffort to improve Finland’s schools, which they did by it and stay positive and committed to our goal, we havetreating students with respect, dignity, and the potential for almost 2,000 members. My hope isoverwhelming care. You can find this article online at that we will grow to about 900 members over the next, but you’ll have to several years, but the goal should be 1,400. If you havebuy Wong’s book if you don’t already have it. ideas or suggestions as to how we can grow the membership, please contact me or your DistrictA lot of what we do in schools and in art classrooms is President. We need and want your input.about building positive attitudes, about building thestudent’s confidence and self-esteem. Art rooms and Ad Hoc Marketing and Advocacy Committee. Lastart teachers are literally the lifeline for many March at the Spring Conference Board Meeting,disenfranchised and marginalized students who need President Debi Davis, appointed an ad hoc committeeto know they mean something to someone and their to look into marketing and advocacy. That committeeideas do count. Through their art they tell us their is currently working on ideas to gain support and tostories, they are empowered to think and act creatively develop an array of materials targeting specificand to express themselves with color, line and value in stakeholder. Some of these groups include legislators,ways that words cannot convey. You, the art educator, school boards, superintendents, art vendors, parents,have the power and the responsibility to help students, colleagues, principals, as well as other professionalyoung and old, learn that they have a voice and what organizations and associations. The committeethey say in images and words is important. members strongly believe that the decision-makers must be better informed about the great things you allMembership. We need to use our positive attitudes to to in your classrooms and why art should be one of thehelp other art educators understand the importance of most important parts of every child’s education.being a member of NAEA and GAEA. The National StephenArt Education Association, despite the dues increase, is Dr. Stephen Lahrone of the only education associations in America that GAEA President Electis actually increasing in membership. We need to jump Valdosta State University FALL 2011 collage 23
  24. 24. atlanta airport Youth Art GalleriesCelebrate your students’ accomplishments byexhibiting their work at an exhibit that gets 4million visitors each year! GAEA has 2 galleries atHartsfield-Jackson International Airport which candisplay up to 220 works. Located on Concourse Tand on the International Terminal (Concourse E)these exhibit spaces, which are reserved for GAEAmembers, change 4 times per year providingexhibit opportunities for more than 800 students.While art from K-12 is featured most of the year,college students may also apply. Participation inthe Youth Art Galleries is easy, simply contactCarol Mohor or Aimee Burgamy to reserve spacefor your works and to receive a brochure withadvice on work size and orientation. You do noteven have to mount or frame the work.Professional framers will cut mats to the size ofyour works and when the exhibit is over you’ll getto keep the mats (TIP: if your work is small send 2works to fill a frame so your school’s work will bematted and framed together). The Youth ArtGalleries are in the secured part of the airport soinstead of an opening reception, private tours areavailable weekdays, 9am-3pm and need to bescheduled at least a week in advance (5 personminimum, 35 person maximum, with at least 1chaperone per 5 children). After seeing yourmasterpieces, the guides can take you to see theother art exhibits in the airport—This is anexclusive field trip opportunity available toexhibiting schools! For additional information ordetails download our brochure and forms from ourwebsite: http://gaeaartfor collage Fall 2011
  25. 25. living every day, creatively Everyday creativity is a way of living that is happy andpowerful and unique; it allows every individual to katherine ingui, MAEd making art,create meaningful experiences within their everyday candidate and I wasinteractions with the world, offering opportunities to university of georgia doing itquestion, risk, and reflect. I have become intrigued while in awith the concept of everyday creativity, indulging in the master’sresearch and adopting it practically to my own life. I program forbelieve that creativity has the capability to be expressed education.and explored in both formal and informal educational I took a risk one afternoon and applied for asettings; I see such value in the act of play outside of job that called for individuals with experience in food,the classroom, encouraging the imagination to explore, writing and photography. I had no credentials, just myrisk, and create through critical or abstract thinking. photographs, my blog, an honest love for food, and a My experiences with everyday creativity consist passion for creating. One week later, I received a letterof hardship and unfamiliarity, among them moments from the editor, welcoming me to the team ofof relevancy, meaning, and success. I have challenged contributors. I re-read the email, forwarded it to mymyself in areas that I have no experience in, relying parents, and began seeing my part-time hobby as a newsimply on learned concepts in other disciplines to help way to actually make art that was representative of my need to create. After graduating from UGA Since joining the community of food writerswith a BFA in Art Education, I began working on my and photographers, I have been working more on theMAEd and felt the pains of withdrawal from a lack of meaning behind my work. I want to contribute tostudio space to create art. causes that I believe in with people who are like me: My parents then gave me a tool, a camera, inspired by what they love and taking a risk doing it.which would allow me to create and make meaningful The need to create is ever-present, and in the everyday,art in my everyday. It was unknowingly one of the most we will make decisions based on the world we want tosignificant presents I would ever receive. It became my create for ourselves. Through personal dedication, wevehicle that would take me to places that I had never can grow in our creativity, everyday, as we embraceimagined I could travel, teaching me about my own challenges and welcome unfamiliarity. We must do thiscreative potential. to become more aware of our creative potential, to Always an obsession, and a constant theme for learn more about ourselves as individuals and ourselvesmy work, I began to photograph food. I took my as everywhere, photographing meals, pairingcolors and ingredients, and annoying friends andfamily. I never saw the potentially threatening reality ofmy photography; it was not my most mature work, ahobby at best, motivated by pleasure. It was my way ofmaking art, and a way of balancing demands fromgraduate school. I needed it, so I kept creating. After a few months, I decided to make anonline blog to display my photography, engaging in acommunity of online creativity. I was creating everyday,and I was photographing everything: people, buildings,gardens, meals, and my daily life. I was documentingmy experiences visually, reflecting on them as I editedthe photographs and submitted them online. I was FALL 2011 collage 25
  26. 26. Hyein, 8th grade Arnall Middle School Denise Marsh we get older, we lose some of that creativity and constrain it so that we will not allow ourselves to go outside the lines. We need to hold on to that creativity by using it every day. If my students are working on a project and get stumped, I tell them to do some “visual thinking.” Put those ideas on paper. Use your creativity to solve problems and get organized. As art teachers, we know what it is like to use our creativity, whether it is reacting to a lesson that did not turn out quite right or organizing the middle division art room. When I first started emily holton teaching, I learned how to be creative with organization very quickly. When I first entered my classroom seven years ago, it was chaos. There were three huge storage closets packed to the brim. There were supplies Art projects are made by completing a series of everywhere and dried paint all over the floor. Needlesssteps. It is interesting to see how students go through to say, I was overwhelmed. I called my husbandthe same steps, yet the projects all look different, except freaking out. How was I going to get organized beforefor those students who have to make it look exactly like school started? My husband came to my rescue with histhe teacher example. But for most, students take the pickup truck, which we used to haul off all the junk. Iproject guidelines and create something of their own. know as an art teacher you think junk is a good thing,For many of my older students, a blank piece of paper but this mess was not useful. He quickly put me toin front of them is too intimidating. If there is a mark work telling me to make a keep and trash pile. It wason the paper, the students feel more comfortable and just like the show Clean Sweep. It was my husband’swill turn that mark into something. I find that the creative genius that solved the problem. When you findstudents who take a mark and turn it into a design to the solution, there is nothing better. To be creative isbe very creative, but with limitations. That mark makes to be open-minded, curious, positive, and motivated.that blank paper less intimidating. It makes them feel Being creative is a part of who we are as art teachers. Itlike they have a guideline. The younger students seem is what we want for our students. Creativity is allowingto have no problem taking that paper and creating. As yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. 26 collage Fall 2011
  27. 27. division news CONTINUEDSecondary Division other items for the auction: Kathy Jackson, Hope Steele, Chris Hellyer, Ali Kates and Bruce Bowman:Kathy Jackson, Secondary Division;Director;Hope Steele, Secondary Division; Alexandra_Director Elect; secondary division offers numerous opportunitiesfor high school students and art teachers to get 2012 Capitol Art Exhibit (ELEM, MS, HS)involved in GAEA. On the secondary division page of Submit two works of art work by December 12ththe GAEA website you will find opportunities for Exhibition in February (Dates TBA)creativity, exhibitions and scholarships! Twin Towers Building Organizers: John and Wand Kinnaman art@wirelesshometown.comBelow you will find quick facts about our upcomingexhibition opportunities 2012 Metro Atlanta High School Exhibit Mid-March through Mid-May (Dates TBA)22nd Annual NAHS State Conference! Greene Family Education Center, The High MuseumFebruary 10-11th of Art. GAEA members may submit two studentValdosta State University, Valdosta, GA works.Organizers: Heather Dorsey and Sherry Bennett Organizer: Renee Gaither, & 2012 All State Art Symposium (ASAS) Awards Ceremony and Workshops: May 4-5,About the NAHS State Conference: Exhibition May 5-30, 2012Art Exhibit, Workshops, Portfolio Scholarships Kennesaw State University Gallery and Fine ArtsAwards of $3,000 will be given to 12 deserving NAHS Departmenthigh school students, February 11th. Organizer: Dr. Diana GregoryAll NAHS scholarship funds are raised by the NAHS Complete details are available at: http://Auction, Friday evening October 21st at the GAEA Professional Learning Conference. Upload entries Dec. 12-Feb. 3 to this site https:// THEME --"In Flight" Birds and variationson the theme. In addition to art work --we areattempting hot air balloon ride from a birds eye view,weekend bird watching at a mountain cabin, folk artbirdhouses, four country club golf passes (birdies),Botanical Gardens tour of the new Skywalk, ZiglineTours(Dahlonega), High Museum tickets andbreakfast at the Flying Biscuit to name a few. We Kathyinvite you to donate your creations for the auction Kathy Jacksonand be a part of the fun to help our students! Contact Alpharetta HSthe auction committee to contribute art work and FALL 2011 collage 27
  28. 28. administration & supervision betsy eppes A Place for the “The current standards movement, for all its good intentions, Arts at the is perilously narrowing our definition of education, to the dekalb co. Common Core great harm of not only students but also entire fields of study: Table the arts, the technical arts and trades, and the social sciences. Since July 2010, Georgia, along with 44 Threatened are visual arts, theater, music, and danceother states and several territories have adopted the programs despite their obvious value. Indeed, there are moreCommon Core State Standards (CCSS). Below is a bit musicians in this country than mathematicians, but youof history of the Common Core (The definitions of the would never know it from the work of standards committees.common core are from the GDOE website). At a meeting many years ago, I heard Ted Sizer respond to a proponent of national standards, "Its not which standards,The COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS its whose standards!" In other words, dont make this soundINITIATIVE (CCSSI) is a common core of state standards so objective. Its a political determination, made by whoeverin English-language arts and mathematics for grades K-12 has a seat at the table.”developed by Governors and state commissioners of educationfrom 48 states, 2 territories and the District of Columbia. It Like it or not, the table is already set in a state-led effort coordinated by the National Governors Therefore Georgia Art Educators must take our seat atAssociation Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the this table. What seat we have will depend on us. It isCouncil of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). Tests to important that we as arts educators are front-loadedassess the standards will be developed by the Smarter into this state led and federally funded (Race to theBalanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and the Top) initiative.Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and As you learn more about the CCSS you willCareers (PARCC). These organizations were awarded funds immediately recognize that the arts already address thein September 2010 from the Race to the Top Assessment high order and analytical manner in which CCSSProgram to create national online state standardized tests in require students to think and perform. You will learnmathematics and English language arts in line with Common that there are four domains in the CCSS for K-12Core State Standards (United States Secretary of Education English-language arts: Reading, Writing, Listening &Duncan, 2010). Speaking and Language. In each of these domains there are anchor standards. There are a total of 32Based on the implementation of the CCSS all students anchor standards in the Georgia CCSS K-12 English-in Georgia will be assessed in a new way beginning in language arts. I will give three examples.the academic year 2014-2015. Those of us who havegone through initial training can attest that the CCSS Example 1-Writing Anchor Standard #8: Gather relevantaddress rigorous and complex ways of thinking that information from multiple print and digital sources, assess therequire students to master skills that will ensure they credibility and accuracy of each source, and integrate theare ready for the 21st century workforce. What is of a information while avoiding plagiarism.concern to many arts organizations and arts advocacy From first grade on art educators teach students togroups is who was not at the table when the standards gather information for references, to generate andwere developed. document original thinking through writing, and to support ideas that result in a students completedBelow is an excerpt from an editorial by Grant Wiggins artwork. By high school, art students understand thein Educational Leadership published by ASCD March importance of using original sources. Not only can2011/ Volume 68/ Number 6/pp 28-33 students identify copy written material of all sources not just text, they understand and can articulate why28 collage Fall 2011
  29. 29. using copy written material as a straight source orreference is plagiarism.Example 2-Speaking & Listening Anchor Standard # 5:Make strategic use of digital media and visual displays ofdata to express information and enhance understanding ofpresentations. -No explanation necessary. We teach students to analyze and support theirargument in their work and in the planning of theirwork. We teach students to “integrate and evaluatecontent presented in diverse media and formats,including visually and quantitatively, as well as inwords.”This in quotations is Example 3- Reading Anchor treasurer’s tipStandard #7. Georgia art educators can claim our seat at the Kelli ShadwellCCSS table. We can demonstrate to parents,administrators, legislators and other local, state and Going to a GAEA Conference is one of the highlightsnational school leaders that the CCSS are already part of the year. But keeping up with all those papers canof what we teach and what we expect our art student to be a headache. Try this easy tool... get a durableknow and be able to do. And being the ultimate expanding file and make a folder for each workshop.optimist I would like to think we can show those same Put the folders in order and simply drop the workshopfolks what you and I already know - The arts prepare handouts, cds, and business cards in the correct folder!and deliver a main course of success and vast potentialto the most important people of all; the people who are It even works for the CREATE luncheon and theseated at the head of this table-our students. YAM breakfast. Add a pencil and a sketchbook and carry it all in your conference bag. When you get back Betsy to school, your files are ready to work for you. See you Betsy Eppes at Conference! Dekalb County Visual Arts Coordinator left, Kensie Sears University of Georgia FALL 2011 collage 29
  30. 30. stoneAT THE FALL CONFERENCEhelen flemmingDan art auction Dr. Helen Fleming Stone was a October 22 at 2:00 PM during the GAEA Fall ceramist and a Conference in the Topiary Garden of Brumby House lifelong learner. A adjacent to the Hilton Conference Center. Those who dedicated art wish to donate pieces for the auction can contact Dan teacher at DeFoor by phone at 706-629-2169, or by email at Cherokee County Pieces may also be left at the High School in registration desk at the Fall Conference. Canton, GA for forty-nine years, she wanted to help deserving high school students continue their education in visual art at the college level. She began making and sellingpottery to fund an annual art scholarship. By 2006, shehad raised the impressive sum of $60,000 – one pot ata time. Sadly, Dr. Stone passed away in 2007. We arefortunate, though, that her legacy and her dedication ARKTs in School! Keeps idto art education live on through the Dr. Helen FlemingStone National Art Honor Society Scholarship. Eachyear the Georgia Art Education Association hosts a Davis Publicationsreception honoring the scholarship recipient and an Providing effective support thatart auction to continue building the scholarship strengthens your art curriculum andaccount as a memorial to Dr. Stone. Through the reinforces skills in other academicauction we are working toward the goal of making the subject areas since 1901.scholarship self-perpetuating. Contact John Maclennan, There is an opportunity for members GAEA to call 770-335-8575 or email jmaclennan@davisart.comsupport the scholarship by donating ceramic pieces or For more information, visit davisart.comother work for the annual silent auction to be held on 30 collage Fall 2011
  31. 31. museumDear Colleagues,  division As the new Museum Division Director for theGeorgia Art Educator Association, it my pleasure toassist you with your efforts to serve the general public,other educators and special audiences, as you workdiligently with the other departments within yourmuseum and to communicate its mission, the contentsof its permanent collection, the big ideas presented in atraveling exhibition and to assure that each excitingpublic program is well-publicized and well-funded. Although I currently serve as the curator of theGeorgia College Museum in Milledgeville, Georgia, Iearned my stripes within the field as a museumeducator for Birmingham Museum of Art, the TelfairAcademy in Savannah, Georgia and Space 301contemporary art gallery, where collectively I spentapproximately 10 years. Honoring the theme of the GAEA Fall above & below, Georgia College MuseumConference, I invite you to join me in the explorationof creativity everyday. It is generally agreed that creativepeople often display several traits including sensitivity,flexibility, originality, playfulness, productivity, fluency,analytical skill and organizational skill. As museumeducators, who facilitate the understanding of thevisual arts, I propose that we all ask ourselves how wecan help our audiences better experience creativityeveryday. Furthermore, can we help each other, throughour GAEA network, to create programs andexperiences that foster the use of these traits? I encourage you to submit articles featuringyour successes, as well as the challenges you met, toGAEA’s Collage as well as the SpringConference. Please also send any items that you wouldlike to share between now and then, discuss or receivefeedback upon to me via email, and I will request thatit be posted to our section of the GAEA website. Thanks so much, and I look very forward toworking with you all, as well as the great art educatorswho work directly with students in Georgia’sclassrooms everyday!Yours truly,Shannon Morris FALL 2011 collage 31
  32. 32. WHAT’S HAPPENING IN GA?district news district 1 June 6th, the first day of summer following post planning in Coweta County, saw many GAEA and Coweta County art teachers gather for a Mayco glaze workshop. The site was Arnall Middle School hosted by Denise Marsh and presented by Mayco’s Denise Ertler. There were teachers from Coweta, Troup and Fayette Counties coming together to learn new Mayco techniques for glazing and to do a bit of socializing and trading ideas. We had teachers from elementary, middle and high schools so it really was a good mix of ideas. I hope to host other hands-on workshops, and I will try to schedule during post planning rather than once summer has kicked in. The workshop was free, and we took home supplies that Denise Ertler gave us! If you always told that 6th grade work in Pastels are interested in future hands on workshops, please most of the time Mitchell County Middle School contact me:  educators merely Emily Holton, M.Ed., District 8 Pres. Denise get to plant the seed and rarely get to see the ripened fruit. However, I feel if we observe our students with a certain eye we district 4 will see evidence of what we plant. One day earlier this Here’s to a new year of teaching and learning in year, I was monitoring students in the lunch room and art. I hope that all of you in District 4 (and all over the I noticed that many of them were creating sculptures state) are feeling positive about the start of the from the aluminum foil around their hot dogs. To academic year. Please let me know of any new or first some this may seem like frivolous play, but to me it was year art teachers within your districts, also I encourage a glimpse into how my students show creativity you to reach out to other teachers in your district who everyday. As you dive into this school year look around are not members. GAEA can provide great for the ways in which your students display creativity connections for teachers especially across districts. and expect to be delightfully surprised. As I interact with my students from day to day I find myself considering the theme of this year’s fall Mollie conference. I wonder if I am truly an example of creativity everyday? I wonder if students can see a desire for an artful life as I teach and work with them each day. When I began work in education, I was 32 collage Fall 2011
  33. 33. Brooks Dantzler’s artwork from her very first art lesson, given by her grandmother For more information about this project or to learn about district activities for District 9 (Coastal Plains and Okefenokee Areas), please contact me at Alisha Montgomery & Tamara Daughtrydistrict 9 Do you want your students to be creative everyday? Do you need a new, quick idea to get their creativejuices flowing? Margaret Wesley Toy At my school, the laminator is located in myroom. When people laminate things, we save the extrapieces that are cut off. I cut them into small pieces (or Ihave a student do it) and put these in a box for storage. At the beginning of each class, I give thestudents a piece of the “plastic” and a dry erase marker.Then, I draw a shape or line on the board and theyhave five minutes to turn it into something. Then, we(I do this too) lay our drawings on the table and look atwhat was created. My students get very excited abouttheir drawings and seeing what everyone has drawn.This takes about 5 minutes. Finally, we erase them and put them back inthe box and begin our project or demonstration.Through this short activity, I have seen a positivechange in the amount of creativity in my students’artwork. This is one of the many ways we are creativeevery day. FALL 2011 collage 33
  34. 34. spring conferenceAlisha Montgomery, Jeff Davis, & MORE TO COME…Emily Holton Looking to a new year and a new conference, I think of all the things that art starts. Art starts so many things…WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! imagination, growth, knowledge, learning, andReflecting on our March 2011 Spring Conference creativity. Art starts these things for us, not only asfound us at Jekyll Island. We stayed at the Jekyll Island artists, but also as educators. We must start theseClub Hotel, located in the historic district. The things within our students, so that they can begin theirGoodyear Cottage allowed us to use their beautiful own journeys and adventures in this fast-paced to view local artists’ work along with a wine and Join us as we start something incredible in Jekyll Islandcheese reception. This was a big hit! Included in that as nature starts something of its own this spring! Weevent was a practicing piano player who filled the want to invite you to see what “Art Starts” at ourgallery with beautiful music. On Saturday, everyone annual Spring Conference.was treated to a delicious Italian buffet. Many Spring Conference will be at Jekyll Island March 2-4,interesting and educational workshops and meetings 2012. We will stay at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel againwith friends, both old and new, were held throughout this year. Please join us for workshops on Fridaythe weekend. afternoon and all day Saturday. Vendors will be setupWith the help of our vendors and the 102 attendees, on Friday and Saturday to showcase new ideas andwe had record earnings and a record number of products and answer any questions you may have.attendees for Spring Conferences to date. We are currently looking for fantastic art teachers to conduct awesome workshops. Check the website soon for workshop proposal forms. Mark your calendars for March and plan to see what ART STARTS!34 collage Fall 2011
  35. 35. above, Spring Conference 2011district news Attendees Lesson Plan to Share CONTINUED Debbie Katcoff wrote in to share her twist on a district 6 lesson she learned about at last year’s conference. Dick Greetings fellow Art Educators! We are Blick presented a lesson in Architectural Letters. The beginning an exiting 2011-2012 school year. It is with lesson can be viewed online at: http:// sadness and joy that I report that my co-district president Jennifer Johnson has moved to Germany to The project involves 3D letters made using chipboard teach at the Franconian International School. She will with paper cups between 2 pieces to make it 3D. be missed and we wish her the best in her new Debbie added an art historical element to the endeavors! assignment by giving her students a list of African American artists to research. They chose one whose Art Educator Accolades work they admired, and then decorated their letter in the style of the artist they had chosen. This creative Fall is here and the school year has begun with approach to the lesson addressed the Contextual an abundance of achievements for our art teachers. Understanding Standards. Congratulations to the following teachers of the year: I look forward to seeing some familiar and, Janette James; Lakeside Middle, especially, some new faces at the upcoming GAEA fall Margaret Wesley; Greenbrier Elementary, Carrie conference! Please continue to send us the news from Hauger, Grovetown Middle, Jeanette James, Lakeside your respective counties so that we Middle, Katherine Crossan, Greenbrier High and Mrs. can share it with the entire group. Leigh Hearn, Freedom Park Elementary! See you at the conference! In addition, congratulations to the entire staff Ivey Coleman at John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School in Augusta, GA. The school has garnered the honor of being ranked as the 75th Best High School in America, according to a ranking released by Newsweek. FALL 2011 collage 35
  36. 36. IMPORTANT DATEScalendar October 20-23, 2011 fall professional learning conference 2011-2012 October 22, 2011 YAM Breakfast at Fall Conference December 1, 2011 YAM Flag entries due December 10, 2011 Capitol Art Exhibit entry forms due January 29, 2012 CAE set up January 31, 2012 Collage Spring issue submission deadline February 9, 2012 CAE Reception Feburary 9, 2012 YAM Flag winner(s) awards at CAE February 10-11, 2012 NAHS State Conference February 29, 2012 CAE dismantle March 2012 Youth Art Month March 2-4, 2012 Spring Conference “stARTs...” Jekyll Island, GA June 1, 2012 E-mail your YAM documentation Check out the GAEA website for a more comprehensive calendar and more information on these events! Next issue: I <3 Art! 36 collage Fall 2011