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Facial features cdreher


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Facial features cdreher

  1. 1. facial features <ul><li>eye structure </li></ul>
  2. 10. 0 value
  3. 11. “ Whites” of the eye are more of a 2 value
  4. 12. Don’t forget the tear duct. Notice how much of the circle of the iris is visible.
  5. 13. Drawing the Nose
  6. 14. All about the VALUES!
  7. 15. First look at the shapes…
  8. 16. Do NOT outline! (it will make your nose appear flat)
  9. 17.
  10. 18. Drawing your Mouth
  11. 19. First, measure using your “Perfect Eye”: where is it placed on your face? How wide is it?
  12. 20. Set the Values!
  13. 21. What shapes do you see? Where is the light hitting those shapes?
  14. 22. Remember-do NOT outline! Draw YOUR lips, not just any lips