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The dark side of having a sugary diet!

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  • Starches = rice and potatoes Bananas Glycogen = Animal starch stored glycogen in meat.Disaccharides = Monosaccharaides = fruit sugar,
  • Shocking sugar1

    1. 1. Shocking SugarThe Dark side of Carbohydrates By Deborah Mulvany
    2. 2. GDA Guidelines Daily Amounts Adult Child Age 5-10 Calories 2000Kcal Calories 1800Kcal Total Sugar 90g Total Sugar 85g Fat 70g Fat 70g Saturates 20g Saturates 20g Salt 6g Salt 4g Fibre 24g Fibre 15g We are talking about sugar90g /4 = 22.5 tea spoons / 5 meals = 4.5 per mealAdult GDA is based on GDA for women, GDA’s are guidelines and amounts vary dependent on age, gender, weight and activity.
    3. 3. What is Sugar?Refined table sugar = sucrose - Glucose + fructoseStarches = long chain glucose molecules stuck togetherFibrous Carbs non fibrous carbs table sugar VEG/Fruit Starchs GOOD BAD UGLY Body Burns Sugar in preference to Fat or protein Liver stores provide glucose for the brain specifically
    4. 4. Every Year in the UK2.25 Million Tons of refined sugar goes through ourwarehouse24% ends up as table sugarThat’s a 2lb bag of sugar per person every monthThe remaining 1.7 million tons gets hidden in ourfoodWhere?Drinks, sweets, biscuits, snacks, bread, ready meals,processed dishes, its even sprayed on things likemeat.
    5. 5. Other names for Sugar? sucrose, fructose, glucose, galactose, maple syrup, molasses, dextrose, turbinado, amazake, sorbitol, lactose, carob powder, granulated sugar maltose, invert sugar, raw sugar brown sugar, confectioners sugar, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, Glycogen, starch, celulose.. honey
    6. 6. Which ones contain Carbohydrates?
    7. 7. Sugar & Insulin
    8. 8. Excess Carbs stored as FAT
    9. 9. Full English Breakfast Bacon = zero Egg = zero ½ tomato = 1 Mushroom = trace Sausage = 1.5 So far that’s only 2.5 tsps Hash brown = 2.5 Baked beans = 3 Altogether 8 tsps.
    10. 10. Cereals Kelloggs® Low Fat Granola With Raisins Multi- Grain cereal per 60g serving = 12 spoons sugar
    11. 11. Continental 2 spoons Of sugar 6.2 spoons of sugar Banana = 2 Apple = 2.5 Cup Dried apricots = 4 Fresh apricots = 0.5 each Clementines = 1 Kiwi fruit = 1 Dried Fig = 6 Cub berries = 1 ½ Grapefruit = 1
    12. 12. In summaryExcess Carbs ie sugar is stored as FATYou don’t need as much as you think just the equivalent to 7 to 9fruits and veg a day90g for women and 120g for men approx. equal to 5 tsps. Of sugarper meal on a 5 a day planRemember, replace all starchy (refined) grains like pasta, rice,bread (or other flour products) with Whole grainsChoose carbohydrates because they are nutrient rich.Skipping breakfast is just as bad as a carb rich oneArtificial zero calorie sweeteners are now known to act on thebody the same as sugar,
    13. 13. What your body needs