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Attachment H Utilization Of The Lesson Plan


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Attachment H Utilization Of The Lesson Plan

  1. 1. Utilization of the Lesson Plan, Textbook and Resources Skills Lab Faculty Orientation The faculty member will perform the following expected behaviors: - 1 Be familiar with the lesson plan and textbook so as to be able to explain, demonstrate and answer questions about the material based on information from the lesson plan and textbook. - 2 Obtain all the proper equipment for the lesson, and assemble the equipment and check each item to ensure all equipment was in functional, working order before the lesson. - 3 Obtain the textbook and skills checklists for teaching the lesson, and find the appropriate pages pertinent to the lesson. - 4 Set up the skills lab teaching area to accommodate the teaching of the lesson, and the student’s ability to observe the demonstration by moving tables, chairs, beds or other equipment to take advantage of the best angle to demonstrate to the group and avoid disruptions from other areas. Please use the following rubric to measure the achievement of the expected behaviors. Check the box that applies to the behavior being: Met: Behavior was performed as outlined above. Needs Improvement: Behavior was performed with a few variations to the above outline. Unsatisfactory: Behavior was performed with many variations to the above outline. Any area that has been identified as needing improvement or unsatisfactory will need to be addresses further, with a plan for improvement between the new faculty member and the mentor. Use page three of this tool to write the plan.
  2. 2. Expected Behavior Rubric Met Needs Unsatisfactory Improvement 1 Familiarity with material 1a Explains -b Demonstrates 1c Answers questions 2 Obtained all the proper equipment 2a Assembled the equipment 2b Ensure the equipment was working 3 Obtain the text and skills checklists 3a Found appropriate pages in text and checklists
  3. 3. 4 Set up the skills teaching area 4a The student was able to observe the demonstration from the chosen angle 4b The area was prepared to avoid distractions Areas that were identified as needing improvement or unsatisfactory are to be addressed as follows: _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________