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Effective Code Reviews


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Code reviews don’t have to be battlegrounds. Over the years, I discovered that some of my practices simply ended up working better than others. Here are a handful of tips for getting the most out of your code reviews.

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Effective Code Reviews

  1. 1. Code Reviews
  2. 2. Code Review Nightmares• Content one day implementing a feature and now three "I spent Goes Here days and counting on the code review." - Nemanja Trifunovic (Source)• "...they dilute the engineers sense of ownership of his work" - Fran Porretto (Source)• "Every code review Ive been in has been a complete waste of valuable development time. It usually turned into "Why did you do it this way???? My way is better... " - Kevin Marois (typos corrected - Source)
  3. 3. Code Review Software• Content Goes Here Understand the context• Filter your thoughts• Archive and Summary
  4. 4. Ask Questions• Content Goes Here The author has already wrestled with coding decisions• Asking questions facilitates intelligent discussion• The trump card
  5. 5. Everyone Reviews Everything• Content passes! No free Goes Here• Tunnel vision is real• Opportunities to learn
  6. 6. More Information• Content Goes HereCode Review blog series: Blog:www.HitTheBits.comMy Team’s
  7. 7. Thank you