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a small presentation of our company

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  1. 1. Presentation
  2. 2. What do we offer you? A simple solution to get more out of your marketing investments Our network of info sites and main comparison website reaches and helps consumers sort through the overload of information they face when making many important purchases, your products, in their lives. With this service will make it possible for advertisers to: • Not only rely on their own website traffic to promote products online • Cut the cost of traffic with 40 to 50% • Get real-time, laser targeted qualified leads and sales • Focus their marketing budgets on clients they really want Insurance • Generate high online visibility for new and existing products Mortgages Loans General Internet savings Sales Digital Utilities television Mobile Credit phone Cards
  3. 3. How do we work? In order to adapt to your needs, we work with 4 models: CPC: Cost Per Click, the cost is based on generated visitors CPL: Cost Per Lead, the cost model is based on generated leads CPS: Cost Per Sale, the cost model is based on generated sales Mixed Model: A thought out model designed for your specific needs which uses a combination of two or all three basic models In our consumer and advertiser relations our company focuses on some common business principles: • neutrality • Honesty • transparency
  4. 4. Want to know more? Webjuicer SA/ NV Rue des Colonies 11 / Kolonienstraat 11 B-1000 Brussels Belgium Tel: +32(0)2-517-6178 Fax: +32(0)70-419-529 Email: Squeezemore (at ) Yes, I am interested in learning more Click here to participate in one of our roundtables.