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3. enigma


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3. enigma

  1. 1. Sources, Seasonality, Transmission and Control: Campylobacter and human behaviour in a changing environment Sarah J O’Brien Institute of Infection and Global Health on behalf of the ENIGMA Consortium
  2. 2. Aims• Identify the key reservoirs, environmental and social drivers of Campylobacter that affect human disease;• Analyse seasonal variations in pathogen load and their impacts on exposure and disease;• Understand the relative roles of the transmission pathways and thus points of control;• Generate future projections of disease risk and its control.
  3. 3. Study 1: Ecological analysis of patterns of risk using historical data (Diggle)
  4. 4. Study 2: The ecology of Campylobacter infection on farms (Humphrey)
  5. 5. Study 3 – Landscape as a direct source of human exposure (Hunter)
  6. 6. Study 4 - The economic costs ofCampylobacter and assessment ofinterventions to reduce it (Rigby)
  7. 7. Study 5 – Alternative Risk Futures (Rushton)
  8. 8. Partners• Universities of Liverpool (lead), Aberdeen, Cambridge, East Anglia, Kent, Lancaster, Manchester, Newcastle• London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine• Health Protection Agency
  9. 9. Acknowledgments Grant Reference: GG1100799/1