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PS&T Newsletter


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proposed in-house newsletter

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PS&T Newsletter

  1. 1. YOUR SOURCE FOR PUBLISHING SERVICES & TECHNOLOGY NEWS Vol. 1, No. 1 Fall 2008 A note from Paul Despins Welcome to the first issue of “PS&T UPdate.” Moving forward, we want to ensure that the Publishing Services and Technology (PS&T) department is communicating effectively and updating everyone on our ongoing initiatives and projects. In this first issue, we’ll focus on an overview of the departments that make up PS&T, describe what we’re working on and some of the successes we’ve had to date. In the future, we’ll be going into more depth with respect to specific initiatives and introducing you to some of our extremely talented people. Publishing Services and Technology is comprised of six centralized groups that drive Paul Despins, HMH Senior VP, specific areas of focus to support all of the business units: Publishing Services & Technology Technical Production Services & Workflow is focused on providing standardized program setup materials that will allow for structured content to be more seamlessly delivered for parallel publishing. The Workflow group continues to collaborate to define and implement effective workflows as they roll out integrated publishing solutions. IPR and Image Services works with the divisions to acquire high quality images for our In this issue programs with appropriate legal compliance and effective management of our digital assets. TPS & Workflow 2 They also manage centralized file archiving, industry news, and editorial research tools. IPR & Image Services 3 Supplier Management is responsible for setting business rules for outsourcing of work, and Supplier Management 4 the evaluation and development of strong, successful partnerships with external suppliers. Publishing Technology 5 Publishing Technology is responsible for the selection and development of publishing Support, Training, R & D 6 solutions that drive effective product development through process change and technology Content Structure & Standards 7 innovation. Support, Training, and R&D provides a consistent and scalable training and support structure and methodology. The R&D group provides quality and process oriented research, discovery and testing. This group also manages the HMH correlations engines, STARS and HMSI. Content Structure & Standards is defining the technical content specifications to PS&T is on the Web! Check us out on the HMH intranet under ensure consistent and reliable content standards are adhered to across the organization. Corporate Divisions, then click on the link This group also represents HMH with industry standards bodies and strategic partners. for Chief Publishing Office. Paul Despins Reanne Bardequez SVP, Publishing Executive Assistant Services & Technology Michael Kelley Peggy Bridges Annette Royal Steven Hayes Annette Saunders Chris Chung VP: TPS & Workflow VP: IPR & Image VP: Supplier VP: Publishing VP: Support, Training, Director: Content Services Management Technology and R & D Structure & Standards
  2. 2. 2 Technical Production Services and Workflow Technical Production Services (TPS) provides the technical and pre-press expertise to support the product development efforts of HMH. TPS consists of three broad areas: 1. The first area supports day-to-day product development in all HMH locations. 2. The second area models XML workflow and applications development. 3. TPS Operations Support links the areas above by defining best practices, processes, and standardized approaches to common challenges across HMH, including spec Michael Kelley, VP, manuals, font policy, hardware and software selection, and coordination with Technical Production Services corporate support groups. 2008 Accomplishments • Development of a Structured Content System (SCS) with an initial focus on ancillaries. • Coordinating the purchase of hardware and software for the PS&T group. • Standardizing the platform and process for how HMH provides fonts for those developing product. • Leveraging TPS resources across HMH The Workflow group will be implementing re-engineered internal processes to maximize the benefits of the integrated workflow technology solution (WoodWing) and align with product development requirements. This group is currently • working on a project-by-project basis to determine specific workflows. • overseeing day-to-day administration of the WoodWing platform. • implementing additional workflow related tools. Michael Kelley Barbara Sullivan VP: TPS & Workflow Executive Assistant Hugh Flynn Joan Werlinsky Susan Harvey Jennifer Minoff David Van Abel Jeff Robinson Workflow Manager TPS Operations TPS Manager TPS Manager TPS Manager TPS Manager Support Boston Orlando Evanston Austin
  3. 3. 3 Intellectual Property Resources & Image Services Intellectual Property Resources & Image Services • Permission negotiation training programs for provides support in three areas: product file archiving, photo researchers are in place. Legal escalation image acquisition and licensing, and business research. processes are being clarified. • In collaboration with the CPO, Strategic PMO, Intellectual Property Resources (IPR) and division finance teams, we’ve implemented The IPR team collects, catalogs, archives, and retrieves processes to collect and validate the set of image product files. We manage HIP—the Houghton Mifflin rights needed for each component. Harcourt Intellectual Property database of owned and royalty-free images—and support HMH School and Holt Business Research Peggy Bridges, VP, McDougal content in the new file Archive system. The Business Research team acquires, organizes, and IPR & Image Services 2008 Accomplishments distributes information to support business strategy • HIP now contains legacy collections of royalty- and editorial research. We offer company-wide access free and owned images, available for use in HMH to a variety of K–12 market information, reference product. databases, and e-book collections. • There is now a single process for requesting 2008 Accomplishments HMH School Archive product files. Requestors • Access to market and editorial research can track the status of their file order on an e-content extended to all HMH employees. intranet site. Employees may receive this content via e-mail by Current Initiatives going to the HMH intranet at http://centrecourt. • Collaborating with Publishing Technology and (click division teams to test and implement the new on the Sign Me Up link) HMH Product Archive system. • Delivery of Daily Industry News has been • New business rules, processes, and roles are extended to all HMH employees. being defined to take advantage of functionality Employees may sign up to receive the news in the Archive. via the HMH intranet at: http://centrecourt. • Migration tools are being built and tested to support file ingestion. We’ll upload files in the subscription_form.aspCurrent initiatives priority order that the divisions provided. • Creating training classes in collaboration with Text Permissions. Image Services • Centralizing training materials that support photo Image Services researches and acquires high-quality research, permission-seeking, art buying, and photos, art, and illustrations for use in division products. K–12 Studio tasks. We’re responsible for securing and tracking the rights to • Standardizing vendor training material across third party images through the life of the product. divisions 2008 Accomplishments • Developing a pool of “pre-approved” suppliers • Established an organizational structure with three who agree to HMH terms. levels of support—a team of image managers • Gathering requirements (in collaboration with and researchers for each division; one K-12 Photo CIT and HMH divisions) for the new Digital Asset Studio; and a small operations team to support Management system. centralized and standardized functions. • Designing and implementing new business rules and processes to support legal compliance and market demands. • Standardized project management templates and procedures to support clearance of rights by FTP dates.
  4. 4. 4 Supplier Management The Supplier Management group works with divisions to set business rules and best practices for outsourcing of work. They evaluate and foster strong and successful partnerships with external suppliers. Our areas of focus are: • Composition (e.g., pre-press assignment for programs; capacity planning; rate scales and purchasing • Collaboration on strategic use and development of full-service partners. Full service negotiations. • Developing structure around Editorial and Design vendor management Annette Royal, VP, • Image Services Supplier Management • Content Conversion • Translation 2008 Accomplishments • Implemented composition and productions scales with an average savings of 13% • Developed a corporate-wide Master Supplier Agreement (MSA) for vendors, to be implemented by the end of November • Sending a new photo agency MSA to our suppliers • Sending Design, Editorial and Translation Request For Information to suppliers. Data will be collected and distributed to inform budgets, develop price tolerances for development work that’s consistent across the company, and target areas of savings for 2009. This will be complete by the end of this year. • Developed a Supplier Management plan for corporate social responsibility. Annette Royal VP: Supplier Management
  5. 5. 5 Publishing Technology Publishing Technology is responsible for the selection and development of publishing solutions that drive effective product development through process change and technology innovation. 2008 Accomplishments Integrated Publishing System (IPS) • All users consolidated into one platform on WoodWing SCEnt • Growing usage of the IPS to include new projects form School, Holt McDougal, Steven Hayes, VP, Riverside, Supplemental, and Trade. Publishing Technology • Tested XML extraction and product planning/tracking software; expected launch late this year or early in 2009. Archive • Developed an enterprise product archive solution to store and retrieve all finished final product files at HMH. Digital Asset Management (DAM) Steven Hayes • Kicked off the enterprise DAM solution to resolve current problems with photo VP: Publishing Technology rights and facilitate greater reuse of content and streamlining of image acquisition workflows. • Began requirements analysis and architectural design. • Examined the latest technology on image and metadata search and user interface from EMC Documentum. Collaboration • Successfully upgraded the HMH eRoom environment to a more stable and supportable solution. • Completed migration of content from all Orlando and Austin eRooms to the Wilmington Data Center. Standards Alignment • Evaluated the HMSI and STARS correlation tools, providing cost saving plan for usage going forward. • Looking at the company’s long-term approach to standards alignment. Authoring Tools • Enhancing both Test Item Authoring applications to provide increased functionality. • Transitioning support and growth of Riverside’s WebCMS test item authoring and management system to the Publishing Technology team. Publishing Business Systems • New releases of HOTS for the School division, providing greatly improved tracking and spec capabilities. • New database for the CPO and Divisions to manage company-wide publishing plans. • Enhancements to SPUDS and SOS image spec systems to meet new legal image rights requirements.
  6. 6. 6 Support, Training, and R&D Support, Training, and R&D (STR&D) provides support and training of publishing tools and processes to business units, external partners, and vendors. We also manage and maintain the correlations systems and perform and manage the R&D that takes place within PS&T. 2008 Accomplishments • Establishing cross-site, cross-divisional teams with staff in all locations to train and support publishing technologies used in product development. • Training nearly 500 users, both internal and vendors, in our integrated workflow Annette Saunders, VP, technologies (SCEnt, MediaBin). Support, Training, and R&D • Consolidating several different support models across locations into a single interim model. In 2009, STR&D will work to establish a permanent support structure for all publishing technologies. • Rolling out User Boards which will be established for all publishing technologies by the first half of 2009. • Successfully executing R&D Proofs of Concept and testing with cross-site, cross- divisional teams. • Assisted with evaluation of the the existing correlations engines (STARS, HSMI) and made recommendations for how to move forward with an enterprise wide system in 2009. Annette Saunders VP: Support, Training, and R&D
  7. 7. 7 Content Structure & Standards The Content Structure & Standards team is responsible for defining, maintaining, and upgrading the technical content specifications for HMH, to ensure that consistent and reliable content standards are adhered to across the organization. They also represent HMH with industry standards bodies and strategic partners, and assist with defining and implementing content management structures and workflows. 2008 Accomplishments • Kickoff of the basal and ancillary Schema Development project. Chris Chung, Director, • Driving the IMS Common Cartridge Definition for K–12. Content, Structure & Standards • Engaging K–12 publishers and vendors in solving curriculum standards challenges. Common Cartridge is a set of open standards, freely available and without royalty, developed by a global industry consortium with over 80 voting members. These standards, if followed by content developers and learning platforms, enable strict interoperability between content and systems. The Content Structure & Standards team is involved in an advisory group that’s defining K–12 enhancements related to common cartridge, initially something for higher education only. In regards to curriculum standards, there is an increase of new digital technologies for learning, including online courses, online references, and online assessment systems. The lack of an agreed-upon standards database, however, in which each published standard has a unique identifier, limits the use of standards by these new technologies. Chris Chung Director: Content, Structure & Standards