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Aka 4pp

  1. 1. A K A S Y D L I EB ER M A N A K A S Y D L I EB ER M A N To Coach Klein F E A T U R I N G I’m Sean Connery Syd and his coach hold certificates naming Syd All-Chicago Area Prep Back of the Week. aka-4pp-v4.indd 4-1 8/23/06 5:50:19 PM
  2. 2. A K A S Y D L I EB ER M A N I’m Sean Connery Some Enchanted Wednesday For years, my wife Adrienne urged me to tell this story, and I’m glad she did. This is one story I wish I could stop telling, but for that to happen the Cubs Right now, it’s my personal favorite and a great crowd pleaser. I never knew would have to win the pennant. This miracle appeared on the horizon in 2003. there were so many Sean Connery fans. I used to hang movie posters on the We were just five outs away when disaster struck. Still, hope springs eternal. walls of the high school classroom where I taught. Every year I’d change them, After I began to perform this story, I located its hero George Crowe. I felt eleven except for the one of Sean Connery. Whenever I looked up, there he was. years old again, telling him how he had created a lifetime memory for me. Truffles by Adrienne Lieberman The Englewood Game This piece was Adrienne’s debut as a This championship football game was writer at the National Storytelling Festival. one of the most important events in my The laughter when I tell it signals that we life. In fact, my whole career as a high aren’t alone in our neuroses. I especially school player helped shaped me, and liked that she poked even more fun I can still vividly remember plays from at herself than she did at me. For this games I played more than forty years first telling, I sneaked a bouquet onto ago. I recently told this story to my high the stage and presented the flowers to school coach Al Klein. I’m glad I was her after the story. That explains the able to tell him how important he was extended applause and my comment to me. after the story ends. For more information about Syd, please visit his website Engineered by Andrew Arbetter at Studiomedia in Evanston, Illinois at www.sydlieberman.com. He can also be reached at Introduction by Milbre Birch • Design by Darlene Grossman 847.328.6281 or by email at slieberman@etpost.net. Jacket photographs by Sandor Weisz • © Syd Lieberman 2006 aka-4pp-v4.indd 2-3 8/23/06 5:50:21 PM